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11 Underrated Crystals that Deserve More Attention

A Chrystoprase ring

Everyone knows crystals like Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Even formerly obscure crystals like Moldavite have had their moment of fame. However, there are many crystals out there that have amazing properties and don’t get enough attention. We have selected a few of those, especially those that are budget-friendly. You’ll also find a few more pricey ones that are definitely worth the splurge. Without any further ado, here are some underrated crystals:

1. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is the crystal of courage. As it acts on the Heart Chakra, you’ll get courage from the heart, which is just the sweet spot for braveness. If you think about it, if you’re brave from the brain, you can second-guess yourself. But, if you’re brave from the heart, nothing can stop you. Your courage will also contemplate compassion for others as well. I used this a ton during the pandemic. It can work wonders for people who have panic attacks or social anxiety (though it’s NOT meant to replace therapy, of course!). I personally don’t understand why it hasn’t achieved the same status as more popular crystals. Chrysoprase can help many people and it’s not pricey at all. 

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2. Tigerskin Jasper

This is one of my new favorites and one I can’t seem to get enough of. It can energize you but it does so gently. It drives us to live in the moment instead of overly fixating on the past or the future. For people who have a hard time listening to their bodies, Tigerskin Jasper can help them. They’ll start paying attention to their gut reactions and how their bodies feel. It’s very grounding. Most importantly, it helps you focus on bringing to reality any projects you have in mind. 

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3. Serpentine

Among the most popular properties of Serpentine is that it can help you remember details from your past lives. It is great for your psychic abilities in general, as it acts on the Crown Chakra despite its green color. It can also help you get in touch with beings from other dimensions. It has a harmonious connection with our hearts and we can use it to live more in tune with what the heart wants and needs.

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4. Shaman Quartz or Lodolite

This is a beautiful crystal. It naturally combines the marvelous and versatile properties of Clear Quartz with those of Mother Earth itself. It can be used to repel negativity and as a companion during your spiritual trances, like the name indicates. It is also a powerful option for manifestation.  

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5. Chrysocolla

The ideal crystal for people who need to get in touch with their yin or lunar side. It can also be used to heal a wound that’s affecting this side. Chrysocolla is a gentle crystal that can help you get in touch with your Inner Feminine. If you feel drawn to it, it is an indication that you may be in need of some work on this area of your life. It has an impact on both the Sacral Chakra and the Third Eye chakra. It can help bring to your consciousness anything that may be blocking your fertility (literal or metaphorical) or the way you experience sex and sexual attraction. 

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6. Smoky Amethyst

People often talk about Amethyst as a protective stone. While it can transmute the negative energy directed your way, it lacks a quality of absorbing and neutralizing negative energy. It often has to be paired with Black Tourmaline or Black Onyx. Smoky Amethyst, however, does both absorption and transmutation on its own. It is thus a more effective protective stone.

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7. Prehnite

Another crystal that should be way more popular, Prehnite combines Green Aventurine and Black Tourmaline. It can easily and quickly absorb any negativity and excesses of energy present in your aura. It also offers a more healing, comforting energy if you’re hurting emotionally. It’s also great for people who have trouble regulating their emotions. It will take away any excesses that are present in the heart space. 

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8. Rhodonite

This is the crystal for willpower and one I have personally used a ton. If you wear a bra, it’s perfect to store there during the day. It will push you to complete all of your tasks efficiently. This is so because it guides you to love what you do and do everything with love. It has gotten me through exams and tough days at work, and I think more people can benefit from having it in their lives. 

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9. Colored Tourmaline

These are some of the pricier ones but they’re definitely worth the money. It’s not like they’re not well-known, but it feels like they get overlooked in favor of Black Tourmaline. Sure, Black Tourmaline is an absolute essential. But Colored Tourmaline are great crystals to have around, too. In my opinion, Pink Tourmaline is superior to Rose Quartz, as the self-esteem transformation it enacts is more gentle. And Watermelon Tourmaline is an absolutely powerful healer that has no equal. Colored Tourmaline are also great for everyone. They are not like some varieties of Quartz that may not be appropriate for more nervous tempers.

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10. Honey Calcite

Citrine can be tricky to use, as a lot of it is actually modified Amethyst. Honey Calcite is an adequate substitute for your Solar Plexus chakra. It can also help you assimilate certain emotions and information better. It can guide you as you work through any mental blocks that are interfering with your personal power. It’s also great if you tend to rationalize everything that happens to you. It will encourage you to make space for your feelings. 

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11. Morganite

it mirrors the love that we have in our Souls. (…) Love that comes from the Soul isn’t passionate love, it is more about Devotion than Passion.

Jane-Ann Dow

If you can’t get enough of Rose Quartz, perhaps it’s time to move on to Morganite. Rose Quartz puts you right at the start of your journey to self-love. Morganite takes people who already love themselves and helps them have a quantum leap and connect to a more Divine form of Love. This love is similar to the one that you experience at the Source itself. This is one of the pricier ones on this list, but it’s not expensive enough to be prohibitive. We especially recommend it for a piece of jewelry, especially an engagement ring. It’s a beautiful high-vibration energy to carry with you everywhere. 

Did you know about these crystals and their properties? Which one are you the most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!

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