7 Ways to Honor the Energies Available on Litha in 2022

Trigger Warning: The astrology of Roe v Wade, abortion, and sexual abuse, are briefly discussed.

I always look at the astrology around the Sabbats. This time, it was impossible to ignore Pluto. Roe v Wade is one of the things the United States’ Pluto return, which took place on February 22nd this year, brought to the light. The United States as a nation (and the Western world) can choose to acknowledge it as the big problem it is. Only in this way will we finally get rid of that nasty, controlling energy and start to heal.

Therefore, it was hard to think about Litha in terms of celebration. I was soon drawn to it as an opportunity to strengthen our Solar Plexus chakra. This is the energy center that keeps our leaders going. I have also thought of rituals to help us channel our anger towards authority figures. During this process, don’t forget to stay grounded. Take care of yourself and your community. We can survive this if we act together. 

What’s Litha all about?

Litha is a celebration of the summer solstice and takes place at the beginning of summer. It takes place on the longest day of the year. So it is no surprise that the Sun and the Element of Fire are big protagonists in these celebrations. The traditions that form New Age Paganism come from many cultures. The bonfires at hilltops are borrowed from the Celts.

Some traditions view Litha as part of a never-ending cycle in which the Light and the Dark fight for power. The Oak King, representing daylight, fights the Holly King, representing the night. During Litha, the Holly King emerges as the victor. The days will progressively get longer until Yule, when the tables turn.

The Astrology of Litha 2022

Litha comes at a hectic time for the Western world, as it happens on the heels of the overturn of Roe v Wade in the United States. A lot of the themes we are seeing currently as a consequence of this ruling are a consequence of the United States’ Pluto return. Pluto will indeed be very active towards the end of June and the first half of July, so we shall see more of the themes this planet embodies around Litha 2022.

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Roe v Wade and the US’ Pluto Return

We know that the draft regarding the Court’s decision circulated on February the 10th. This coincided with Mercury conjunct Pluto. Mercury is the planet of communication and logic. Then, it was transiting the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, which represents organized power structures, politics, and government. Pluto is the planet of the taboo, power dynamics, and death. A conjunction means that Mercury and Pluto were holding hands and acting as one and the same planet. A force of communication in government (the draft) regarding a Plutonian topic like abortion was circulating.

Then, the United States’ Pluto return took place 12 days after that. It reached the same exact degree it was in when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence penned by Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Sherman and Livingston back in 1776. The phenomenon will repeat itself on July 11th 2022 (shortly after Litha and two short days before the Full Moon in Capricorn, the same sign Pluto is transiting). It will happen again on December 28th, 2022.

Pluto, the planet of destruction, death, rebirth, power imbalances, and intensity, will be a key player during the first days of July as well. The overrule of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court is attempting to shine light on one aspect of the unequal society in the United States – the one that affects people with uteruses, especially those in vulnerable conditions. The draft started to circulate inside the Supreme Court on February 10th of this year.

The draft was made public by a yet-to-be-discovered insider from the Supreme Court on May 4th, 2022. At this time, the Sun was conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of life and finances. The matter of life is one that sparks controversy when it comes to abortion. Of course, there are also financial institutions that stand to gain if it’s made illegal in 26 states. Uranus indicates something sudden and unexpected, and the Sun reveals and makes public. It was the first time in US History a document of this nature reached the public before an official decision was made. The conjunct energies of the Sun and Uranus made this possible (and this conjunction certainly expresses the shock en mass felt by the people). However, the act of making news of this nature known to the public, even if it goes against authority, is deeply Plutonian in nature.


Litha 2022 took place a few days before we posted this, on June 24th. The day before, Venus, the planet of love, aesthetics and assigning value, entered Gemini. On the 28th, Neptune went retrograde in Pisces. We are all invited to look within and see in what way we delude ourselves or stop ourselves from seeing reality as it actually is. We are also invited to connect to our more compassionate side. As a collective, we need to understand that when an individual suffers, all of humanity suffers.

The day after, the 29th, we had the New Moon in Cancer, whose effects are still felt today. We were invited to hit a reset button regarding our homes and attract a better home for our families if that’s what was needed. Cancer is also the Zodiac sign most associated with motherhood. In light of the recent news, United States residents as well as people in other countries in the Western world are probably still redefining what a mother is.

