10 Energizing Crystals

Looking for a pick-me-up? No need to up your caffeine intake, the mineral world has more to offer than you think! These are some energizing crystals you can keep around you if you want to feel more vital, expansive, and energetic. 

Keep them on your person at the time when you’re supposed to be active, or keep them on your desk or as a nice decoration in your office. Because of their energizing nature, they are best kept away from the bedroom, though.

Crystal #1: Clear Quartz

This is a great crystal to enhance the energy of what’s around you, including yourself. It can also be used to expand the energy of an existing crystal as well as store an intention and make it more potent. Using it will bring about mental clarity as well as vigor to complete any tasks that require intellectual effort or exertion.

If it’s a Clear Quartz point, it can also be used as a wand to help you direct your energy wherever you need it. If you use it to point at the sky, it will direct any messages that you leave resting on the base. It can be of great help when trying to communicate with the spirit world. 

This crystal is safe to cleanse with tap water. Charge using either sun or moonlight. Because of its transparent color, it won’t be ruined if left out in the sun for too long.

Crystal #2: Citrine

Meditating with this crystal or carrying it around with you will make you feel revitalized and refreshed. It also brings about good luck and a renewed ability to find joy in everyday things and situations. 

Over time, it can help you develop a better sense of your own value and become a better advocate for yourself. If there is any stagnant energy present in your aura, it can quickly bring some movement into that area.

Beware of buying it if it’s brownish, as a lot of people sell Amethyst that has been put inside an oven for a while in order for it to lose its lavender tint. It should look more yellow than brown. It is safe to cleanse in water. It is better if you use sunlight to charge it, but it can lose its color if left out for too long.

Crystal #3: Amethyst


Jane-Ann Dow

This crystal is great to regulate your circadian cycle. If you need to fix your sleep schedule but still be energized in the morning, try Amethyst. It’s a smart crystal that knows when you need rest and knows when you need to be up and about. 

It enhances your Third Eye chakra so your mind is more focused and ready to learn and do other cognitive tasks, such as come up with new ideas or observe something closely. 

Amethyst is also the crystal of transformation and transmutation. It can turn negative emotions into the desire to be proactive and have the energy to do what it takes to change your current situation.

Amethyst is safe to cleanse with tap water. It is better charged by moonlight, as it can lose its color if left out in the sun for too long.

Crystal #4: Tiger’s Eye

This is a very energizing crystal that can be used in the process of learning something new, as it will help you assimilate new information. It provides both mental and physical energy, and it’s a great choice if you do any sort of creative work as it will get your creative juices up and running.

It helps you work on your soul relationship with your mother. Once you resolve any blocks there (which constant meditation with this stone will have as a result), you will attract more wealth and more attention from potential lovers. 

It is safe to cleanse with tap water. It’s best charged by sunlight, but be careful! If you leave it out for too long, it can lose its color.

Crystal #5: Garnet

If you’re in need of some physical energy, give Garnet a try. It can help you recuperate and recover from any circumstance that has left you debilitated. Whether it was an illness, a parasitic entity, or a spell of depression, Garnet can get you up and running again. 

The birthstone for January, JaneAnn Dow calls it a stone for the winter, as it can help you get through the coldest season. It provides a lot of literal and metaphorical strength to carry you through life’s toughest challenges.

It’s not safe to cleanse in water. Try leaving it in a clay, glass, or wooden bowl filled with raw rice overnight (dispose of the raw rice later, don’t eat it!). It’s best charged under sunlight but don’t leave it out too long as it can ruin its color.

Crystal #6: Hematite

Similar to Garnet but with a strong protective quality, keeping Hematite around will help you regain your strength and absorb any negativity present in the environment or directed at you. 

Hematite is also great for grounding. If your mind is often scattered or you have problems going back to reality, Hematite can help you have your feet firmly planted on reality. 

Hematite is generally preferred by people who put on masks for others. Have you ever taken a Clear Quartz point to a Hematite? It will reveal its interior is bright red rather than silver. 

It’s not safe to cleanse in water. Try leaving it in a clay, glass, or wooden bowl filled with raw rice overnight (dispose of the raw rice later, don’t eat it!). It’s best charged under sunlight.

Crystal #7: Selenite

Contrary to popular belief, Selenite is not great to keep in your bedroom or wherever you intend to rest. It has a highly energizing effect on anyone who interacts with it. Besides this, it has multiple purposes. 

It’s the only crystal that self-cleanses. It can also be used to cleanse other crystals. It has great properties for channeling messages from the spirit world, so it’s great to keep a piece by your Tarot deck when you do readings. 

Never get it wet, as it will disintegrate in water. You don’t need to cleanse it. If you want to do some maintenance cleansing, expose it to the smoke of Rosemary or another purifying herb. Charge by moonlight.

Crystal #8: Hawk’s Eye or Blue Tiger’s Eye

These are two similar crystals that, like their cousin Tiger’s Eye, have an immediate energizing effect on its wearer. They are a great choice for students and travellers alike, as they help the wearer remain impartial and objective.

Blue Tiger’s Eye can also be used to energize the Throat Chakra. You can use this crystal to empower your own voice and break with the things that are holding you back from being your most authentic self. 

On the other hand, Hawk’s Eye can be used to bring some energy to your Third Eye chakra. You’ll be able to have laser-sharp focus. 

These crystals are safe to cleanse with water. Charge by moonlight, they can get ruined if left under the sun for too long.

Crystal #9: Carnelian

This crystal has a joyful energy. It is also packed with vitality and energy. It can give you a fresh creative outlook and make your mind a fertile ground for innovation. It can also help you have more energy in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. 

Because of its joyful energy, it can help you reconnect with joy and creativity. It can help you move on from a depressive spell, alongside therapy and medication if needed, of course. 

This crystal is safe to cleanse with water. Charge by sunlight, but be careful and don’t leave out in the sun for too long.

Crystal #10: Ruby

JaneAnn Dow calls this crystal a second heart. When you feel like you don’t have any more fight in you, here comes Ruby to the rescue. This red gemstone will help you get through any challenging times in your life.

It can help you feel vital and recharged, as well as give you courage to finish anything you need to get done.

This crystal is safe to cleanse with water. Charge by sunlight, but be careful and don’t leave out in the sun for too long. 

Which crystal are you most excited to try? Do you need energizing crystals or do you prefer soothing, calming ones? Tell us in the comments!

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