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18 Aries Birthday Gift Ideas (All Genders)

It’s Aries season, and you’re probably feeling pretty proactive as a result. It also means that your favorite Aries, whether it be a relative, friend, or significant other, has a birthday coming up. Of course, you want to give them a present they’ll love.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, the first in the Zodiac wheel. Then, it is no surprise that Aries loves to be a pioneer in whatever field they have chosen for their careers, or in their private lives. As it is ruled by Mars, Aries natives are happiest when they are in the midst of action. They love to be productive. Even their downtime is filled up with adventures and other activities. They are not ones to stand still, that’s for sure! Most Aries grow to love exercise, as it’s a way for them to employ all the energy they have. But we have included a few options for the Aries couch potatoes we know and love. Otherwise, here are a few birthday present ideas for your favorite Aries, no matter their gender.

a man out in nature using his GoPro
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1. The GoPro camera

There are few cameras that can keep up the pace with Aries, but the GoPro is definitely up for their many adventures. Among their many features, the GoPro can be used at nighttime and under water. Your favorite Aries will be able to capture all sorts of adventures. With the GoPro, they won’t need to stop because of a clunky camera. Certainly a gift they will appreciate for years.

a group of women doing yoga poses
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2. Workout clothes

Even the most sedentary of Aries can appreciate clothes so functional that they forget they are wearing them in the first place. These leggings with pockets for femme presenting Aries will allow them to walk, dance, or run comfortably. They will also allow them to carry their favorite items with them. These thermal compression shirts for the masc presenting Aries in your life will allow them to be active even on the coldest day of winter. But really, the sky’s the limit. Aries loves and appreciates workout clothes more than any sign. They even wear them when they are not working out.

a woman reading a hardback book
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3. Books

Some Aries are big readers. Chances are they have entrepreneurial tendencies and/or a desire for leadership. Some books that will be of great value for this kind of Aries include The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. This book gives useful tips for people who want to venture into startups and adapt to an ever-changing environment. This is something that can sound terrifying for most people but that Aries will thrive in.

The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger was written by the former CEO of Disney. Iger shares some lessons on leadership for creative industries. When it comes to memoirs, Aries will love Wild by Cheryl Strayed. In this memoir, the author tells her own life story of processing the death of her mother by attempting a challenging hike. Eighty Days by Matthew Goodman follows two women adventurers trying to complete a trip around the world in eighty days or less. Unwittingly, they end up competing against each other. This will appeal to Aries’s pioneering spirit.

If they’re more into extreme adventures, Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors by Piers Paul Red follows the true story of an Uruguayan rugby team. This team ends up stuck on the Andes after a car crash. They struggle to get back in touch with Chilean society, who thought they had all died in the crash.

If your Aries person is more into fiction, The Martian by Andy Weir is a great pick for them. It tells the story of an astronaut stuck on Mars trying to get the best out of a bad situation. If they haven’t read The Hunger Games as teens, they will surely enjoy it now, as it’s a story full of adventure.

4. Crystals

Because of Aries’s tendency to act in an impulsive way or be swept up by their anger, the use of crystals is indeed recommended. This Blue Tiger’s Eye bracelet can help them be more objective. It will help them not to lose sight of the bigger picture before they embark into their next endeavor. If they wear it on their left wrist, they’ll be more in touch with their intuition and be more receptive to information before they act.

Moonstone can help Aries, who usually rely on their Yang or Solar energy, to start integrating their Yin or Lunar polarity as well. This crystal will guide them to receive as well as give, and to listen to their gut. This Rose Quartz Heart is a great addition for the home or the office to soothe Aries’s anger and keep their relationships harmonious. As Aries is only too happy to confront someone for every minor inconvenience they have, the energy of this crystal will be a welcome addition to the places they frequent and make important decisions in.

the hands of a person are shown. They are putting a bandaid on one of their fingers.
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5. A first-aid kit for their adventures

While Aries is eager to go as far as they can, without any regard for where the nearest hospital is located, you may worry about them having accidents in the middle of nowhere. This first aid kit, light enough not to be a burden in camping and hiking trips, will ease your worries and get your favorite Aries out of a pickle.

jumping rope and dumbbells
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6. Workout gear

Probably not a present for the less active Aries folk out there, but it is definitely something a lot of them will appreciate. This workout set is quite good value for money. It includes dumbbells, knee pads, resistance bands, among other useful additions for your special Aries person’s home gym.

