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Healing Benefits of Aquamarine, The Compass of the Mineral World

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Trigger Warning: Mention of sexual abuse, though not described in detail. You may skip over to “Aquamarine: A Brief Etymological, Anthropologic &  Archeological Overview” if you still want to peruse this article.

Some crystal healers are able to “diagnose” the wounds of your soul. Yes, exactly like a doctor would diagnose a fracture after looking at an X-Ray. The last module in my Gemology certificate was all about this. Before Cecilia, my teacher, taught us all about the process, we had to experience it ourselves.

At one point, we would intuitively select crystals and place them on a tray. Then, Cecilia would make a reading. This reading was based both on the properties of the crystals we’d chosen and the way we had displayed them on the tray.

The order in which we had chosen the crystals was also important. The first and last crystal we chose were considered “pivot” stones. This method was derived from JaneAnn Dow‘s theory on crystal healing.

The first crystal of my choice? Aquamarine, and a rather large piece of it. It also occupied a central place on the tray.

Cecilia quickly realized, because of my choice of Dioptase, that I had suffered from a soul fracture. Because of the presence of a supporting crystal, she figured out the fracture was located in my Sacral Chakra. This fracture also affected my career somehow.

What at first confused her was the presence of Aquamarine, the very first stone I had chosen, right in the middle of the display.

“This display clearly tells the story of your soul fracture,” she said. “What I couldn’t piece together at first is the presence of the Aquamarine tumble there. But I think it’s you. In the midst of so much pain, you’re your own compass – Trying to find a way back to joy and art.”

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The soul fracture that she was talking about happened when I was about 21. My boyfriend then had sexually abused me.

I tell this story because, while it’s not 100% healed, it is now part of my remote past. This is so at least in terms of my spirituality and my emotions. It doesn’t hurt me anymore. It’s there and it shaped me – at some point, it defined me – but it doesn’t bear much of a say in my life any longer.

The soul fracture was located in my Sacral Chakra, which forms a direct bridge with the Throat Chakra.

I have always known that one of my callings in life is to be a writer. Nothing fulfills me spiritually quite like writing does. When I met this man, I was just starting to find my voice and see success for my written work. He admired my work (that’s how we met, in fact). But I guess he also envied it. He wanted to trap the melody of the heron that was my distinctive voice and keep it there, only for him to hear.

After the abuse, I still kept writing, but I was never quite the same as a writer – I couldn’t connect to my own voice in the same way I was able to in the past. My ex’s God is logic. He worships logic above all else. Sometimes to the point of becoming close-minded. Among the many things that he sees as the opposite of rationality is Tarot and other spiritual practices. When I met him, I was only interested in Astrology, but that interest soon floundered and froze.

I wanted the young men I was attracted to not to think of me as a silly girl who entertained such pastimes. So, of course, I repressed this interest. I tried to fit the mold of the rational, smart woman I so desperately thought I needed to be in order to succeed in life.

I was victorious in the end. Even though he caused me a lot of pain, I had the last laugh. The road was not easy. It took me at least three years of therapy to recover. To this day, he still feels the moral superiority to judge me. But I was able to rise up. My life started the day I decided to leave that man. The heron was able to get out of the cage and sing again. And not just singing by rote repetition, but with actual soul.

Not only that, but I am not very openly (and proudly) a “heretic” in the eyes of my ex. At the time, Aquamarine was the missing piece I needed to piece this puzzle together. It reminded me of the location of the spiritual compass I thought I had misplaced – my own self.

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Aquamarine: A Brief Etymological, Anthropologic & Archeological Overview

The name “Aquamarine” comes from Latin. It means “seawater.” The stone was linked to water and the sea by various cultures throughout history. The Ancient Romans believed any mineral from the beryl family gave the wearer protection. This protection was especially effective against foes in battle or litigation.

Aquamarine specifically was believed to make the wearer unconquerable. It also made them amiable, and armed with a quick intellect.

This culture also believed that it was a good idea to carry it as a sort of protective talisman, especially to ensure safe travels by boat. It was believed to be lucky when catching fish. Roman physicians used it to treat overeating and bloating.

This gemstone was also used by the Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians, the Israelites, and the Ancient Greeks. Mummies with Aquamarine beads have been in Egypt. When it comes to the Israelites, the High Priest of the Second Temple wore Aquamarine stones. These stones were engraved with symbols representing the six tribes of Israel.