On July 1st and July 2nd, Mars, the planet of action, currently transiting Gemini, suggesting that the action is conversational and intellectual, will form a square with Pluto in Capricorn. As a square is a tense aspect, we can expect backlash from the media and academic circles regarding Roe v Wade.

On July 9th, Mercury in Cancer (compassionate communication and communication and ideas regarding motherhood) will form a square with Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries brings to the table a sense of purpose, either individual or collective, represented by Jupiter. It also brings forth the energy of the self and identity, represented by Mars. 

The United States is invited as a nation to reconsider its sense of identity. This is so because it may be limiting its sense of purpose, especially in the way it conceives of motherhood and people with uteruses. As a square is a tense aspect, expect friction and unrest. However, the best growth comes out of aspects like oppositions and squares, not trines or sextiles.

On July 12th and 13th, Venus in Gemini will form a harmonious trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This is a day when a circumstance regarding a social issue or the ecology will start to be given the value it should, probably from the media.

With these energies, I personally do not feel in a celebratory mood. If you do, that is great. Follow your heart.

If you feel more like I do, here are some ways to honor this date that are not necessarily celebratory in nature.

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1. Rituals to strengthen the Solar Plexus Chakra

Pluto has all to do with power, especially when it’s managed poorly. A lot of people with uteruses in the US and around the world have probably felt powerless after the recent ruling. This is why Litha is a great time to work on getting our Solar Plexus Chakra energized and back in harmony.

The Solar Plexus chakra is also associated with the element of Fire, which features prominently in this Pagan celebration. The Sun is also one of Litha’s protagonists, and sunlight is said to be a mirror of the energy of the Solar Plexus by many experts. Remember that Litha celebrates the longest day of the year – the one when the Sun shines the longest.

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You probably already know how to get the Solar Plexus back in harmony by meditating or doing some yoga poses. Visualizing, or even using crystals may also be familiar to you.

So, this time, we want to give you different tips to get your Solar Plexus chakra back in order. They include: 

  • drinking an infusion made with an herb or fruit that has correspondences with this chakra (after all, warm liquids in general are great to get it back in harmony), or
  • working with essential oils that are a vibrational match for this chakra and reflecting on positive figures of authority (we will explore this one further under a separate subtitle).

Infusions for the Solar Plexus Chakra

All of the herbs and spices we will proceed to recommend are apt for human consumption. However, please run an allergy test by placing a small amount on your wrist before ingesting any of them. Fire is the element of the Solar Plexus chakra. It is therefore no wonder that preparing and drinking certain warm infusions is beneficial for this energy center.

Drinking warm beverages like tea has even been known to relieve an upset tummy, one of the main physical symptoms of an out-of-whack Solar Plexus. All beverages, even coffee or tea, count. They not only connect you to the element of Fire (due to their warmth)  but also to the elements of Water and Earth (after all, where do the spices come from?).

For people that tend to overthink things, this is great. Some of you suffer from imposter syndrome or other types of self-doubt originating from the mind. For you, this method is ideal. Fire connects you to drive and willpower. Water to your feelings. Earth, finally, invites you to be present in the moment.

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Although all hot beverages count, certain infusions made with herbs and fruits that have a correspondence to this chakra are especially effective. These include anise, turmeric, or lemon (whether you use lemon juice or crushed lemon peels, the result will be effective anyway) are especially effective.

Anise is linked to Divination powers. It will give you strength and vitality to ask your spirit guides and ancestors for advice when it comes to discovering your own personal power.

Lemons embody solar energy. They are linked to protection and cleansing and can help you work on fear in the long-term.

Turmeric will purge you of any fears and self-doubt that are holding you back. Lemon and turmeric have both been known to clear up colds and stomach viruses as well. However, they should be used as a complement, never as an excuse not to visit your healthcare provider. 

Essential Oils

This is also a great solution for overthinkers. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. They are known to bypass the mind and go straight to the aura and the physical body. Whether you choose to use a diffuser in your office or desk, apply them directly to the energy center, or simply smell them, they are a great choice for quickly getting your Solar Plexus back in harmony.

Some of the Essential Oils linked to this energy center include:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Rosewood
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Rosemary
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I. Use them in a diffuser

You can use a diffuser for your essential oils. They will quickly impregnate any space with the fragrance of the oil.

