20 Birthday Gift Ideas for Pisces (All Genders)

We’re leaving behind the idealism of Aquarius season. We’re starting to embrace dreams and imagination with the upcoming Pisces season. This also means that it’s almost the birthday of your favorite dreamy Piscean – whether it be a Significant Other, a family member or a very good friend. This probably means that you want to blow them away with a gift they’ll love.

Pisceans understand everything that goes into choosing and buying a gift. So the intention definitely matters to them as much, if not more, than the gift itself. If you write them a song or a poem, they are likely to appreciate it just as much as a trip to Maui, as money isn’t everything to them. However, if they don’t like your gift, they will completely forget about it as soon as they are done thanking you for it. If you want to give them a gift they truly appreciate and didn’t know they needed, stay tuned for this gift guide for all genders and budgets.

1. Bose Headphones

There’s nothing Pisces loves more than getting lost in the world of music and ignoring everything else. Bose headphones makes this experience much easier. They can be used to completely filter out sound if they are in bed or in a busy plane or to let it in if they’re in a busy street. With Pisces, you want this second option when purchasing a pair of noise-canceling headphones. This is so because they can forget they are wearing them while walking into a busy street. Pisces also have a hard time remembering to charge their devices. This makes this device’s 24 hour battery a lifesaver. Plus, the quality of the music is superb. Pisces is among the most musically inclined. They will notice a drop in quality in their headphones, so you want to err on the side of good quality.

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2. A harmonica

Your Piscean friend has probably fantasized about having one of these at some point, just to quickly forget about it. This is the kind of gift they didn’t know they needed until they have it. It’s a highly portable instrument they can have on them at all times. It can help them improve their cognitive abilities. Plus, it’s cost effective. 

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3. A ukelele

Another great musical gift for the Piscean in your life who still hasn’t delved into their more musical side is a ukelele. It has a beginner-friendly learning curve. What you learn about this instrument can be applied to other instruments, including the guitar and the bass. It is also more affordable and portable compared to these instruments. A ukelele can be the gateway door to a hobby that will feel like a safe space for sensitive Pisces.

4. A Tarot deck

Pisces feel connected to different ways of fortune telling and tools for knowing themselves better, such as Runes or Tarot decks. Giving your Piscean loved one a Tarot or Oracle deck is a way to communicate to them that you appreciate their gut reactions and their intuition. It will also give them a way to channel the various inklings and wisdom they gain from who knows where.

There are many Tarot decks on the market. These are some decks that I personally love as a Pisces Moon. The first one is Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition, based upon the Marseilles Tarot. It has breath-taking illustration based on the traditional style of tattoos. The Wild Unknown is also a great option. It is based on the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot. However, it reinterprets this deck without picturing any humans. It depicts plants and animals instead. It makes my Inner Child very happy. It has also connected me to my more chaotic side.

Of course, if you want to opt for a safe alternative for beginners, the regular Rider-Waite Smith or its close but more inclusive counterpart The Modern Witch Tarot are also great choices. You can always send them our way if they need a nice resource to learn about this Divination tool.

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5. A birth chart reading

If you want to blow a Piscean’s mind, you can always get them a birth chart reading. The language of Astrology is a symbolic language they can easily understand. The gift of knowing themselves better has no price. Even if they are diligent students of this discipline themselves, chances are they will appreciate hearing a specialist’s perspective on their birth chart or a fresh take from one of their peers.

6. Crystals (especially intuitively selected or mystery boxes)

Pisces are all about surprises, the unknown, and what is meant to find them organically appearing in their lives. That’s why getting them an intuitively selected crystal or a mystery box will really do it for them. It is a better strategy than researching one and deciding which one they may need or want using logic.

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7. Ocean scented candles or sprays

The ocean and the beach do wonders for Pisces. It can soothe them and make them feel grounded and connected to the world. If a trip to a near the beach is not within your budget or is an inappropriate gift for the relationship you have, this alternative is more budget-friendly. It is also generally appropriate even for distant acquaintances you don’t know that well.

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8. A swimsuit

If you know your favorite Piscean’s swimsuit size or can ask, this is a great gift they’ll get a lot of use out of. You know their style better than us, so it’s up to you what you get them. Whether you get them a bikini, a one-piece, some trunks or a piece for gender nonconforming people such as this one for the masc-presenting Pisces or this one for the femme presenting Pisceans, they will appreciate it. If they aren’t that close to you but you know they love swimming (as they probably do), you can also get them swim-related accessories. Some examples are flip flops, goggles, or a beach cover.

9. A trip to the beach

If you have the money and they are close, this is among the best gifts you can give them. Cover their airplane or gas bills and book a hotel or AirBnB and take them to a nice beach. Their soul needs this, even if they aren’t conscious of this need or able to articulate it. They’ll love you forever if you make a beach trip happen.

