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Chiron in Each Astrological House: A Guide

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Within the study of Astrology we can find information and interpretation about planets. This includes luminaries and personal, social, and transpersonal planets. However, we can also study asteroids such as Pallas-Athena, Vesta, Juno, Ceres, and Chiron. The first four asteroids are named after Greek goddesses that belong to the Greek pantheon of Olympian deities. The last asteroid, Chiron, takes its name from a son that the god Saturn had out of wedlock. In this article, we will discuss Chiron in each of the 12 astrological houses.

Chiron in Astronomy

The discovery of Chiron was made on November 1, 1977 by American astronomer Charles Kowal. After its discovery, it was found that it had already been recorded on photographic plates in 1895. So, we are referring to an object that was crying out for recognition. This asteroid took its name from the centaur Chiron, the bastard son of Saturn. Chiron has a 50-year orbit between the traditional visible planets. The more metaphysical transformative realm is symbolized by the outer planets. From an astrological point of view, Chiron takes approximately 8 years to transit each sign.

The asteroids are important points to analyze in our natal chart, as they are key to getting to know ourselves better. They are a crucial complement to the planets in our birth chart. From an astronomical point of view, in our solar system, there is a belt of asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. Among these, we highlight Pallas-Athena, Vesta, Juno, and Ceres. On the other hand, Chiron’s orbit is between Saturn and Uranus, farther away from the asteroid belt. This asteroid has a very rich symbolism. We can think about Chiron as a synthesis between Saturn and Uranus. The repressive and limiting aspect of Saturn meets the liberating and disruptive message of Uranus. So, Chiron combines boundaries and free will. It’s a mixture of pain and hope that takes us to our own depths.

Chiron in Mythology

Chiron was the son of Saturn and the oceanoid Philyra. The god had intercourse with Philyra by taking the form of a horse, which explains the centaurian nature of Chiron. Saturn, fearful of his wife, Rhea, asked Philyra to hide until she gave birth. The fact that Chiron was born a centaur provoked aversion in Philira. As she wasn’t able to accept the equine characteristics of her own son, Philyra asked the gods to take care of him and to turn her into a linden tree.

Chiron’s life is a struggle for self-acceptance. Chiron was abandoned at birth. He wanted to be accepted. This marks the first wound: rejection. We can find this same contradiction in ourselves. This can be seen in our relationship with our parents, with our children, etc. We all want to belong, but sometimes we feel that we aren’t a good fit for society. The perception of this fact is part of the incurable wound of Chiron. We all harbor it within us in one way or another. Chiron had another wound. He was injured by an ally, Heracles. Chiron trained heroes and was accidentally wounded by Hercules (Heracles) with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra of Lerna. Though he couldn’t heal his own pain, Chiron learned about medicine and started healing people.

Another detail of Chiron’s personality is that he lived in a cave, which implies the idea of marginalization. Even so, princes and heroes came to him for help and advice. This double condition suggests that light and darkness coexist in Chiron. That cave may have been the place where he questioned himself away from the struggles and contradictions of the outside world. For Chiron that cave was crucial, like the laboratory is crucial for the alchemist.

Eventually, Chiron met Prometheus. This Titan is credited with creating the first mortal humans with clay and water. Prometheus had been perpetually punished by the god Zeus for stealing sacred fire from the gods to give to humans. So, he was chained to a rock. During the day, an eagle devoured his liver. At night, his liver grew back. The next morning, the eagle returned. Prometheus could only be released if an immortal renounced his condition and became mortal. Chiron offered to become mortal. He found the possibility of closing his wound and at the same time freeing Prometheus. By accepting death and by sacrificing his immortality, his pain ceased. Chiron found the solution to his existential paradox. He also repaired a disagreement between gods and humanity.

Chiron in Astrology

All asteroids have meaning in Astrology. The Pallas Athena asteroid will speak to us about wisdom. Vesta is hearth, Juno is commitment, and Ceres is nourishment. Chiron shows us our own misery. We must accept both wounds: the wound of rejection and the physical wound. Chiron will also reveal the wound of our soul, and is often referred to as the “wounded healer” archetype. This asteroid also points to where our painful experiences teach us something. It also tells us how we can use that understanding to help others.

