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5 Unique Engagement Rings (Not Diamonds) for the Femme-Presenting Partner Who Loves Crystals

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Also, Venus is already direct after its recent retrograde period. For all of you who are single, perhaps you’ll enjoy our post on self-love more. But, for those of you who have found your person or people, you may wonder what kind of ring you’d like to receive from them some day, or which ring you’d like to give them yourself.

If your femme-presenting partner is into witchy stuff, New Age spirituality, and especially crystal healing, diamonds may be all fine and dandy… but also a bit boring. Why stick to diamonds when there are so many better stones to express your undying, committed love for them? We’ve tried to keep this list to some more uncommon choices for gemstones in engagement rings. I have kept a few classics like Ruby, Sapphire, or Topaz out. This is not because I don’t love these stones (and trust me, I do, especially Sapphire). It is because there may be better stones out there to communicate eternal love.

I have also tried to make this list friendly for all sorts of budgets, from low budgets to people who are willing to spend three or four hundred dollars for this occasion. I have also included some pictures of tumbles or even the raw stone whenever possible so you can see how the vibes of the stone feel without being influenced by the look of the finished jewel.

Why Not Diamonds, Though?

Don’t get me wrong, diamonds are beautiful. They are among the hardest, most indestructible crystals out there. They also have a very high vibration. However, energetically speaking, they can be a bit much for everyday use. It’s like wearing a veil and an umbrella to protect yourself from the Sun when sunscreen is perfectly fine. Diamonds can energize you when you need to rest. They can push you to connect to your guides when all you want to do is wallow and cry. There are other crystals out there that represent the idea of love much better. What is more, there are more adequate crystals to have on you for what may be the majority of your remaining days on Earth.

Some people set great stock on the monetary value of the ring itself. Engagement rings used to represent the kind of life a man could give a woman, back in the day when marriage was an economic proposition (to quote Amy in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women because women weren’t able to work or own anything.

The myth of the diamond ring is fuelled by a false idea of scarcity that was manufactured by big businesses. Diamonds are actually not rare at all. A study in 2018 stated that there are 0.16 carats of diamonds per every single 7.7 billion people on Earth. When diamond supply became abundant in 1867, the DeBeers mining company acquired most of the mines in South Africa. Then, it was the country that mined the most diamonds. It made an agreement to sell a certain amount of diamonds to an organization in London at an agreed price. Both of these organizations wanted diamonds to be perceived as rare to increase their value. They played their cards in this way for almost a century.

An example of this took place in the 1930s, when they sponsored what is one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. With the Diamonds are Forever slogan, they managed to instill the idea that diamonds are the only way to express forever love.

But times have changed. Perhaps there is not even a man involved in your relationship. If there is, the femme-presenting partner most likely works and earns their own money. If they don’t, it’s because they have made a conscious choice to dedicate themselves to the home and possibly children or other dependents. But they had the choice of working available – something that women in the past didn’t have. Now, it may not be necessary to make such a proof of economic solvency and commitment. And if you did want that, you’re much better off getting a massive ring made of pure gold, anyway.

With no further ado, here are our picks.

A Morganite tumble, pink in color, in a Selenite bowl
© Virginia Castiglione

1. Morganite

Morganite is a step-up from Rose Quartz. It is here to teach you that Divine Love is all about devotion. It isn’t easily swayed by feelings of jealousy or possessiveness. The message of Morganite reminds me a little of that passage from Corinthians defining love. That’s what Divine Love is.

Giving your partner a Morganite ring is a way to show your commitment to love them in a way that’s as close to Divine Love as possible. Of course, you’re human, you can only get so close – but the ring on their finger will remind you of your commitment to be as humanly close to Divinity as possible when it comes to cherishing, loving, and adoring her. It will also give her the gift of getting to know this Love from up-close, after wearing the ring continuously for many, many years.

A piece of raw emerald, green in color
© Virginia Castiglione

2. Emerald

Okay, this is a bit of a classic, but sometimes classics are classics for a good reason. This is definitely the case with Emeralds. Emerald’s main message as an engagement ring is one of loyalty and stability. Emerald is preferred by those undergoing a huge transition or a period of lots of changes. It can act as a source of comfort during a spiritual awakening and other massive changes. Giving someone an Emerald ring as an engagement ring is telling them that you’ll be by their side through thick and thin.

Emerald also acts on the Heart Chakra, which makes it a very comforting crystal to have around. Because of its green color, it contains the healing powers of Mother Nature. Its energy can contribute to taking off the edge of grief, emotional shock, and even help your beloved heal from infections (alongside medical attention, of course). Overall, it’s a lovely stone for your partner to interact with almost everyday, for the rest of their lives.

A raw piece of Pink Tourmaline
© Virginia Castiglione

3. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline helps us heal our relationship with receiving. If your partner is a huge giver, perhaps they can benefit from having an engagement ring that reminds them that they are worthy of receiving, too. Pink Tourmaline attracts a lot of high-vibrational love. With it, your beau will always be surrounded by quality friends and relatives. Giving a Pink Tourmaline engagement ring gives the message of unconditional love. Ultimately, you want what’s best for them – it doesn’t matter if that doesn’t include you!

© Virginia Castiglione

4. Jade

Jade is a pretty versatile stone that is useful to have with you at all times. It is great to have psychic dreams, for one thing. It’s also great to attract wealth – I have personally experienced this facet of Jade and I can say it’s a money magnet. Its energy is really gentle and feels like a hug from Mother Nature. It can be a great source of comfort during times of hardship for your beloved, including illness and grief.

What’s more, genuine Jade is actually pretty rare, with Serpentine being sold as Jade. Sometimes even the people in the business themselves don’t know about this. If you manage to find a ring that’s genuine Jade, it will really be special. Getting engaged with Jade sends the message that you want only the very best things for your partner going forward.

© Virginia Castiglione

5. Black Onyx

This ring may not be breathtaking but it’s still beautiful in an understated way. If your partner is scatter-brained or could use some help organizing their life, Black Onyx is a grounding presence. It can help them get in touch with reality and not be swallowed up by it. It’s also an incredibly protective crystal. It’s ideal for empaths who may be more vulnerable to psychic attacks or the negativity of saturated environments.

Something about the energy of Black Onyx never gets old. It will never feel overwhelming or inadequate for whatever situation your loved one is in, provided, of course, they keep it purified. Plus, if they simply love black and can’t get enough of that color, Black Onyx is the direction you should go in for their engagement ring.

In short, diamonds are not always a girl’s (or a they’s) best friend. When it comes to crystal healing, there are many beautiful crystals out there that symbolize a harmonious union better than a diamond can. Morganite reconnects you with Divine Love. Emerald expresses loyalty, no matter what life has got in store. Pink Tourmaline represents unconditional love. Jade is a versatile crystal that can attract all sorts of healing and abundance for your partner. Finally, Black Onyx is grounding and protective.

What’s your dream engagement ring like? Tell us in the comments!


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Virginia Castiglione
Virginia Castiglione

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