13 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Aquarius (All Genders)

The Aquarius constellation

Aquarians are truly from another planet. They have the craziest, most brilliant ideas and they have no qualms being their most authentic, weirdest selves. Born between January 19 and February 18, natives of this Air sign are highly rational, intellectual, and emotionally detached. They value community and friendship like no other Zodiac sign and treat every person that crosses their paths like a peer.

As Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, natives of this sign love innovation and disruptive technology. They are born with a talent for all things tech and tend to appreciate all sorts of electric and technological things. The traditional ruler of Aquarius, however, is Saturn. Aquarians carry the weight of the duties we have as a society towards the less fortunate members of our social group. They tend to care about social issues and/or the environment. As they are a Fixed sign, they can be rather stubborn when it comes to their ideals.

How does all of this apply to gift-giving? There are many ways to make your Aquarius friend, relative, or partner happy. They don’t value material things as much as other Zodiac signs. They will genuinely enjoy a donation in their name to a cause they care about, for example. If you do decide to give them material things, you can cater to their eccentric tastes. You can also take into account their love for technology and knowledge, or their desire to gather with friends and do something fun together.

A Clear Quartz point

1. Rare Crystals

The less skeptical among Aquarians may be into crystal healing. However, they do tend to like rare or uncommon crystals over the classic staples. Charoite is a great crystal. It’s Russia’s national stone and it can help your Aquarius person find their soul’s path. Lodolite is also a great, rarer option for your Aquarian friend or lover. Aquarians can easily lose touch with the Earth and may need some grounding. Lodolite combines Quartz with components of the Earth, so the power of Mother Earth is made more potent by Clear Quartz’s energy-expanding properties. Morganite can help them connect to their emotions in a way that’s very connected to their Divine purpose as well. It’s one of the crystals we covered in our underrated crystals post.

The spines of three white books with a white background and decorative green leaves
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2. Books to stimulate their minds

Aquarians tend to be huge nonfiction readers. Books like Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari will present an intellectual challenge for them. Harari will take them on a journey to where human ingenuity can go. Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI by H. James Wilson and Paul R. Daugherty is a fascinating exploration of how AI will revolutionize the way we work. Aquarians are fascinated by AI, and learning more about them will give them great pleasure.

If their interests are more centered around activism, Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall or Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Edo-Lodge will challenge their existing prejudices around gender and race. These books can help them deconstruct and help their communities in a much more effective and compassionate way.

If they are more into fiction, you can’t go wrong with Sci-Fi. Neuromancer by William Gibson is a classic in the genre, and The Word for World is Forest by Ursula K. Le Guin will keep them entertained while appealing to their interest in the environment.

An interpretation of the apocalypse. There is a fire and destruction in the background and a woman in the foreground. The woman is kneeling and does not reveal her face.
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3. Help them Prepare for the Apocalypse

A lot of Aquarians of all genders are fascinated by the idea of the Apocalypse. The Apocabox will deliver supplies to help your friend or partner prepare for the end of the world straight to their door every month. If they like camping and spending time outside, the gift will be useful besides just giving them a thrill. Sadly, it is only available for US residents.

A person, most likely a child or teenager, playing with a Nintendo Switch
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4. A videogame subscription service

Aquarians probably destress after a long day at work by playing on their console for hours on end. A video game subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving. You can’t go wrong by getting them a subscription for their favorite console. Look into getting them an Xbox Game Pass (which is also great for PC gamers), PlayStation Now or Nintendo Switch Online.

5. Vintage technology

Aquarians love the unexpected, and they are certainly not expected to be gifted a VHS Converter or a vintage radio. This kind of gift will occupy many hours of their free time as they try to figure them out and perhaps even take them apart and rebuild them. They will get true joy from these jewels from the past and will always remember the person who decided to surprise them with these objects.

old fashioned Pokémon games, figurines and accessories
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6. Vintage video game consoles and games

If you want to give your favorite Aquarius a gift that will thrill their Inner Child, look no further. Giving them the video game console they played as a child will do the trick. Whether it is a GameBoy Advance or a retro console, you may make their birthday extra special with a gift like this. If your favorite Aquarius is good at technology – they probably are– you can even give them one with a small issue if consoles in perfectly good state are too pricey or hard to find. Fixing the video game will be half the fun!

the hands of a woman of color holding coins and a piece of paper that says Make a change
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7. A donation in their name

This is a great gift for an Aquarian you don’t know that well, like a coworker you got in a Secret Santa. However, it can also mean a lot if the Aquarian is your closest friend or your partner. Aquarius is tied with Pisces for least materialistic Zodiac sign. They want a better world more than they want fancy purses. If you’re not sure about what object they’d enjoy and use, a donation in their name to a charity of their liking will make them happier than you may think. 

If you’re not sure which charity they would like, you probably know about a cause they’re passionate about – the environment, the arts, LGBTQ+ youth, etc. Do some research on some local charities that work on this cause and donate. A great tip to take into account is that donating to a local charity will mean far more to your dear Aquarius than donating to a huge NGO like Greenpeace. This is so because Aquarius is often passionate about their most immediate community.

the board game Space Alert
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8. An (Alien-Themed) Board Game to Enjoy with Friends

If you give a board game to Aquarius, it must be one they can enjoy with their friends. Playing solitaire may not be their favorite thing. A lot of Aquarians are intrigued (and sometimes a little obsessed) by the idea of life outside of Earth. Games like Cosmic Encounters, Galaxy Trucker, or Space Alert fit the bill.

9. DIY Projects

Aquarians take great pleasure in assembling the things they do decide to own. This is why a DIY kit may be an original present they will get endless enjoyment out of. There are many options on the market to fit a myriad of interests. A few examples are wood burning kits, candle making kits, embroidery kits, and much, much more.

Foot Aligning socks
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10. Weird but Insanely Functional Clothes

Aquarians don’t mind looking a bit unusual, especially if their clothes serve multiple purposes or make their lives easier. Sometimes this can be something as mundane as a dress with nice, deep pockets. If you want to go one step further, though, Foot Alignment Socks will promote feet health and help them be more comfortable. These socks are also great to recuperate from standing around a lot or doing physical activity. There are beanies combined with wireless headphones and period-absorbing underwear.

11. An Online Course

Your favorite Aquarius probably already spends a good chunk of their wages on courses on one of their many interests. They will appreciate a course on something they’re interested in on online platforms such as uDemy, SkillShare, or Coursera. You can even bring up the topic in casual conversation and you’ll surely get a wishlist of the courses they are coveting.

the hands of three women wearing friendship bracelets
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12. Friendship Bracelets

If the present is for a friend or perhaps a sibling, don’t think that a classic friendship bracelet is too cheesy for Aquarius. They love their friends like nothing else in the world. There are few things that will make them as happy as getting to display to the world how many loyal friends they have.

a star projector
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13. A Star Projector

This is another original and unexpected present they’ll for sure enjoy. They’ll be able to stare at the sky from the comfort of their room with a star projector. Who knows, using it may inspire them to write their next Sci-Fi script or push them to start that astrology podcast they’d been talking about for months. 

With their unusual tastes, Aquarius may not be the easiest Zodiac sign to buy presents to. However, we hope our list was comprehensive and provided many original ideas that will surprise even the weirdest and most eccentric Aquarian. 

Do you have an important Aquarius in your life? Do you think they’d like one of these gifts? Tell us in the comments!

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Virginia Castiglione

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