Chiron inhibites certain personality traits or functions. Therefore its role will be given by a brake on the emotional and experiential expression of those elements of the chart affected by it. Chiron, like all asteroids, refers to personality traits that are hidden from plain sight. For example, we may perceive Mars-type or Saturn-type traits relatively quickly. But a Chironian personality is only possible to perceive when you know someone in depth. We all have a Chironian personality because we all have a weak point that we try to hide.

Chiron in 1st House

The position of Chiron in this House can either refer to an actual physical issue. It can also show that there’s a feeling of being marked by a physical “defect” even if it does not exist or is irrelevant. Chiron in the First House tell us that we don’t feel sufficient to accomplish something. It indicates to us that we can’t do it alone. So, our individuality is wounded. We may feel a lack of self-confidence. We can also think that initiating new tasks will depend only on the people around us and not on us. 

Key to working Chiron: relate to others and share, but always put yourself first.

Chiron in 2nd House

The Second House symbolizes all those elements that we need for our survival. Our livelihood will be influenced by Chiron’s energy, so much so that we may feel a lack of support or security. We might feel that our needs are not being met. 

In this House, Chiron will also be affected by financial processes, especifically related to generating income. We may perceive that our power to generate resources is scarce. This can indirectly affect our economy. All in all, here Chiron tells us about our own value. We feel that we are not adequate enough to achieve our goals. We might think that everything takes us more time and effort than it really does.

Key to working Chiron: Working on your personal value is very important. Create something by yourself. Understand that detachment is also part of learning.

Chiron in 3rd House

In the Third House, Chiron’s experience will be related to the way we communicate. We may feel that we don’t have the right words to establish dialogue. We can feel awkward when speaking. This can lead us to not socializing with our environment in the best way. People with this position have a very strong desire to be heard. This energy is also involved in the way we learn, since the Third House is the house of study. It will take us a greater effort to incorporate knowledge. We may be shy and feel that our knowledge is limited. 

Key to working Chiron: Be aware that we can learn whatever we want and become masters.

Chiron in 4th House

The Fourth House is about what gives us security and emotional protection. It is also about everything that causes us helplessness and instability. This House is related to the place we inhabit. Although house and home can sometimes be equivalent, a house is not necessarily a home. With Chiron in the Fourth House, a house and a home may even have opposite meanings for that person. This position represents our mother and family, and Chiron points to a wounded bond. This is not always conscious. Sometimes the wound can come from something deeper. Chiron in the Fourth House points to a symbiosis between the family’s wounds and one’s own. Chiron points out that the wound can be found in the past. 

Key to working Chiron: Achieve self-recognition in the present. Look towards the future by projecting yourself into it.

Chiron in 5th House

In the Fifth House we find the expression of creativity. This House represents the attitude through which our talent is nurtured and expressed. Those with Chiron in the Fifth House have seen their innate abilities pushed to the background. They might also have been under strong pressure to express those creative abilities. There may also be a situation where the person receives recognition as a result of activities that are unsatisfactory to them. There are also cases where the person leaves his or her passion for love.

Key to working Chiron: Share your creative and artistic side. Don’t work alone, work  in community.

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Chiron in 6th House

Chiron’s position in the Sixth House reveals a very large part of Chiron’s essence: the relationship between body and mind. Whatever the nature of the existential wound, it will manifest through physical symptoms. In the Sixth House, the Chironian cave is symbolized by the body and the material conditions of life where the difficulty may lie. One of the most interesting meanings to take into account in relation to the Sixth House is the one that refers to work and profession. The wound can be related to the work we do and our daily routine, where we can use our energy in the service to other people. We give it all of us but we’re not taken into consideration. 

Key to working Chiron: Your work is important, and helping others is important, but take care of your health. Do not sacrifice your body.

