Lady Lilith with horns and a black dress holds a screech owl in her right hand and a snake on the left

Discover the Deity: Lady Lilith, Goddess of the Night

Lady Lilith holding a screech owl in her right hand and a snake on her left
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Today, we wanted to talk about one of the most powerful yet misunderstood deities in the Jewish tradition. Her name is Lady Lilith, and she is considered to be the first woman God ever created.

However, she was cast out from Heaven due to her unsubmissive nature. Nowadays, Lilith is a controversial figure. On the one hand, some consider Lilith a primordial demon and an evil force that inspires fear. In fact, it was common for people in Israel to wear amulets to protect themselves against Lilith. On the other hand, she is revered and adored by her followers, who consider her the first feminist to have ever existed.

The truth is that Lilith’s nature is complex and dual, and she has often been misunderstood and vilified.

Lady Lilith is strongly associated with power, femininity, sexuality, independence, and the Night. In fact, she is the archetype of Dark Femininity. She has many names besides Lilith. Some of them are Satrina, Ita, Kali, Batna, Talto, Abito, Amizo, Izorpo, Kokos, Odam, Podo, Eilo, Patrota, Abeko, Kea, and Partasha.

In this article, we will discuss Queen Lilith’s mythological origins, her powers, and how to work with her. Keep on reading to find out more about Lilith: a queen, a goddess, and a feminist icon.

Lady Lilith Across History

In Jewish mythology, we can mention some powerful deities, such as God –the creator– and the Archangels. What they have in common is that they all represent Masculine Energy. However, we know that Queen Lilith is as powerful as her masculine counterparts. Sadly, her story’s been erased from almost all records.

Lady Lilith was present in the ancient Sumerian culture. Her name derives from the ancient Sumerian word “lil?tu”, a term for female demons. She was a bird-serpent Goddess related to childbirth and early childhood, and she helped nurse children.

Some sources claim she was the goddess of fertility and agriculture. The figure of Lilith was known in Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. People associated her with sexuality, magic, and chaos. The mythical figure of Lilith also gave way to the first stories about vampirism.

The name “Lilith” dates back thousands of years. In fact, the earliest mention of her name appears in a Sumerian epic poem that dates from 2000 BC. The name of this poem is “Gilgamesh and the Huluppu Tree”.

Here, Lilith is represented as a demon. In Babylon, Lady Lilith was also linked to evil spirits and demonic entities. Babylonians also associated Lilith with the Moon. They believed that the goddess, like the Moon, varied between phases.

In the Jewish tradition, Lilith’s name is not included in the Torah. She appears briefly in the Talmud, where she is described as a danger to men who sleep alone. In the Alphabet of Ben Sira, a collection of Hebrew stories written in the Middle Ages, Queen Lilith appears as a demon. She is also Adam’s first wife.

In medieval Kabbalah –the esoteric and mystical teachings of Judaism–, Lilith embodies cosmic evil. She’s represented as an evil killer of newborns. Her demonic sexuality is also foregrounded.

It’s very interesting to notice that, despite not being a central figure in the Jewish canon, she’s well-known. Lady Lilith’s nature makes her interesting and irresistible, and her myth is widespread.

The Bible, Christianity’s most important book, only mentions Lilith once. It says that she’s a dweller in waste places. In some translations, the name lilith or lilit appears. It translates as “night monster” or “screech owl”.

For centuries, Lilith was feared. She could seduce men and break up marriages in minutes. She was also considered dangerous if you were pregnant or giving birth. Newborn babies and children were also threatened by Lilith.

In some myths, Lilith is credited with being the first vampire, as it was believed she drank babies’ blood. Other stories say Lilith is the mother of the first vampires.

In the 19th Century, artists became fascinated by Queen Lilith and they started depicting her as a sensual goddess. She was beautiful and seductive.

Finally, in the 1970s, Lady Lilith was reclaimed by Jewish feminists. This is because she is independent, strong, intelligent, and fierce. These characteristics started being celebrated by feminist movements. Queen Lilith has become a prime example of a rebellious woman. She’s a powerful and unstoppable force. She is also a symbol of sexual liberation, equality, and fairness.

Lady Lilith tempting Eve with an apple
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Lady Lilith’s Origins

As we have stated, the Alphabet of Ben Sira describes how Lady Lilith came to being and how she ended up being associated with the demonic.

First, God created Adam, the first man, from the soil. Immediately after that, God used soil to create Lilith, the first woman. Adam and Lilith were equal, as they had been created from the same element. When Adam and Lilith had sexual intercourse, Adam insisted he wanted to be on top. Lilith then started saying that she didn’t want to be in a submissive position. Her argument was that Adam and she were equals, as they had been created in the same way.

There are many versions of what happened after that. The first version says that Lilith used God’s name and Adam, horrified, expelled her from the Garden of Eden. In a second version, Lilith convinced God to tell her his name.

After she learned His sacred name, Lilith developed an ability for magic. She also grew wings and she flew into the desert. What is clear is that Lilith didn’t want to submit to Adam and was cast out of, or left of her own accord, the Garden of Eden.

Adam sent three angels –Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof– to look for her and bring her back to the Garden. But she refused.

She didn’t want to return because she had already laid with “the Great Demon”, who is believed to be the Archangel Samael. He closely resembles the figure of Satan in Christianity, although Samael is generally considered a servant of God.

With Samael, Lilith had thousands of children, who were born demonic. They were Incubi –demons who have sex with women– or Succubi –demons who have sex with men.

The three angels told Lilith they would kill 100 of her children every day until she returned to the Garden of Eden. In one version, Lilith’s children were actually chased and killed by the angels.