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10. Books

Despite their fame for being scatter-brained, a lot of Pisceans I know are very bookish indeed. Whether they use fiction books to escape the world or prefer memoirs to dig for insight or even a nonfiction book about a topic that interests them, books are something they really appreciate.

Fiction that’s imaginative and whimsical tends to be something that Pisceans appreciate. Some examples include The House on the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune or The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. The Dangers of Smoking in Bed, a collection of short stories Mariana Enríquez is also an excellent choice. Magical realism in general tends to be an excellent choice for Pisceans. Latin American authors tend to excel in this genre. The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende or Love in the Times of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez are great choices. They tread between the line of what’s real and what is fantasy in a way that Pisces will appreciate.

Pisces also really appreciates an insightful memoir when they encounter one. Traveling with Ghosts by Shannon Leone tells the story of a grieving woman after she loses her fiancé to a box jellyfish – with the catch that she has been training her whole life to be a marine biologist. This ties both the inexplicable that is found is grief and the world of what’s under the sea. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion is also a memoir about grief while exploring themes your favorite Pisces is probably a little too familiar with.

What about the Pisces that love a good non fiction? Well, chances are they are into Astrology. The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joana Martine Woolfolk will quench their thirst for knowledge for quite a while. If your Pisces loved one is looking to bring about a little bit more order and structure into their chaotic existence, Atomic Habits by James Clear is a great option. It will bring a little bit of wisdom from their sister sign, Virgo, in a way Pisces will understand. If they’re looking to unleash their creativity, books like Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert or The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron will do.

11. A streaming subscription or a subscription to Spotify

As we have previously said, Pisces love a little bit of escapism. If they know which subscription service they’re coveting, be it Spotify or HBO Max, footing the bill for a few months or a year of this service is something they will love and get plenty of use out of.

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12. Tickets to a concert

This can be as cheap as driving them to a nearby bar when there’s an open mic or as expensive as getting them a VIP Harry Styles ticket. They will love either one of these experiences. Getting a more embodied and tangible experience of music alongside other fans is one they’ll treasure forever, and it’s good for their souls.

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13. Stuffed animals

Pisceans never quite lose touch with their Inner Child. Even as adults, they’ll appreciate a plushie, be it a generic one of a nice animal or one of a character you know they love. Get something to make their space more cozy, something they can cuddle with while they sleep. It may seem something small and inconsequential to you, but it’s something they definitely appreciate.

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14. Pajamas

Pisceans do love to get some beauty sleep. Getting them a nice set of pajamas is something they’ll get plenty of use out of. There are many options out there, from these flannel pajamas that are great for the masc presenting Pisceans out there, these silk pajamas that will suit many tastes, this more sexy chemise for the femme presenting Piscean in your life, and this gender neutral option. All will give your Piscean darling an excuse to spend more time in bed wearing something comfy, which they love more than anything else.

15. Sleeping mask

A sleeping mask will make their sleeping experience more immersive and even possible at all if they are in a crowded airplane or bus. You can get some really nice silk ones that will do wonders for the skin around their eyes. You can also get one to express their personality or a more plain, functional one.

16. Pillowcases and bedding

Pisceans are not usually connected to what their body needs, so this is a kind of thing they didn’t know they needed till they had it. Whether a silk, cotton or flannel set is more their speed, it is a great gift. This is so because it makes their favorite activity, sleeping or perhaps lying in bed with a lover, a luxurious one.

17. A boho style dress

If your favorite Pisces is in the habit of wearing dresses, getting them a boho-style dress can be an excellent idea. These dresses express their carefree, whimsical nature like nothing else. But it does so while still retaining their taste and elegance.

18. Adult coloring book plus markers

If your favorite Pisces needs to feel in control of the chaos that is their lives, a coloring book with some supplies can be just what they need. Whether it be markers, colored pencils, or crayons, depending on their preferences, this is a great gift. The act of coloring is one Pisces finds soothing. This is so because they are allowed to use their creativity in a controlled and predictable manner.

19. Dream journal

Pisces is connected to their oniric world. They probably already keep a dream journal of some sort already. But they will certainly appreciate a brand new journal that looks pretty and is nice to write in. You can always point them in our direction for some tips.

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20. Something sweet you made yourself

Whether it’s an edible treat, a song, or a poem you came up with especially for them, Pisces will love it. This is so because they are all about the feeling and the intention behind gifts as opposed to the price tag. If they can tell you to put time and your skills into what you’re giving them, they will be deeply touched by the gesture.

In short, there are many ways to make your Pisces friend, Significant Other, or relative, happy during their season. You can give them a gift that reflects their love of music and the sea, sleeping, or creativity, or something that reflects their interests.

Do you have an important Pisces in your life? Would they like these gifts? Tell us in the comments!


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