These are great essential oils to lend their fragrance to whatever part of your house you’re supposed to be active in. Whether it’s your office, desk, bedroom while you’re awake if you do work there, or living room, the smells are all revitalizing and will help you reconnect with your center of inner power.

II. Apply them directly to the Solar Plexus Chakra

First, do an allergy test of both the carrier oil and the essential oil on your wrist. Once you know you are safe, take a dime-sized portion of the carrier oil. You can use jojoba oil, olive oil – which has a connection to your ancestors, or coconut oil. Then, place 5 to 6 drops of your chosen essential oil there. Mix thoroughly.

Apply directly to the area (it’s located four of your fingers above your navel). You can either use a piece of cotton or your own hands. If you use your hands, massage it thoroughly into the area. If it’s blocked, use a counterclockwise motion to unblock it. If it is not blocked but in a weak state, use a clockwise motion to give them energy. While you do so, remain present in the moment. You can chant, pray, or even repeat the associated affirmation – I can.

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III. Smell them

This use is great for an emergency or an unexpected situation. If you know your Solar Plexus chakra is weak, carry one of these essential oils and some tissues (or a clean silk or cotton handkerchief) with you.

Whenever you need to quickly and surreptitiously bring this chakra back to its harmonious state, place 2 to 3 drops in a tissue or handkerchief. Then, take a few deep breaths into it.

If you go the reusable handkerchief route, remember to clean it after every use. Store it in a separate cloth bag, preferably made of silk, which isolates it from the energy that may be present in your purse or backpack, besides keeping it hygienic.

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2. Build a shrine to healthy leadership examples

Great leaders check in on their Solar Plexus chakra and keep it in harmony, whether they do it consciously or unconsciously. They understand one of the key truths about the Solar Plexus as an energy center: humility is meant to temper one’s power. Your personal power finds a limit when another’s begins.

In our patriarchal society, we often associate leadership and dominance with yang energy. However, we were once a matriarchal society where women (and even some gender-nonconforming people) were seen as the natural authorities.

Even though this happened a long time ago, your soul may still remember what a more fluid, kind, and compassionate form of leadership once looked like and felt like.

The first step in this healing of our own inner leaders and the various ways we were treated by authority figures throughout our lives is to ask ourselves some questions. We should then attempt to answer them from our hearts and gut, and not our minds.

If your logic tends to get the best of you, you can start this ritual by connecting with Essential Oils. Then, journal about these questions. It’s not necessary for you to tackle them in a single session, two or three at a time are okay. Refrain from editing what you write. Pen or pencil and paper are better than typing the answers to these questions. You may also come back to them. You may draft another answer. Over time, you will discover you have changed your way of perceiving leadership over time.

Questions to reflect on authority and leadership

  • What was the first authority figure you remember? Describe them in detail.
  • What was the most positive leader you have ever had? Describe them.
  • What was your worst encounter with authority? Why? Describe it.
  • Were you a leader in the past? When? Describe yourself as a leader then.
  • Are you a leader in any way? Where? Describe yourself as a leader.
  • Describe the leader you’d like to become in the future.
  • What are the leadership figures you admire the most? They can be from your life or historical, even fictional figures. What do you admire about them specifically?

Once you’re done with your questions, you can move on to build your shrine to the leadership you want to attract into your life and into the world.

Building the Leadership Shrine

First, find a surface for it. You don’t need to buy a brand new table for this. You can make space for it in existing furniture. You can even build it on the floor, if you clean it thoroughly and place a high-quality mantle on it. Trust your gut, choose the surface, and clean it.

Then, purify it. You can use sound cleansing or visualization. If there are no small animals, small children or asthmatic people in the household, you can burn protective herbs and resins like rosemary or myrrh. 

Place some cloth as a base. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but you do need this as a base. Consider the color or pattern of this cloth, as it will bring all the energetic associations of it to the shrine. Ideally, choose a yellow or mustard-colored one, though a white one is also good.

To represent the element of fire, you can use white, yellow, or gold candles. Don’t cheap out on candles. The fumes from candles made with cheap materials can be toxic. Remember to practice fire safety. Place the candles on a fire-safe dish. Only light them when you’re at home and not at risk of losing consciousness or falling asleep.