Going as far back as two thousand years ago, people in Greece engraved Aquamarine with designs, thus turning them into intaglios. Intaglios are considered among the most sublime artistic expressions to survive from antiquity. They are small images engraved into gemstones in a rather intricate manner.

Aquamarine was also historically linked to the Apostle Saint Thomas because he had the habit of traveling by boat.

Alongside Bloodstone, it is the birthstone of March. I will cover that in detail in a later post.

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Main characteristics of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family – the same family as Emerald, Morganite, and Heliodore.

It distinguishes itself from the rest because of its color. Its hue is generally somewhere in the greenish blue spectrum. It goes from pastel greenish blue to deep blue. It is often heat-treated to get rid of the greenish undertones and bring out the blue.

Some specimens are eye clean, some are opaque, and there is room for everything in between. It is generally large in size.

It has the property of being pleochroic. This means that it shows different colors in different crystal directions. You should see slight changes in hue if you move it around in different angles in respect to a source of light such as the Sun or a lamp.

Its crystal lattice structure is hexagonal. Crystals with this lattice structure, according to gemologist Judy Hall, organize and balance out energy. They provide support for other crystals when used in a grid. Hexagonal crystal lattices are also useful for exploring specific issues.

Aquamarine generally crystallizes in association with Black Tourmaline or Muscovite Mica.

The most notable source of Aquamarine is Brazil. This country produces gem-quality premium Aquamarine. However, some of the most well-known mines have now been exhausted. Aquamarine from Brazil, especially premium quality, is nowadays scarce.

Other notable sources for gem-quality Aquamarine include Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan, and Tanzania.

Aquamarine of a quality less appropriate for use in fine jewelry can be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Afghanistan, Angola, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Zimbabwe, China, Vietnam, and Mongolia. In the United States, it’s found in Maine, California, Colorado, and Idaho.

On the Mohs scale, Aquamarine scores a 7.5 to 8 in hardness. This makes it slightly harder than Quartz, which scores a 7. It is equal in hardness to crystals in the Topaz family. It comes second to crystals in the Corundum family (Ruby and Sapphire), which score a 9, and Diamonds, which score a 10.

A real piece of Aquamarine should slightly change colors when you move it close to a source of light. Your iPhone’s lamp function should come in handy to test it. If it looks uniform in color, you have reason enough to believe the piece is a fake. It should also feel cool to the touch. If it retains your body heat long after you’ve let go of it, it’s most likely made of glass.

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How to Look After Your Aquamarine Piece

Because it’s not soluble, it’s safe to cleanse your Aquamarine piece with running water. This is the case if it’s not part of a jewel, as water can, over time, erode the metals in your jewelry pieces. It is also okay to cleanse it using fresh water from the sea, as long as it’s not exposed to it for a long period of time.

Other great ways to cleanse Aquamarine include:

  • Sound cleansing
  • Visualization
  • Reiki healing
  • Burying it either in the dirt of your garden or in a bowl of raw rice
  • Placing it on top of a print of the Antahkarana
  • Exposing it to the smoke of cleansing herbs or incense

It is not recommended to soak the stone for extended periods of time. This can lead to it becoming more yellow in color, and this damage is irreversible. It can also make it less durable. Soaking it in water can lead to tiny fissures and cracks. These can, over time, make it more fragile and prone to breaking. It can also diminish its shine.

Even though salt alone won’t damage it, we don’t recommend this method of cleansing. Avoid mixing salt and water altogether.

To charge it, all methods are valid except exposing it to sunlight. This is so because both the light and the heat can lead to the loss of color.

Aquamarine responds exceptionally well to moonlight. Feel free to leave out your piece whenever there’s a Full Moon – provided, of course, you retrieve it before dawn. Aquamarine is connected to the Sea, and the Moon has been proven to influence its tides.

When you’re not using it, it’s important to store it away in a cool place. Some appropriate options for storage include a jewelry box or wrapping it in silk or cotton and keeping it in an air-conditioned room.

Aquamarine isn’t my first choice to place on the nightstand to aid sleep. But you can sleep with it for one night. It probably won’t disturb your rest. The best place to keep it is stored away in your nightstand or in a chest on your altar.

It makes for a great offering for both Water Deities such as Brigid, Neptune or Iemanjá and Lunar Deities such as Hekate, Selene, Artemis, Diana, or the Triple Goddess.

