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6 Activities for a Blessed Lughnasadh or Lammas Day in 2022

This date is a celebration of the first fruits from the harvest. However, there was also an element of foresight, as some of these fruits were preserved for the winter. We also celebrate the self-sacrifice of the Deity Lugh to save humanity. The Sun is descending and this is noticeable. This is a time to give thanks for the first fruits of your hard labor. However, the idea of death, both literal and metaphorical, is also present. It’s deep gratitude mixed with the sense of an ending.

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Chiron in Each Astrological House: A Guide

All asteroids have meaning in Astrology. The Pallas Athena asteroid will speak to us about wisdom. Vesta is hearth, Juno is commitment, and Ceres is nourishment. Chiron shows us our own misery. We must accept both wounds: the wound of rejection and the physical wound. Chiron will also reveal the wound of our soul, and is often referred to as the “wounded healer” archetype. This asteroid also points to where our painful experiences teach us something. It also tells us how we can use that understanding to help others.


7 Ways to Honor the Energies Available on Litha in 2022

I always look at the astrology around the Sabbats. This time, it was impossible to ignore Pluto. Roe v Wade is one of the things the United States’ Pluto return, which took place on February 22nd this year, brought to the light. The United States as a nation (and the Western world) can choose to acknowledge it as the big problem it is. Only in this way will we finally get rid of that nasty, controlling energy and start to heal. It was hard to think about Litha in terms of celebration. I was soon drawn to it as an opportunity to strengthen our Solar Plexus chakra. This is the energy center that keeps our leaders going. I have also thought of rituals to help us channel our anger towards authority figures.

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The Eighth Chakra and How To Unleash its Energy

The Soul Star Chakra is related to our soul’s mission in this incarnation. In that sense, it has to do with karma, which is both what our soul has done in our past lives and our fate in this incarnation. When our 8th Chakra is balanced, our purpose and our mission become clear. We know why we’ve incarnated in this physical plane, and what we need to learn and do here. At the same time, the Soul Star Chakra enables us to get in touch with our Higher Self. If we tap into the energy of the 8th Chakra, we will start challenging our limiting beliefs and achieve a deeper knowledge of ourselves.