Lilith then told Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof that her revenge would be killing newborn babies. She has power over boys until the eighth day after they are born. This is the day in which Jewish babies are circumcised. When it comes to babies with female anatomy, Lilith has power over them until the 12th day after their birth.

Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof made a deal with Lilith. They wouldn’t force her to come back to Adam under one condition. The condition was that Lilith promised that she would not touch any child that had an amulet inscribed with the angels’ names.

After a while, Lilith returned to the Garden of Eden but found that Adam had another partner, Eve. Out of revenge, Lilith approached Adam when he was asleep. Some sources claim that Lilith seduced Adam. Other sources say that she raped him. A third source says that she made him have a nocturnal emission and stole Adam’s semen. Lilith then became pregnant and gave birth to more demons.

There’s a very interesting interpretation of the myth of Eve and the apple that involves Lilith. In The Bible, a serpent seduces Eve. Then, she eats the fruit from the Forbidden Tree. Many consider that the snake is the Devil. However, some sources claim that it was actually Lilith who convinced Eve to take a bite of the fruit of knowledge. Lilith did so because she wanted to get revenge on Adam.

Lady Lilith appears in three versions of herself, one is naked, the other is wearing a white dress, and the latter has horns and wears a black dress
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Working with Lady Lilith

Queen or Lady Lilith is a powerful goddess that can help you succeed in many aspects of your life. She can provide you with a sense of empowerment, knowledge, and freedom.

Lady Lilith can help you regain your self-confidence and rediscover your true self-worth. This goddess can also help you successfully wield your authority. Above all, she encourages you to be authentic.

Working with Lilith is ideal for tapping into your Dark Feminine or Lunar Energy. When you work with Lilith, your confidence receives a boost and you become more assertive and independent. Because she is a Moon goddess, she can also help with menstruation, fertility, blood, and natural cycles.

If you’re a witch and you decide to start working with Lady Lilith, bear in mind the following advice. First of all, do research on her. Try to leave all prejudices aside and do away with anything that vilifies her. There are many books that will provide insight on how to approach Queen Lilith. Read about her, her story, and her personality. Remember that she is associated with knowledge and wisdom. Keep your mind open.

Secondly, you can set up an altar for Lady Lilith. Make sure that she has her own altar.

A naked person looks at the glyph associated with Lady Lilith, surrounded by four candles
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Offerings & Symbols for Lady Lilith

Some offerings you can include in your altar for Lilith are red wine, black and red candles, mirrors, and artwork depicting the Queen of the Night.

You can also include Queen Lilith’s symbols: owls, snakes, and the night. Everything nocturnal, including the New Moon (Dark Moon) is associated with this Goddess. She is also associated with fear itself.

There are other symbols you can use to honor Lady Lilith in your practice, such as Lady Lilith’s glyph, her seal, and her sigil. Make sure to include them on your altar.

Some crystals that you can add to her altar include Bloodstone, Obsidian, and Moonstone. She is also fond of Tiger’s Eye and Amber.

For scents, choose Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Musk. Beware of any animals in the household if you do decide to place flowers on her altar, as they can be toxic or even lethal to some. A picture of the flowers will do to steer clear of any risks to the health of your animals.

Give Lady Lilith an offering in the form of food. Meat is ideal, but if you’re vegetarian or vegan you can look for another option such as olives or olive oil, as long as it is the best you can provide for her.

Finally, always have clear intentions when working with Queen Lilith. Be honest with yourself and with her. Keep in mind all the aspects in which she can help you.

Before you can receive Lady Lilith’s help, you need to form a solid relationship with her. Get her to know you and trust you. Sometimes she manifests herself through dreams. Gently invite Queen Lilith into your life by thinking about her.

You can talk to her image on your altar. You can also meditate, burn some incense, and light some candles for her. Remember to write down every experience you have with Queen Lilith. It could be something that you perceived or something that came to you in a dream. Finally, remember that Lady Lilith, like every other deity and spirit, needs to be treated with respect.

Once you are ready, you can use invocations and chants to summon the Queen of the Night. It is ideal to reach out to Lady Lilith during the night of the New Moon. You can listen to sensual music, dance, drink red wine, and repeat an invocation. Baal Kadmon provides us with a short chant that can be used to call out for Lady Lilith which you can check out on his book The Magick Of Lilith: Calling Upon the Goddess of the Left-Hand Path.

Once Lilith has decided to work with you, there’s a wide range of rituals you can do. You can get Queen Lilith’s protection or get her help with embracing your inner courage and increasing your knowledge.

You can also resort to Lady Lilith for baneful magic, such as cursing an enemy. Another great resource on this Goddess is Lilith: Her Masks, Rites, and Manifestations, by Daemon Barzai.

You can also use sex magic, which the Queen of the Night is very fond of. An example would be to call for Lady Lilith during masturbation. At the beginning, refrain from invoking Lady Lilith and doing sex magic with her when either you or your consenting partner is menstruating. This is so because this will also turn the act into blood magic, which we will expand upon in a bit.

If you’re a beginner, please read and do research on sex magic before performing any spell, but especially sex magic. It can be very powerful and hard to undo.

Blood magic can also help summon Lilith. However, don’t do any blood magic to summon Lady Lilith unless you’re an advanced practitioner and you know all the implications and consequences of it. It is one of the hardest types of magic to undo, so if your spell goes wrong, you will be in trouble. You have been warned.

Lady Lilith with her snake looks up at the Moon
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In conclusion, Queen Lilith is one of the most complex deities that exist, but one of the most powerful as well. Her myth has transcended space and time, and her name is well-known around the world. There are many depictions of Lady Lilith that do not do her justice, as she has been demonized for centuries.

Had you heard of Lady Lilith before? Do you work with her? Tell us in the comments!

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