Aquamarine’s Chakra Correspondence: The Higher Heart Chakra

There is some controversy surrounding the correspondence of Aquamarine with the Chakras. Cecilia taught us it was best used on the Crown Chakra. This goes against the popular belief that it acts on the Throat Chakra and/or the Heart Chakra.

After extensive reading, I have come to my own conclusion as a gemologist. The best correspondence of Aquamarine in both the 7 and 12 chakra system is the Higher Heart Chakra. Sometimes considered a subdivision or higher octave of the main Heart Chakra, this is considered a minor chakra that supports the main ones. Other theorists consider it complex enough to be a distinct chakra. It’s located just above Anahata, in the thymus gland. This is why the Higher Heart also sometimes receives the name “thymic chakra.”

The Heart Chakra’s name in Sanskrit is Anahata, which means “unstruck.” The Sanskrit name for the fourth chakra is a beautiful proverb. It suggests that there is a part of our Heart Chakra that cannot be reached by the many wounds that come with being alive.

However, I believe this name would be better applied specifically to the Higher Heart. This is so because this chakra is tied to a more Divine expression of love. Divine Love is almost free from any egoic influence.

The Higher Heart also pushes us to commit to the service of our community in a way that’s full of… well, heart. Some chakra theorists call it the “witness point.” It receives this name because it can be a safe haven from which we can form an unbiased opinion of what we observe.

Katrina Raphaell believes calling it a “state of being” is more exact than calling it a chakra. I agree. The energy is always available for us to tap into. In that sense, the Higher Heart is a chakra or energy center. However, this energy is best embodied in specific points in time in our lived experience.

The colors often associated with this chakra are aquamarine and lilac pink. This makes sense. A crystal pairing of Aquamarine with Lavender Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline is a quite articulate and comprehensive energetic embodiment of the Higher Heart.

The color aquamarine is associated with this chakra because of its close proximity to both the Throat Chakra and the Heart Chakra. The Throat Chakra is associated with blue. The Heart Chakra is, in turn, associated with green. Thus, as a bridge, it is an amalgamation of both.

The people who assign it the color lilac pink do so because of the pink color associated with the more emotional and giving aspect of the Heart Chakra. Blended with purple, the color associated with the Crown Chakra, it becomes lilac pink. I believe the nature of the Higher Heart as a “witness point” is best embodied by this hue.

I have now made my stance regarding the correspondence of Aquamarine and the chakras known. However, I still believe it’s not rigorous enough. I believe that for an individual piece of Aquamarine to get fully attuned to how your Higher Heart works, it first has to go through a journey. This journey starts on your Solar Plexus chakra and ends in your 8th chakra.

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The General Benefits of Working with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is versatile enough to be used for various sorts of healing. Your aura can be understood as containing a division of sorts between different bodies. These include your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and your spiritual field. Of course, you should still see the appropriate professionals. This gemstone can order the energies present in all your auric fields. It can return intrusive energies back if they do not belong.

In manifestation, Aquamarine, especially if carved in the shape of a tower, is especially useful in situations where it all seems stagnant or stuck.

The overall energetic effect when we look at the whole chakra system once it integrates Aquamarine is one of reconnecting to your own inner compass.

Once your piece has gotten to know you, it can translate instructions from your Higher Self. It can then proceed to carry them all the way towards you Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the energy center of the inner warrior and your center of personal power. After working with this stone for a prolonged period of time, you will know what to do to align yourself with your soul’s mission. You’ll also be able to adapt and improvise as needed.

The claim that Aquamarine is a stone of courage is true. But it’s not a universal stone of courage – that is, a stone that makes you bolder and braver in any situation (that would be Chrysoprase).

Aquamarine helps you work on one specific type of courage. This is the courage that is required to be authentic, even when others may reproach or dislike the real you. Aquamarine helps you build your sense of integrity. It helps you understand that you must take ownership of who you actually are. Over time, it helps you be coherent with your innermost identity.

It is recommended for anyone. It is especially effective for people who may overly rationalize things. It is also a great option for people who are skeptical or closed off to spirituality. This is so because it not only reconnects you to the Source. It also translates the spiritual experience in ways your mind can understand.