Print pictures of the leadership figures you have chosen and place them on your altar. You can represent the element of Earth with small bowls of salt. Table salt is fine, no need to spend a fortune on Pink Himalayan Salt. Earth from your garden or that you buy at a plant nursery will also do. You can also place potted plants here. Unless your gut strongly tells you otherwise, avoid cacti and succulents. Crystals that represent the Solar Plexus chakra, like Citrine, Honey Calcite, Sunstone, or Amber, are also great additions.

To represent the element of Water, you can leave Sun water as an offering. Here is an infographic on how to make Sun water:

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If you’d rather not include literal water in your altar for whatever reason (I have a cat that drinks it and then makes a mess by toppling it over), you may also opt for a seashell in a warm hue.

For Air, you may include feathers or wind chimes. Keeping some incense nearby and lighting it also works, as well as the candles, which are activated by both fire and earth.

Follow your instincts. They’ll tell you when your altar is ready. You may pray over it as many times as you’d like, either for your well-being and the harmonious functioning of your inner warrior, or the well-being of the well-intentioned leaders. Keep the water (if there is any) fresh, keep the altar clean, and remove any candles that may start to look a bit dull. You may also just talk at the altar and ask your leadership figures for advice. They are listening and they will give you advice in a language you understand.

3. Meditate outside to get grounded

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Litha is traditionally a sabbat that’s celebrated outside. You may or may not feel like celebrating, given the state of the collective energies. Whatever you feel is valid. Going outside is still a non-negotiable for your energetic well being.

Go on a hike or even to your garden or a public park. You may carry a blanket with you to place on the ground. However, sitting directly on the dirt is also valid if you don’t mind it. Then, take a few deep breaths. Be present and stay connected with the moment. Imagine there are roots coming out from the end of your spine. The roots grow larger and larger, deep into the ground. They even reach the center of the Earth itself.

Now, imagine a dark light coming out from your body through the roots, until it abandons the roots and is absorbed by the Earth. Take your time purging your body of this darker light. Once you feel you’re done, Thank the Earth out loud. You may whisper or murmur if you have to. Then, pull energy from the Earth. It can be any color you like – green, pink, yellow, purple. Take as much of it as you need. Once you’re down, thank the Earth again.

If it is at all possible, walking barefoot on the ground, even for just five minutes, can do wonders for your energy. If you feel inclined to take a pebble, a twig, or a leaf with you, remember to ask for permission first. It’s only polite, after all.

4. Fix Your Relationship with Your Mother at a Soul Level

Even though the New Moon in Cancer has already taken place, the energy is still there for the taking. It’s an energy that carries a new beginning regarding your home and/or parenthood. You can even use it to turn over a new leaf with your mother. You do this in spirit, so, if she’s no longer with us or you had good reason to sever your connection, you can still do it. Visualize her standing right before you. Then, visualize an energetical bond in the form of light that joins both of you. It can be any color you like. Let the energy flow freely towards you.

If you are adopted, do this with your biological mother first, and then with your adoptive mother. If you have more than one mother, do it first with the one that shares your genes and then with the other one. If you were adopted by more than one mother, do it with your biological mother first and then with them. Work with each person separately. It doesn’t matter if you can’t visualize them clearly, or even if you don’t know their names. A humanoid figure will do. Ask the figure, “Are you my biological mother?” or “Through an egg, did you contribute to 50% per cent of my genes?”. You should hear, see, or feel a clear yes, perhaps a brief message, but not much else. If longer attempts at communication happen, consider whether you may have contacted a parasitic spirit.

5. Clean and declutter your home

If this isn’t the time to work on your soul relation with your mother, declutter and clean your home instead. Even if you’re unhappy with your current living situation – in fact, especially if this is the case. First, get rid of everything you don’t like and/or use. It’s taking up valuable space that could be filled by objects or even energy that could serve you better. Donate what you can, recycle what you can, and get rid of the rest.

Then, do a deep cleaning of your house. This will (in part) get rid of all the stagnant energy in your own house that pushes you down. Plus, you’ll feel much better inhabiting it. Finally, finish the cleaning process off by purifying your environment. You can burn herbs like rosemary or lavender, as well as resins like myrrh or dragonblood.

If there are constraints and it’s too much of a hassle to burn herbs, you can visualize a dark light everywhere in your house that absorbs the negativity. Then, a purple light transforms the energy. Finally, a white light attracts positive energy.

You may also do sound cleansing with a Tibetan bowl or by playing high frequency music at full blast for at least an hour (may your neighbors have mercy).

