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14 Tips for the Lazy Witch

Witchcraft can be hard work. Reading books and performing elaborate spells is rewarding and sometimes necessary. However, it can take a lot of effort – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Plus, it takes time. A lot of us are busy trying to make ends meet. That doesn’t mean we want to stop investing in our spiritual life. Some of us may also be chronically ill and have a lot of low energy days. On days like these, it’s impossible to practice witchcraft in certain ways.

Some of us have mental illnesses like depression or are neurodivergent. We may need adjustments in some spells and rituals. In these cases, please remember that you must not stop seeing your doctor or licensed therapist.

And most of us, if not all, have days in which we are just lazy. But that doesn’t mean we should not practice magic on these days. There are easy spells and rituals you can perform with little effort. There are also other low-effort ways in which you can integrate magic into your everyday life, for those of you who are pressed for time.

1. Integrate a protection ritual in your morning routine

Ask any witch: Protection is of utmost importance. If you can do a protection ritual or spell daily, all the better. But just the thought of performing even a single candle protection spell sounds like a lot of work on some days. This is why it’s a good idea to integrate protection into your daily routine.

Protection symbols are great for this purpose. You can draw them on your skin with sunscreen, moisturizer, or foundation (if you wear it). As sunscreen protects you from the sun, it is particularly effective for this purpose. You can later distribute the product in your skin.

A simple protective symbol that’s great for this purpose is the Algiz rune. However, any protective symbol that resonates with you will do. You can also make your own protective sigil and draw it on your skin first thing in the morning.

Other ways in which you can integrate a quick and easy protection spell into your morning routine is blessing your morning coffee. Seal it with intention by stirring a spoon in a clockwise motion while concentrating on it. You can use a special spoon for this purpose.

You may also sleep with a small glass container full of table salt or marine salt under your bed. Dispose of the salt when you get up. Another option is to pray for five minutes to your ancestors or spirit guides the moment you wake up.

2. Vent about your life to your Deities and Spirit Guides

Of course, this is always relative. But your Deities and ancestors generally love to be involved in your life. And we all love to vent! Who knows, talking about your life to them can also bring you clarity and help you listen to yourself.

Light their candle as you usually would. Then, make yourself comfortable and talk about what’s on your mind. What your concerns are, but also what makes you happy and why. Tell them about what motivates you. Tell them about the small pleasures you find in life. This will strengthen your relationship with them in a way that feels effortless.

Clear Quartz in three different forms: point, double-sided point and faceted
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3. The Clear Quartz Hack

Clear Quartz is an amplifier of energies. This can quickly boost many of your magical (and even non magical) actions.

A person on WitchTok placed a piece of this crystal on her medication to make it stronger and more effective. You can carry a piece when you need to cram for a test. It can also be a great ally when you need to perform especially well at work.

Lie down with a piece on your throat before public speaking. It’ll make your voice and Throat Chakra stronger. Place it on top of your Tarot deck after you’ve cleansed it. It’ll make its powers of Divination stronger.

You may also place it on top of a spell jar for a few minutes. It’ll amplify its energy. Place it on top of your writing tools before journaling or doing shadow work.

the moon phases
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4. Add the New and Full Moons to Your Google Calendar

You can do this monthly, quarterly, or yearly in one go. Schedule the New Moons, Full Moons, or even equinoxes like Ostara as an all-day event. If you want to prepare for them, you can also schedule a reminder one or two days before.

This will remind you of the energy that’s available to you. You don’t have to pressure yourself into doing anything you don’t feel like doing. But if you need a spell to be powerful and there’s a Full Moon coming up, you’ll know it and be able to harness this energy.

These may also work as reminders that the energy on that day may be intense and it’s a good idea to take it easy. It’ll give you an explanation when you suffer from Full Moon headaches, fatigue, or anxiety. I know I suffer from all of them.

New Moons are great for cleansing and shadow work, and they may give you the excuse to stop putting those off.

5. Delve into kitchen magic

The thing about kitchen magic is that you kill two birds with one stone when you practice it. You make a nourishing meal and you cast a spell.