It is also especially recommended for people who know that they have repressed a lot of memories and emotions. This is especially the case with childhood memories. Once they feel ready to start unpacking and healing them, Aquamarine will find a way into their lives. Aquamarine shouldn’t be pushed to people who aren’t ready to face them.

The use of this crystal should always be paired with professional help. Before actively working with this stone, resume or start talk therapy and make sure your therapist is available for you to text them at around the time when you plan to interact with Aquamarine.

Birth Chart Placements that Indicate Working with Aquamarine would be Beneficial for You

  • An Aquarius or Capricorn Moon
  • A heavy presence of the Earth and/or Air elements
  • Lack of important Water placements
  • Too many placements in Pisces may mean you may need Aquamarine to help you cope with the intensity of life
  • Mercury in Virgo or Gemini
  • North Node in Pisces, Aries, or Leo
  • North Node in the 1st or 5th House, which place a heavy importance on authenticity
  • If you have a hard time connecting to it, a Water Rising Sign

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

Aquamarine’s Journey Through the Chakras

The journey of Aquamarine doesn’t start with the Root Chakra (or the Earth Star Chakra). However, the journey of this crystal is best supported with crystals for the lower chakras.

Also, please bear in mind that, while I don’t consider Aquamarine to start its journey at any energetic point lower than the Solar Plexus, that doesn’t mean it’s not adequate for a specific issue related to the Root or Sacral Chakra. Follow your gut.

The journey of this stone starts at the Solar Plexus Chakra. It then goes through the Heart Chakra, the Higher Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra, and finally the Eighth Chakra.

I recommend that, after cleansing and charging your stone, you meditate for 9 days with the stone on each of these chakras in order. You can have a 3 day break in between each of them.

The way in which you can best interact with this stone is through meditation. I generally recommend you meditate either sitting or lying on the floor. Of course, when you need to place the stone on your Solar Plexus or Heart Chakra, this can be challenging. You can lay down in your garden if that is an option. It is both acceptable to lie down directly on the dirt or to lay down a blanket.

Otherwise, your bed is fine. Do remember to do some breathwork with your feet on the floor once you’re done or right before if you have to meditate in bed. Five minutes of this will suffice.

Before meditating, prep the area around the chakra. Place a clean piece Black Tourmaline on the chakra. We do this to ensure Aquamarine doesn’t have to spend any time unblocking or harmonizing the chakra. Its energy can then be directly absorbed by the energy center that is meant to get attuned to the energy of the stone.

There are no rules when it comes to meditating. You can do breathwork, do a guided meditation, or practice visualization. Whatever works is fine. The key is to become receptive to the energies of the stone. You should also be in a quiet physical space and frame of mind so as to be able to observe the effects of the stone on you.

Aquamarine responds very well to both the Moon and Water. Making Aquamarine-infused Moon Water, drinking it, and then meditating while standing or sitting can be a great idea. This also works for active forms of meditation like walking or dancing.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

The Solar Plexus

Aquamarine has to start its journey here to help you release trapped emotions. According to Pearson, it is here where you have to start letting go of everything the heart has repressed.

The Heart Chakra stores your fear, jealousy, and anger below, on the Solar Plexus. This can be the most intense part of the journey for some. The key is not to resist your emotions but don’t over-indulge in them, either. Just observe them and hold space for them.

You can expect tears, anger, and repressed memories to come to the surface. Because this can be an intense experience, we recommend you to start therapy before you practice this sort of meditation.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

The Heart Chakra

One of the specific ways in which Aquamarine makes you braver is by leading you to be better predisposed to be vulnerable with others. The Heart Chakra can get exhausted by the painful memories you carry with you. In this sense, Aquamarine turns them liquid so you can finally release them. If you have a heavy heart, meditating with Aquamarine can lead you to find some relief.

The Higher Heart

In the words of Pearson, Aquamarine “engenders a state of passive non resistance” – going with the flow, then, acquires the meaning of ego death and surrender. These are two phases of the process of ascension that a lot of people struggle with.

Aquamarine, just like this chakra, also acts as a bridge between Heart and Throat. It feeds the loving strength of the Heart to facilitate the authenticity of the Throat. It also translates the language of boundaries and the intellect to the more emotional heart.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

The Throat Chakra

According to Pearson, “the heart has a natural predilection to listen, which centers the ego’s need to speak.” Aquamarine encourages you to listen – both to yourself and others. Remember that the Throat Chakra also rules the ears!

