About us

Aquamarine Content is a Content Marketing Agency that specializes in all things vibey and witchy. We produce original written content for your brand. Our copy and content is optimized with SEO principles so it will appear among the first results when people look up crystals, Astrology, Witchcraft or Tarot on Google.

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To provide quality content and guidance for businesses in the field of spirituality.

To promote a holistic view of health and spirituality that is empowering and respectful of the planet and other cultures.

1. Science is Magic. Aquamarine Content supports and embraces Science and Traditional Medicine as a powerful type of magic. Spiritual resources are meant to complement, NOT replace insights from Science and Medicine. 

2. People are whole as they are. Aquamarine Content believes that its clients are people who see themselves as whole and do not need to seek their Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine. We support the final client’s empowerment. After interacting with our content, they would not need to search for what they lack in a partner. 

3. Spirituality as empowerment. We want to promote the aspect of spirituality that encourages empowerment, not submission. 

4. Respect for Mother Earth. Our company is committed to the wellbeing of the planet and actively supports practices that are harmless to it and honor Mother Earth.

5. Respect for cultural diversity. Our company is against cultural appropriation. We are respectful toward closed practices. We respect cultures that have delivered so much to spirituality and want to enrich these cultures, not to take away from them without gratitude. Aquamarine Content is also committed to marginalized cultures that have contributed to New Age spirituality. We are anti-racist and anticolonialist. A lot of us are Queer, too.  

6. We are a coven – one that is actively redefining the word. No coven has ever been perfect. Some have been dangerously close to cults. However, we rescue the concept from history as a coming together of women and Queer people in a way that often defied patriarchal society, or that is reminiscent of the collaborative past we share. We use the space of the coven to share knowledge. As all witches know, one person cannot possible know it all. That is why we decide to come together strategically and deposit bits and pieces of important knowledge in different minds and different souls. 

Meet the team

Virginia Castiglione

Virginia Castiglione is the Founder & Creative Director at Aquamarine Content. She loosely identifies as a green witch. She’s a certified gemologist and an Akashic Records Master. She’s also an astrologer. She is a Virgo Sun, Taurus Rising, and Pisces Moon. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and certificates in SEO and Branding, among others. She is the emotional support human animal of a grumpy cat named Limón.

Andrea Valeri

Andrea Valeri (also known by her witch name, Andina Silvermist) is a Content Writer at Aquamarine Content. She’s a Scorpio and highly interested in Tarot and other Divination practices. She loves to read and learn new things. She’s majoring in English-Spanish Translation. She reads and reviews books of various genres, including Witchcraft related, on her Instagram account @lluviadelibros15. She also teaches English as a foreign language on Tik Tok (@andinasilver). Her favorite crystals are Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Amethyst, and her favorite Tarot card is The Death card.

Natasha Dominguez

Natasha Dominguez is the Community Manager at Aquamarine Content. She has been studying how to do Tarot reading for the last six months and is interested in past life regression therapy. She is studying Screenwriting, and she is a novel writer who has also been a ghostwriter and copywriter for over two years. Likewise, she has an Instagram account where she gives writing tips (@tipsdeescritores). Her favorite crystal is Amethyst. She is a Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Libra Rising.

Verene Snopek

Verene Snopek is a Content Writer at Aquamarine Content. She is a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon, and Libra Rising. A Jane of all trades, she is a certified clinical psychologist specializing in CBT and DBT. This cat lover also works as a professor of History, Literature, and Ethics in a Teacher Training College, in addition to teaching English Language at the National University of Córdoba. She is interested in past lives and energy healing and has been learning about Astrology and Tarot reading for over a year. Her favorite crystal is Amethyst and her favorite Tarot card is The Lovers

Avery Martinez

Avery Martinez is a Content Writer at Aquamarine Content. Her big three are Aquarius Sun and Moon and Sagittarius rising. Avery started to consciously work on their spiritual life in their teenage years. Nowadays she defines herself as a crafty witch who integrates their witchcraft to daily life. She's currently studying Performing Arts, and spend her spare time designing outfits, drawing, and reading. Her emblem is the Fehu rune. You can find her in her bewitching Instagram account as @averyouka.

Iara Jevscek

Iara Jevscek studies Graphic Design at Universidad de Buenos Aires. She shows a keen interest in Illustration and Editorial Design. A few years ago, she encountered the fascinating field of Astrology for the first time and that’s how she found out she’s an Aries Sun, Virgo Moon and Leo Rising. She also practices yoga and she’s taking her first steps as a Tarot reader.

Florencia Coda Sánchez

Florencia is working on her senior thesis to get her Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design. She teaches college level classes of coding and UX Design. She reviews books in Spanish on Instagram at @leyendoconamor and she’s a Tarot reader.  She’s a Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, and Aries Rising.

Bárbara Cáseres

Bárbara Cáseres (Barbie) is a Content Writer at Aquamarine Content. She’s also a certified Spanish-English translator. She is a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon, and Capricorn Rising. She is into Divination and mainly works with Tarot and Pendulum Divination, but, true to her Sun sign, she loves learning new things and practicing different witchy arts in her everyday life. Her favorite Tarot card is, of course, The Fool.

Ana Clara Valdez

Ana Clara is a Content Writer and Editor at Aquamarine. She is an Aquarius Sun, Pisces Rising and a Cancer Moon. She feels deeply connected to these placements. She’s an English-Spanish translator and proofreader. She has recently launched her career as a Copywriter. She was introduced to Astrology a few years ago and constantly resorts to it to understand herself and the processes she goes through ever since. She considers herself to be highly creative and she always finds a way to connect with her many sources of inspiration. It’s important for Ana Clara to nourish the creativity that powers her writing.

Debbie Castañeda Stucchi

Debbie Castañeda Stucchi is the Customer Experience Specialist at Aquamarine Content. She is a Taurus Sun, Leo Rising and Gemini Moon. Faithful to her big three, she's a fan of random facts, brunch and all things esoteric, she's also always ready to sneak some of that info into any conversation! She loves all animals but cats have a special place in her heart. Currently, she is studying Tarot and UX/UI Design, two seemingly unrelated subjects that she intends to combine and apply in her everyday life.

Nicolás Gucciardo Gallo

Nicolás is a Content Writer and Astrologer at Aquamarine Content.

He is a Tarot reader, Alternative Therapist and Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner.

He comes from a family of witches. Energy as a thing that can be known and felt has been part of his daily life since he was a child. He also learned witchcraft as a teenager and never stopped practicing it. He likes to read and participate in creative writing workshops. He is currently writing a fantasy novel.

He also knows about Runes, Numerology and is currently studying the Enneagram. Nicolás also teaches astrology, tarot and gives workshops.

He’s a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising and Leo Moon.

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