Need a quick money spell? Try making some tasty pasta. Wheat has correspondences with abundance and money. Tomatoes can help you be creative when it comes to setting up new sources of income. They also protect you from negativity and foster prosperity. Some paprika on the sauce can make your spell stronger. Raising funds for travel? Better include some oregano in that pasta.

Onions are a popular ingredient in homemade sauces. They can also add some much-needed protection. Olive oil connects you to your ancestors. This is especially the case for those who are more aligned with the Lunar polarity.

Make sure not to skip the garlic if you worship Hekate. Dill will attract good luck. This pasta dish is missing some protein, isn’t it? Add some chickpeas to beat the competition. They will also help you strengthen your Solar polarity if you’re feeling indecisive. Grated cheese will attract success and necessary transformations. If you’re vegan, almond-based cheese alternatives will attract good luck and prosperity. 

Cooking as a Form of Deity Worship

You can also cook as a way of ancestral or Deity worship. Making your grandma’s recipe not only honors her legacy but also all of the ancestral line connected to her. Bake bread in honor of Isis. Make an Irish potato stew or apple strudel in honor of Brigid. If you have Irish ancestors, they’ll love that you made a meal with potatoes and beer.

6. Enchant playlists

You probably listen to music everyday. You can curate and enchant playlists for practically any purpose. From cleansing to attracting a new job opportunity or loving partner, you can make a playlist for it.

Tips to put together an enchanted playlist

  • Use a different playlist for each different purpose.
  • Only include songs that you truly enjoy.
  • Choose the songs on the playlist with care. The songs themselves have to align with the purpose of your spells.
  • Avoid songs that contain negative messaging. “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton is an excellent song artistically speaking, but the energy in it is one of struggle. Whatever you choose to use for magic will duplicate its energy into your own life. The same is true for musical masterpieces like Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” Olivia Rodrigo’s “traitor”, Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” “Bohemian Rhapsody” also mentions the names of sacred spirits such as Beelzebub. Including his name in a magical working can get him involved. This can be a double-edged sword if you don’t already have an existing relationship with him. I’ll leave a few safe recommendations for different purposes below. 
  • This is optional, but you can use the principles of numerology on your playlist. To do so, be mindful of the order of the songs in your playlist. For example, place in the sixth position a song to restore balance. Place a song to communicate your desired outcome on the ninth slot in the playlist, and so on.
  • You need to find a way to direct your personal energy towards the playlist and for the playlist to encapsulate and magnify said energy. If you’re a Reiki practitioner, doing Reiki on the playlist while focusing on your intention will work. You can also make a sigil and activate it by dancing to the playlist.
  • You can use the playlist to practice Divination. This practice is called “Shufflemancy”. It consists of letting Spirit communicate with you through Spotify’s algorithm.
  • Play it where the spell is supposed to work, even if it has to be with headphones. An enchanted playlist to attract harmony to the home or cleanse it should be played in the home. A playlist to attract a promotion at work should be played at work, and so on.
  • The more you listen to the playlist and concentrate on your purpose while you do so, the more effective it will become, especially over time.

Song recommendations for enchanted playlists

Some song recommendations to include in your love spells

To attract a romantic relationship

  • Taylor Swift’s “Lover” and “invisible string”
  • Ariana Grande’s “pov”
  • The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody”
  • Etta James’s “At Last”
  • The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”
  • Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You”
Songs for protection spells and banishing

Songs for protection and banishing

  • Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and “I Say a Little Prayer”
  • Florence + the Machine’s “King”
  • Beyoncé’s “Listen”
  • Andra Day’s “Rise Up”
  • John Lennon’s “Imagine”
  • Mercedes Sosa’s “Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón”
  • Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”
Songs for self-love spells

Song recommendations for self-love spells

  • Taylor Swift’s “ME!”
  • Emmy Meli’s “I am Woman”
  • Tessa Violet’s “Yes Mom”
  • Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”
  • Keala Seattle and The Greatest Showman Ensemble’s “This Is Me”
  • Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All”
  • Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”
  • Natasha Bedingfield’s “Freckles”
Three Tarot cards in a triangular shape, decorated with crystals, coins, and shells. The Empress on top, Death on the left and the 9 of Coins to the right.
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7. Carry Tarot cards With You

Tarot cards are not only useful for protection. You can use their symbolism to attract certain energies to your life. Carry the Nine of Pentacles in your wallet if you need to attract some much-needed cash. Keep The Empress on your desk if you need some inspiration or creativity.