Aquamarine fosters courage in the sense that it reconnects you to who you actually are. It then instills the importance of being authentic.

As it encourages you to listen to yourself, you can set your Aquamarine piece with the intention to show you the necessary boundaries you need to bring into reality. You create and maintain these boundaries through the gentle but firm use of your words.

The Third Eye

This stone can help you reconnect with your intellect if it has been clouded by unaddressed emotions. Aquamarine is great for analytical or overly intellectual profiles. This is so because it is able to show them spiritual realms in terms they can clearly understand.

The Crown Chakra

Here, Aquamarine is also a bridge. It is a bridge between your inner compass, represented by your Higher Self present in the Soul Star Chakra, and the language of the mind and logic. In the Crown Chakra, these two key players meet. The Crown Chakra alongside Aquamarine act as translators in this case.

This makes Aquamarine far more effective than crystals that work on the Crown Chakra without articulating it to the Third Eye and Throat, such as Diamonds or Selenite. Overly logical people may dismiss the effects of such crystals. This is so because they do not go the extra mile to show them their spiritual words in terms they understand.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

The Eighth or Soul Star Chakra

Aquamarine is high-vibrational enough for it to reach some of the chakras that are located outside our physical body. However, for the 9th, 10th, and 11th chakras, I would personally recommend a crystal that ranks higher on the Mohs scale, such as Pink Sapphire.

Aquamarine will slowly but surely establish a dialogue between you and your Higher Self. It will teach you how to distinguish its voice from that of your ego or your more rational self – the one that is rooted in your consciousness.

One way in which you can interact with Aquamarine and make sure its vibrations reach this chakra is to do a guided meditation centered around it (check out our post on this chakra, there’s a meditation there). You can hold your Aquamarine tumble or raw piece while you do it.



Best Pairings for Aquamarine

Although Aquamarine is a versatile stone, it does not act on the lower chakras. These will need extra support once we go past the Crown Chakra. Otherwise, the ascension process facilitated by the stone will be built on shaky foundations.

Aquamarine does various things at once. In that sense, its energy may lack focus. This also means the Heart, one of the most sensitive energy points in the energetic body, will need some extra nurturing and support.

The effect of bringing to the conscious mind trapped emotions may also need a more joyous complement. Here is where crystals with complementary energy can join in and bring some cheerful energy into the table.

? Druzy Bliss, 2022, reposted with permission from the owner. All rights reserved.

Lavender Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz you know is excellent for one chakra: the Heart Chakra. Lavender Rose Quartz takes it one step further. Because of its titanium and manganese inclusions, Lavender Rose Quartz is also a grounding crystal. It can help you work on your Root Chakra.

Because of its color, it also responds well to the Third Eye Chakra. This means that it can help you attune your intuition to your self-love journey. You will be able to have a gut feeling whenever you speak unkindly to yourself. You will start to identify the lies you tell yourself more quickly.

Lavender Rose Quartz connects various chakras alongside your 7 chakra system. When paired with Aquamarine, it offers support. This support comes both in the form of grounding and helping you through the emotions that may surface.

A Lavender Rose Quartz sphere can help you work on your Lunar Polarity just by interacting with it. Spheres have correlations with the Moon and intuition. This is an excellent energetic pattern to combine with Lavender Rose Quartz.

Plus, you can use it for scrying to truly understand what blockages there are on your path with self-love. Aquamarine can aid during these scrying sessions by providing clarity and a mind that’s receptive to the information and ready to assimilate it in an orderly manner.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline can complement Aquamarine’s action in the Heart Chakra and Higher Heart Chakra by adding a necessary element of emotional nurturing. Even if you are processing the deepest grief or the most virulent rage, Pink Tourmaline will still be there at the end of the day to remind you of your worth. It can also help you reconnect to the Earth Star Chakra and gain vitality and energy from your ancestral line.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx adds a necessary grounding element to the higher vibrational energy of Aquamarine. It will act as a constant reminder to stay present and connect to your material, tangible reality. It is also a protective stone. Black Onyx will allow you the privilege of daring to be vulnerable. It does so by taking away the worry that a parasitic being (dead or alive) will take advantage of that.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.