Chiron in 7th House

Through the Seventh House we can perceive our relationships with others. This includes how we choose the people we want to be with us in life. It is also related to our underlying predisposition in terms of how we care for the things that we love. Churon in the Sixth Hoyse signals that we feel that we have to do everything with other people. We forget about what we really want. Our energy will be focused on the other and from that Chironic place we may find ourselves feeling that our love is not reciprocal.

Key to working Chiron: Relate to other people from a place of completeness, not from a place of need.

Chiron in 8th House

The position of Chiron in this House refers to frustrating experiences. This is especially true in the field of deep emotions, sexuality, satisfaction, and desire for intimacy. Chiron in the Eighth House is often associated with a person that transfers their own wound to others. You might reject others just like you were rejected in the past. The experience of unconsummated pleasure becomes pain, as it harkens back to old scenes of rejection and abandonment.

Key to working Chiron: You should look inside themselves for the causes of your pain. Seek therapeutic processes and achieve self-knowledge to find your own darkness.

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Chiron in 9th House

The Ninth House refers to the emotional background that underlies all belief and faith. The great challenge of Chiron in the Ninth House is to become detached from any creed, religion or system of knowledge. The wound is placed here. Chiron in this House also speaks to us about teaching and how we transmit our message. So, we might feel that we give an incorrect or wrong message when teaching or educating. People with this placement are repressed sages. At the same time, the person will not manifest the wound at first sight. Instead, they will deny it and this will create a bigger wound.

Key to working Chiron: Knowledge is the basis of any teacher. Study topics of your interest when learning. Open your heart to new experiences.

Chiron in 10th House

The Tenth House is the house of success. Here, every good decision leads you forward, while every indecision leads you backward. In this House, nothing is stationary or stuck. Chiron will act on the person’s obligations, both personally and professionally. The person may feel incompetent in his work and frustration may be present. The energy at work will decline, and the feeling of professional dissatisfaction will also be part of the wound. The person will not allow themselves to be in contact with pleasure. Also, not meeting your personal goals can lead you to not finding a place in the world. 

Key to working Chiron: Your effort, dedication and constancy are key in the process of assimilating the wound. Go towards your goals. Don’t postpone them.

Chiron in 11th House

The Eleventh House speaks of how we react to others. Groups and friendships are the pillar of this house, and Chiron’s wound will be present in the social aspect. The person might feel like an outcast. Feeling that they don’t belong will keep the person from establishing contact with the outside world. Freedom will turn into confinement. The projection of visualizing oneself in some future situation will not be present. This will make the person regret his current situation where they can’t see anything in the future path. 

Key to working Chiron: Relating to each other from our own differences is key. We are ugly ducklings that will be swans, let’s embrace that energy of being unique.

Chiron in 12th House

The Twelfth House is the house of the unconscious and the intangible. The wound will be felt in the separation between the mind, the body and the totality of creation. This House also represents our own life before birth. So, the wound will be really deep. We can feel that there is no purpose in the present life. The feeling of confinement will be much stronger and the repression of our own emotions will be habitual. Emotionality and spirituality will be restricted as we will not find meaning in life that easily.

Key to working Chiron: Spirituality and contact with alternative knowledge will be important for understanding ourselves. The key is in the invisible.

All in all, Chiron is a very important asteroid in Astrology. It signals our deepest wounds and it can tell us how we connect to the world. Knowing in which House we have Chiron in our birth chart can help us understand more about ourselves.

In which house do you have Chiron? Tell us in the comments!

Nicolás Gucciardo Gallo
Nicolás Gucciardo Gallo

Nicolás is a Content Writer and Astrologer at Aquamarine Content.
He is a Tarot reader, Alternative Therapist and Bach Flower Therapy Practitioner.
He comes from a family of witches. Energy as a thing that can be known and felt has been part of his daily life since he was a child. He also learned witchcraft as a teenager and never stopped practicing it. He likes to read and participate in creative writing workshops. He is currently writing a fantasy novel.
He also knows about Runes, Numerology and is currently studying the Enneagram. Nicolás also teaches astrology, tarot and gives workshops.
He’s a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising and Leo Moon.

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