You can even use cards like Death to quit a bad habit or break up with someone toxic. Beware that this energy can be quite intense. Not only are the cards effective, using them in this way is easy. As easy as finding the card within your deck and then placing it somewhere strategic.

8. Use your body as a pendulum

You can use your body as a pendulum when you’re too lazy to reach for  some other Divination tool. Your body has a direct connection with your ancestors – after all, they are your flesh and blood. Thus, if you need to confirm something you believe to be their guidance or intervention, this method is particularly useful.

How to do it

Stand up. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Then, ask your body kindly to show you “yes”. You’ll notice that you move slightly forwards or backwards. In some (rarer) cases, you will move slightly to the left or right. That’s “yes”. Then, ask your body to show you “no”. Again, you’ll notice slight movement. That’s “no”. Ask your body to show you “I don’t know/I can’t answer at this time”. In most cases, your body won’t move at all – though, of course, every body is different.

Don’t do this if you have back problems or other health issues that could be affected by movements like these.

9. Add Crystals to Your Shampoo and Scrunchies

This is a smart way to integrate the energy of crystals into your everyday life. Don’t put any crystal in your shampoo, some can be toxic for this use. Some safe crystals you can place inside your shampoo bottle are Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Blue-Lace Agate. 

Include Clear Quartz if you’re a morning showerer, as it will give you energy. Include Rose Quartz no matter the time when you shower. It will make your hair softer and encourage self-love and kindness. If you prefer to shower at night, place Blue-Lace Agate in your shampoo bottle. It will soothe you and help you relax.

a cream-colored silk scrunchie. The High Priestess Tarot card on the upper left, The Wheel of Fortune on the lower right, and the crystals that are safe to keep inside
© Virginia Castiglione, 2022. All rights reserved.

Some scrunchies contain a pocket to store whatever you want in. Silk scrunchies integrate the magical properties of silk, a “magical insulator” that contains the energy of a person or object and protects it from outside influences. Silk is also connected to wealth and transformation.

The color of the scrunchie will also have an impact on the energy of it. A black scrunchie can absorb negativity and keep you protected, while a pink scrunchie will help you foster kindness.

Again, this technique is not apt for any crystal. The head is a very delicate energy zone. Some crystals, like Selenite, can overstimulate you or give you headaches. 

Great crystals to place inside a scrunchie

  • Rose Quartz
  • Black Onyx
  • Moonstone
  • Jade
  • Chrysoprase
  • Aquamarine
  • Emerald root
  • Carnelian
  • Fluorite when you need to concentrate or study
  • Amethyst (it eases headaches for some people)

Don’t forget to remove the crystals before washing the scrunchie. 

a woman with a backpack on a walk
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10. Make your “hot girl walk” a money spell

The hot girl walk started as a TikTok trend to promote wellness and habits that are good for one’s mental health. By itself, it’s already a powerful self-confidence and healing spell.

Take it to the next step. Turn it into a money spell. To do so, put on sunscreen (you can draw the rune Fehu on your body with the sunscreen). Then, walk in direct contact with sunlight. Sunlight is an energy that’s closely tied with abundance and good luck. Of course, refrain from doing this if it’s too hot and heat stroke is a real risk. 

To make the “rich girl walk” even more powerful, carry green crystals with you when you do it. Some good examples include Jade, Green Aventurine or Malachite. Carrying a small pouch with some mint or cinnamon won’t hurt, either! 