7. A water bottle that doesn’t get in the way

Everybody needs to stay hydrated, especially when you’re out having adventures. However, the last thing Aries wants is a heavy water bottle holding them back. They’d rather go thirsty. A sleek water bottle can be a lifesaver for your adventurous friend that can’t seem to stand still.

8. Scented candles

Everybody likes a nice ambiance in their homes, and Aries is no exception. This Cinnamon and Pecan Swirl scented candle will make their home or office magnetic to all sorts of desirable people and opportunities. The Pecan in it will keep them protected and attract wealth into their lives. On the other hand, this Cinnamon and Orange scented candle will offer a revitalizing smell and attract joy and prosperity.

9. A tool box

If something breaks in their house, nothing can take the edge off for Aries quite like having the tools to fix it themselves right at the moment it happens. A tool box will make them feel even more independent and self-sufficient than they already are. It will also give them an excuse to do something useful on slow Sunday mornings.

some pots and pans on a white kitchen counter
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10. Kitchen appliances so they can cook faster

Kitchen appliances like an air fryer or a rice cooker will make cooking easier and faster for impatient Aries. They are also useful items they will use for years. They are probably too lazy about eating veggies because of how long they take to prepare. This can be solved with an electric vegetable chopper and an electric fruit and vegetable strainer. These can take a few valuable minutes off of their meal prepping.

a person doing bungee jumping on a beautiful landscape
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11. An experience

Aries natives are generally not material people. They value experiences more than things, especially if the experience comes with a much welcome surge in adrenaline. Giving them a monthly or yearly pass for something like rock climbing is something they will appreciate. Some tickets to see their favorite band will give them pleasure. Even some passes to go bungee jumping are something they will never forget.

12. Knife earrings

There’s nothing Aries loves more than looking as intimidating and badass as they feel. These knife earrings, if they have their ears pierced, is the ideal present because of that reason. If they’d prefer something a bit more classy looking, you can also get them some golden knife earrings. By wearing these, they can let people know that they could easily take them down – but that they will be classy about it.

a graffiti that says good joke, thanks
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13. Joke presents

If you have an important Aries in your life, you probably already know about their wild sense of humor and how easily they could have you in stitches. Because of this, they will appreciate a joke present, even one that gently pokes fun at them. A swear jar is likely to get a good laugh if they are foul mouthed. This button that they can press so it says the F-word (and they don’t have to say it themselves, thus avoiding the punishment of the swear jar) will also get a good laugh out of them. A mug like this one will allow them to showcase their personality as well.

a bullet journal spread for May that says Say Yes to New Adventures
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14. A notebook for their bullet journal

As we’ve said previously, Aries loves to get things done. Because of this, they also get a rush of pleasure every time they tick off an item of their to-do list. They may be really into bullet journaling. Whether they keep a minimalist one or an artsy one will depend on their personality. But they will appreciate a nice, dotted notebook for this purpose.

15. An Instax camera

If your Aries person loves photography, the Instax camera adds the bonus of immediate satisfaction to this hobby. They can also use it to document their adventures. The Instax can help them keep some nice tangible memories of everything they get up to.

16. A kindle

Some people are really attached to physical books. Aries isn’t likely to be one of them. They may love reading, but not love the idea of carrying a heavy book out on adventures as much. A kindle is a great present because it makes reading easier, more portable, and in some cases even faster.

The AirPods with a black background
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17. AirPods (or other headphones they can forget they are wearing in the first place)

Aries may love to listen to music or podcasts while they’re cleaning or running errands. They most likely don’t want to waste any minute of their time. These headphones are also a great option for their more active moments.

a person doing a workout looking at their watch
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18. A smart watch

A smart watch that measures Aries’s sleep schedule, heart rate, and physical activity will encourage Aries to do even more. It will also show them how productive they’ve been during the day, something that will fill them up with joy.

Are you an Aries? Would you like to receive one of these gifts? Tell us which one in the comments! If you are not, but have an important Aries in your life, tell us in the comments which present they’d like best.

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