Flower Agate

As the journey of Aquamarine reaches the Eighth Chakra, it is a good idea not to neglect the Earth Star Chakra. Flower Agate will help you build a strong foundation that connects you to your Lunar ancestors. Over time, when paired with Aquamarine, you will start to see the injustices that these ancestors had to go through. Generally, but not always, these ancestors were women.

Aquamarine will let you make space for their emotions and stories. However, it will also help you not get too attached to them and finally let them go. In turn, these ancestors will be very willing to lend you some of their strength and vitality whenever you need it.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.


Even when emotions are coming to the surface, you still have a choice. You don’t have to suffer through a painful process. Carnelian helps you reconnect you to joy. This is especially the case for the joy that comes with the little things.

Plus, it also reconnects you to the joy that comes when you allow yourself to be creative. An uplifting stone like this one is needed, especially when clearing the Solar Plexus of all repressed emotions and memories.

In addition to this, Carnelian addresses the Sacral Chakra. This is the other neighbor of the Solar Plexus. The Sacral Chakra ends up working overtime when the Solar Plexus is blocked or in recovery.

Carnelian can also help you address any wounds that may have to do with intimacy and your sexuality, especially when paired with Aquamarine. If you know part of your trauma has to do with that, or if you suspect it, better play it safe and have Carnelian (and the number of a therapist) at the ready.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.


Bloodstone is a wonderful complement to Aquamarine. It is no accident that they share the title of March’s birthstone. Unlike its counterpart, Bloodstone can help you reconnect to the Earth Star Chakra. It literally draws strength from your blood. This blood can become a metaphor for your bloodline if right now you are in a weakened state.

Whereas Aquamarine draws its power from the Element of Water, Bloodstone is all Earth and the bloodline. This is a much needed support during Aquamarine’s journey through the chakras. Bloodstone will look after your physical wellbeing and vitality through the process.

The other March birthstone also offers support for the Sacral Chakra. Whereas Carnelian is about pleasure, this is more about the practical things the Sacral Chakra needs to remain functional. It can additionally bring a sense of order to your art if you are artistically inclined at all.

? BezalelGems, 2022. Reposted with permission from the owner. All rights reserved.

Pink Sapphire

According to Pearson, Pink Sapphire is the finer manifestation of the pink ray. This ray is all about Divine Love and compassion. We have provided plenty of options for the lower chakras. As I am working with a 12 chakra system, however, the higher chakras shouldn’t be neglected.

Aquamarine can technically reach them. However, pairing the stone with a more refined option such as this one will help you tune into the energy of the 9th, 10th, and 11th chakra in a much better manner. This is so because, with this pairing, the energy will reach you in a way that isn’t confusing.

Aquamarine is still the translator here. This pairing will, over time, teach you how these upper chakras work in your case in particular.

In addition to this, Pink Sapphire shares a few characteristics with Aquamarine. According to Pearson, for instance, it is also great for people who are uncomfortable with their emotions. It also works for people who have the tendency to flee from their problems. Over time, it can help these people develop emotional stability and fortitude.

Getting a custom Pink Sapphire and Aquamarine bracelet can help you carry the energy of making space for emotions everywhere you go. Bracelets are placed on the wrist, a sensitive energetic point that forms a direct channel with the bloodstream.

Opt for gentle sterling silver or grounding and loving Rose Gold to unite these stones. Wear on your left wrist to become receptive to your emotions.

In this way, your physical body will begin to replicate the message that emotions are meant to be felt, not translated into physical symptoms. Yes, this is a great gift for an important Virgo in your life. Wondering where to get a quality Pink Sapphire Gemstone? BezalelGems carries great quality gemstones of all sorts. Look at these heart-shaped Aquamarine gemstones, too.

? Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. All rights reserved.


A member of the Beryl family had to be on this list. Morganite, a complementary stone for the Higher Heart, can offer a complement to the energy of Aquamarine. This support can be invaluable. It will help you take care of the emotions Aquamarine brings to the surface. It also offers invaluable support during the process of surrender and ego death, which Aquamarine sets into motion.

Did you learn something new about Aquamarine? What are your previous experiences with this crystal? Tell us in the comments!


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Virginia Castiglione
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Virginia Castiglione is the Founder & Creative Director at Aquamarine Content. She loosely identifies as a green witch. She’s a certified gemologist and Akashic Records reader. She’s also an astrologer. She is a Virgo Sun, Taurus Rising, and Pisces Moon. She is the emotional support animal of a grumpy cat named Limón.

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