Meditation and Manifestation with Tarot cards

A disposition of 6 Tarot cards with crystals and leaves
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Tarot is a great tool for divination. Not only can you use it to take a look into forthcoming events, but you can also use it to look within and get to know yourself. 

Your tarot deck is like your best friend, the one you trust. It’s the friend that tells you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. At first, it may be hard to have your cards tell you some hard truths, but remember that accepting the good and the bad in yourself is part of the self-improvement journey.

There are endless ways of bonding and connecting with your deck. Tarot is a personal practice, nobody can tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. So, bear in mind that you can do whatever resonates with you. It’s like knowing what your familiar loves and hates. It might take a while to get to know your deck in depth, but, in the end, with dedication and practice, you’ll get there. Over time, you can build a relationship with your cards. 

If you’ve recently embarked on your practice and still don’t know where to start, we present you with a method that will help you build a deep connection with your tarot deck: meditation.

A few cards with crystals
Photo by Andrea Valeri for Aquamarine Content

Make sure you’re in a space you feel comfortable in. You can put on some relaxing music (without lyrics, so it doesn’t distract you), light some incense (lavender, cinnamon or jasmine are perfect for meditation) or put some essential oil in a diffuser to set the mood. Make sure you’re going to be alone and that no one will disturb you. Crystals such as Amethyst, Selenite, and Hematite can also assist you with their properties to give your meditation an extra boost.

After you have your space ready, sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths. Take your deck and spread the cards in front of you, backside facing up. Choose one card and look at it. Take in every symbol, detail, color, and character. Now, put the card down and close your eyes. Take another deep breath and try to reconstruct the image of the card you picked out in your mind. Think of that picture as a snapshot from a film. Ask yourself: what was this character doing before the photo was taken? What happened after? You can also imagine you’re part of the scene, get inside the card and try to visualize the setting or the character: what’s the weather like? What’s the character wearing or doing? What do you think their clothes and their color represent? Does it have any relation with their profession or their personality? What’s their facial expression? What can you pick up from these elements to make sense of it? 

For example, let’s say you picked The Sun card (Rider Waite-based). Right off the bat, what do you see? A child, a white horse, a red banner, four sunflowers in the background, and, of course, the Sun. Now, tune in with your intuition and try to figure out what those elements mean. Look at the kid’s facial expression. They’re joyous and playful, which refers to connecting with your Inner Child or letting yourself detox from work by doing something fun. Sometimes it can even be more literal and refer to pregnancy. Then, the white horse, a sign of purity and strength. The Sun is shining bright, which is a good sign. Dig deep into the meaning of the scene in front of you. Did it rain the previous day? If so, the Sun means that things will be looking up. When it’s a sunny day, do you have the feeling that anything is possible? Then, you could associate this card with success. 

It’s advisable that you don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to take in all meanings at once. There’s no rush, whatsoever. Start with one card per day and jot down the information you’ve gathered.

Did you know that you can also meditate with Tarot for manifestation? Among the hundreds of ways of manifesting there’s visualizing yourself with your goal completed. But how do you incorporate Tarot into your visualization? Well, it’s simple. After you feel more acquainted with the meanings of the cards, you can pick one that you think represents what you want to accomplish. Here are a few examples:

The Devil card
Photo by Andrea Valeri for Aquamarine Content

Cutting a negative person off your life: The Devil

The negative side of this card portrays toxic and negative energy, possessiveness, and selfishness. Look at the two people this character has chained, they don’t seem to be happy to be there. They are being held against their will and now want to escape. So, it’s safe to say that this Devil represents someone who’s treating you badly or abusing their power over you. You know it’s high time you cut this person off your life. In your meditation, visualize yourself as one of the chained hostages. Imagine you’re cutting the chain (your bond with this toxic person) with a chainsaw or any instrument you prefer to set yourself free. How do you feel now that you’re free from them? That is now your reality.

Strength card
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Facing fears: Strength

The symbols in this card are very transparent. The lion, or the beast, foreshadows your fear. What does the lion look like? It appears to be docile, but taming such a wild animal may have not been a piece of cake. Similarly, facing your fears implies willpower and perseverance. So, in your meditation, picture yourself as the tamer whose task is to make the lion (your fear) submissive. Pay attention to your feelings as you visualize yourself fighting it. Remember, you’re the one in control.

The Lovers card
Photo by Andrea Valeri for Aquamarine Content

Manifesting love: The Lovers

Are you looking for love? Then, you can use this card to inspire your meditation. This card shows two people who seem to share a deep connection, they were made for each other. This visualization is going to be the other way round from meditating with The Devil. Imagine being in front of your potential partner. Mind you! Focus on their physical features and personality, such as blonde hair, smartness, etc. Avoid thinking of someone you know. Remember there must be free will for that person to reciprocate your feelings. Now, imagine that a glowing white thread ties you two together. The thread represents your bond with your partner.

The Tower card
Photo by Andrea Valeri for Aquamarine Content

Starting over: The Tower

This is a card that tends to frighten people because it means chaos and destruction. But it is also the carrier of a good message: starting over. If you feel that a project you’ve been working on is crumbling, think of it as the tower that has fallen apart. Now, imagine you’re rebuilding it, brick by brick. The bricks represent the tasks and steps of your project. Inspect them, try to see if any of them seem loose or need to be sturdier.  Is there any aspect of your project that needs to be reassessed or redone? 

As you can see, you don’t need much to manifest or meditate, only your instinct and intuition. Remember, do whatever resonates with you. Building a connection with your deck is important because it’ll make your readings more accurate and meaningful. 

What’s great about using the methods we presented you is that you’ll be creating a bond based on energy, which will make your relationship with your cards even deeper. Have you ever heard of meditation or manifestation with Tarot before? Have you tried it? If not, let us know in the comments what you think! And if you’ve tried it, we’d like to hear about your experience!

Andrea Valeri is a witch and Tarot reader and is also studying to become an English-Spanish translator. On her Instagram account (@lluviadelibros15) she often reviews witchcraft related books and Tarot decks.

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