11. Try flipping coins or Dice Divination

You can simply flip a coin for “yes” or “no” answers. Preferably, it would be a coin you only use for this purpose. You’d keep it cleansed and purified and you’d bless it before using it. Feel free to decorate the coin intuitively. You may even draw or paint sacred symbols or sigils on it. 

You can also use dice to know whether a spell was successful and to what extent. Dice Divination can be used to predict the likelihood of something to happen. You may also assign different meanings for each face of the dice. As is the case with the coin, the ideal is to use some dice only for the purpose of Divination.

The color of the dice can give it some specific magical characteristics. For example, blue dice can be used to ask about communication or protection. If you work with Archangel Michael, blue dice can be one of the channels of communication you share with him.

Some days, getting out your Tarot deck and preparing the setup for a reading or trying to get grounded to read your runes feels like too much. While it’s all well and good to use coins or dice for Divination on low energy days like those, don’t rely on them too much. You’ll miss out on more fleshed out readings and insights you can get from practices such as Tarot or runes

12. Visualize to purify and gain strength

Visualizing requires no tools other than your mind and your intention. You can use the principles of color magic to cleanse objects. You can also use them to imbue objects with certain characteristics.

Visualize a crystal you need to cleanse surrounded by purple light. This light will transmute its stagnant energy into its original high-vibrational one. Need to make an interaction more harmonious? Imagine a pink light surrounding the person you’re talking to.

Visualization isn’t limited to color. If you need strength or are going through a tough time, visualize the souls of your mother and father standing behind you. If you have a step/bonus parent or two parents of the same gender, include them as well. 

Behind your parents, visualize the souls of your grandparents. Behind your grandparents, visualize the souls of their parents, your grandparents. And so on. Visualizing them will provide you with vitality, fortitude, and pave the road for your success.

glasses and a pen over an open notebook
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13. 15-minute sessions of research

Reading those thick witchcraft books everyone seems to swear by may seem daunting (especially if you’re like me and have ADHD!). If you only dedicate fifteen minutes to it, the task suddenly becomes manageable.

Set a timer, open your book, and read attentively for just fifteen minutes. Of course, if you get into the zone and can’t put the book down, you can always go on. Fifteen minutes may not seem like much, but, if you do it three days in a row, you’ll have done 45 minutes of research. Stick to the habit for one week, and you’ll have 105 minutes (or one hour and 45 minutes) under your belt. Do your best to keep the habit for one whole month, and you’ll complete seven hours and a half of research. Stick to it for an entire year and you’ll amass more than 90 hours of reading. Not bad for a lazy witch, huh?

According to Atomic Habits by James Clear, doing something every single day for a short time (like fifteen minutes) is far more effective than doing an hour once a week. Repetition makes the master.

14. Transform daily chores into spells, rituals, and worshiping opportunities

Turn washing dishes as a way to commune with the water element. Tidy up your room as a ritual for cleansing and purification. When you do laundry, imagine any stagnant energy in yourself or your home transforming. You can even sneak some Amethyst or New Moon water with your dirty clothes. As long as it’s plain water with no alcohol it poses no electrical danger. You can find instructions on how to make crystal water.

Who said making doctor appointments isn’t magical? You press a few buttons on your phone and you start a healing journey. You take a pill that solves one of your problems. You go see someone who can guide your inner journey and help you take the reins of your own life. Sounds like magic to me!

Combine flossing with banishing or hex-breaking. Transform making your bed into a rest and relaxation spell. Stick to a budget as a form of Hades worship. Do your homework or prepare for a test as a way to worship Athena. You may also do this if you’re a woman, AFAB or femme presenting person as ancestral worship. It honors the women in your ancestral line who were refused a proper education. 

This may just be a change in perspective, but it can be a pretty powerful one. These tips are useful for the lazy witches out there. They can also be of use for depressed people or people with executive dysfunction. Of course, don’t replace proper medical attention and treatment with any of these behaviors.

These are just some suggestions. As you can clearly observe, there is no shortage of ways to integrate magic into your everyday life in easy, low-effort ways. 

Which one are you most excited to try? Why? Tell us in the comments!


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