6. Practice candle flame scrying

Litha is a fire holiday. You can practice a form of Divination just by staying present in the moment and observing the flame of one or multiple candles. You may also observe the shapes formed by the wax once the candle melts down.

For this practice, it’s best to use a white candle. Don’t skimp out on candles, the cheapest ones can emit toxic fumes. It is best to place the candles on a glass plate you can flip over. The practice of practicing Divination with candle flames is called Lychomancy. On the other hand, the practice of scrying the wax remains is called Ceromancy.

To practice Lychomancy, light one to three candles. White is preferred, though yellow or orange, given the season, are also acceptable. Candles can cause fires, so be careful and mindful of fire safety. Don’t leave the candles unattended. Close the windows and doors so the wind doesn’t do a number on the flames. Use appropriate containers for the candles. Store anything made of cloth, paper, and other flammable materials away from your candles.

Make sure you won’t be interrupted and you’ll be able to look at your candles in peace. Have pen and paper at the ready, as random images or words may come up. Some people like to play instrumental music. Say out loud that you request your spirit guides’ help, as you’re opening a channel with the Divine. Remember to close it once you’re done by saying aloud that you’re closing it and thanking your guides.

Watch as the flames grow. Don’t try to see anything at the beginning, just observe the flames and connect with them. Finally, call the energy of fire towards you. Pay attention to any bodily sensations as you become the flame. You may hear whispers, see images inside and outside the flames, feel something in your body or have random thoughts that seem to appear out of nowhere. Write everything down in your journal. Now is not the time to process things with the rational mind, just let the moment unfold as it will.

Once you start to get tired or antsy, snuff out the candles and close the channel. Open the windows so the air can circulate. Keep your journal ready for the hours following. Time is not linear, and something may come up after the session is officially over.

7. Shadow Work: Smash the Oppressor

Trigger Warning: This is a Shadow Work exercise involving authority figures. Just reading the instructions may destabilize some of you that are struggling with pain or trauma. Perhaps your pain and trauma  are recent or feels very raw and visceral. Use your best criteria to determine whether continuing to read this article is a good idea. 

Think of an oppressive authority figure. Or even one that, without being oppressive, did things to you that upset you or angered you. Take some clay and make a figure of them. It can look vaguely human, that works. Adding detail, if that’s what you feel called to do, is also valid. If this figure sexually abused you, you can make a separate figurine of their genitalia. Once you are done, grab a toothpick and write their name, initials and/or authority role on the back. Leave them to dry.

Once the figure is dry, talk to it. Tell the clay figurine all you wish you could tell them if you met them face to face and felt safe enough to tell them what’s on your mind. Using foul language is allowed. Spitting at it is allowed. Shaking and hitting it with your fists is allowed.

Then, grab a hammer or a knife. As this is part of your spiritual practice and you won’t draw any blood, it is acceptable to use your Athame for this. Proceed to smash the figurine. Let your rage guide your moves while you do so. Get it all out of your system. Once you are done, grab a broom and collect all the dust and pieces in a bag. Don’t close it. Clay is biodegradable, but the bag is most likely not.

Purchase some fresh flowers. It’s important to end this ritual on a sweet note. You may also use sugar or honey if, for some reason, the idea of flowers doesn’t vibe with you.

Go to a nearby park or to your garden with a pale. Make a small hole and put the clay inside. Cover it. Place the flowers or whatever sweet you’ve brought on top. Say out loud: “This experience is part of my past. I release my anger but keep the memory of it. I don’t release it for the benefit of the other person. They are deserving of every ounce of my anger, and this should burden them. I release it for me. I will never forget what happened, but I don’t have to suffer anymore because of it.” Forgiving the other person, also for your own sake, is an option. If you feel inclined to do so, you can say “I forgive you, (Full Name),” at the end. Only do this if you feel it in your heart. Forgiveness is optional. Forgetting is not even an option to begin with.

Walk away and keep a journal of how you feel in the next few days.

What did you do for Litha? Are you planning to follow any of our recommendations? Tell us in the comments!


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Virginia Castiglione
Virginia Castiglione

Virginia Castiglione is the Founder and Creative Director at Aquamarine Content. She is a certified gemologist and Akashic records reader. She’s also an astrologer and a green witch. She’s working to get her Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature. She’s the emotional support human of a cat named Limón. She’s a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, and Taurus Rising.

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