Are You an Empath? Here are 7 Crystals You Can Use to Protect Yourself from Narcissists

a layout of the crystals discussed in this post

If you’re an empath, you can feel other people’s emotions as if they were your own. This makes you a magnet for both Narcissists and Energy Vampires. Narcissists will use your empathy against you. Energy Vampires will love how much you get emotionally invested in everything. 

These tips are useful even if you’re not an empath. Neglecting to take extra precautions around them can be something you end up regretting. They can sneak up on you and take all your vital energy, as well as make you question your value as a human being. 

Of course, the best thing you can do with these people is cut them off entirely. But if that is not an option, the mineral world is there to help you. Here are some excellent crystals to take with you when you know you’ll be crossing paths with one of these individuals. 

Black Tourmaline with a white background

1. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline will absorb all the negative energy that these individuals give out. It will also act as a shield if they attempt to attack or suck up your energy, as the stone will take the hit instead of you. Black Tourmaline is also grounding. It will keep you in touch with how things actually are, instead of the version of reality that the Narcissist is trying to sell. Overall, a must if you interact with this kind of person a lot.

An Amazonite tumble with a white background

2. Amazonite

When someone chooses Amazonite, the person that chose it is struggling against one or more situations that have to do with self-expression. Jane-Ann Dow

Amazonite will empower your Throat Chakra. You’ll have the strength you need to set effective and assertive boundaries. When an Energy Vampire insists that you do something you’re not comfortable doing, you’ll be able to speak up. You’ll be firm and let go of your need to be nice. 

Amazonite is about putting your own self-expression first. You’ll also be able to use your voice when the Narcissist tries to take advantage of someone else in front of you. It’s a great gift for someone who’s dealing with this kind of person, as it will empower them to set boundaries. 

A Smoky Quartz tumble with a white background

3. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is all about purging. It absorbs and annulls all sorts of negativity directed your way. It can also have a calming effect on yourself or anyone who’s physically close to you. 

It will absorb excesses of energy, especially excesses that skew towards the negative side. With Narcissists and Energy Vampires, anger and other negative emotions can run high. This is why it’s important to have something with you to neutralize them. Of course, it’s never your fault that they have these outbursts of emotion. But if there are tools you can use to avoid the unpleasant moment, why not use them?

A Moss Agate bracelet

4. Moss Agate

Interacting with a Narcissist can leave anyone emotionally drained and exhausted. Moss Agate is among the best crystals out there to recuperate. It encapsulates Mother Earth’s gentle and nurturing force. 

After an interaction with an Energy Vampire, place a Black Tourmaline tumble four fingers above your belly button. This is your Solar Plexus chakra, which acts as a bridge in your chakra system. It will send the energy of the stone wherever it’s needed. Place another Black Tourmaline tumble between your eyebrows. This will help you get rid of any mental overexertion that may have come as a result of interacting with a Narcissist. Once the Black Tourmaline has taken all of the negative energy away from your aura, meditate with Moss Agate on your heart space to recuperate. It’ll give you a sweet loving energy and a lot of emotional energy that you can use wherever matters the most to you.

A Prehnite oval cabochon with a white background

5. Prehnite

Prehnite combines the properties of Green Aventurine and Black Tourmaline. This is so because it’s a mix of both. It can quickly remove any negativity and ward you off from anything of the sort directed your way. 

It’s also like a warm hug that encourages emotional healing and supports you along the way. After you’ve been gaslit and emotionally abused by a Narcissist, this crystal will be your best ally. It’ll help you heal from the abuse and remind you how valuable you are. This is great both for using while you interact with parasitic people and to have it close to you once you decide to cut them off and start to recuperate.

A piece of Turquoise with a white background

6. Turquoise

The long-term effects of having a Narcissist in your life may include you second-guessing yourself. This can affect you in several areas of life, including in your career. A Narcissist works hard to make you feel like you’re useless and that success is beyond your reach. Meditating with Turquoise regularly will give you some clarity as to what job will allow you to express your soul’s purpose. It will also help you realize how capable you are of doing it. 

Turquoise also has protective properties, especially as a ward against Evil Eye and envy. This comes in handy once the Narcissist or Energy Vampire gets angry when they realize they have lost control of you.

A Rose Quartz piece with a white background

7. Rose Quartz

Interacting with a Narcissist can have terrible effects on your self-esteem. They’ll make you feel like you’re worthless without them. They’ll make comments about your lack of intelligence and about how unlovable you are. That’s where Rose Quartz comes to the rescue. 

It’s the self-esteem crystal par excellence. It’ll remind you how great you are and how valuable you are to those around you. It’ll help you ignore the Narcissist’s awful comments and give you the confidence you need to walk away. Carrying it with you whenever you are about to interact with a Narcissist will make your interactions smoother and more harmonious. It will also give you the confidence you need to walk out of the interaction unscathed. 

Have you ever tried these crystals? Which one would you recommend to interact with Narcissists and Energy Vampires? Let us know in the comments!

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