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Midheaven: A Guide for All 12 Zodiac Signs

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Ever wondered whether you could turn to Astrology for career guidance? Turns out you can. Not only that, your birth chart also predicted your social media behavior. Yes, you heard that right.

The Midheaven is not unlike the Rising sign in the sense that it impacts how others perceive you. The Rising sign has a significant impact on how a person forms a first impression of you when they meet you one-on-one or in a small group setting. The M.C. or Midheaven has the same function but regarding the masses and your reputation. It also has a huge weight on how you approach your career in general. In some cases, it may also impact your career choice itself.

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First things first – What is the Midheaven?

From a theoretical point of view, the Midheaven or medium coeli in Latin, also known as M.C., is the highest point in your natal chart. It is also the cusp of the tenth house. It’s the highest point in the ecliptic, that is, the path of the sun. Now, what does this mean and what can the M.C. tell us? There are actually many things that we can learn from the Midheaven. Let’s first address the general aspects.

The M.C. will give us a lot of information about our qualities, how they become important during our life and why they should be nurtured. Moreover, the Midheaven is quite representative of our career and our professional calling. And last but not least, it shows our public persona. In astrology, the public persona is the most visible part of the “ego”. It is associated with our reputation and how we present ourselves in our social lives.

Although there’s no general consensus about this, some authors argue that all these meanings are directly related to yet another aspect of the Midheaven. This would be the relationship we had with authority figures as children. Examples of authority figures include parents and teachers.

Sign by Sign: A Guide

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Aries Midheaven

People with Aries M.C. are known as independent. They are the self-starters, the entrepreneurs. Aries M.C. would rather be their own bosses before having a boss. They are great at launching projects. However, they can lack the necessary effort and patience to finish them.

On a more personal vein, people with this midheaven can be a bit impulsive. This can lead to them getting into undesired conflicts. They have to work on this spirited aspect of their personalities. They still have their boldness and their instinct in favor. This will, in turn, allow them to take risks and grow.

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Taurus Midheaven

Whatever Taurus Midheavens want, they get. This is so because of their patience and persistence. People with the Midheaven in this Zodiac sign go after security. They set concrete goals and they need to get tangible results to know they are going in the right direction. They are determined to achieve them. Ruled by the planet Venus, they are drawn to creativity and sensuality. These qualities become increasingly important for them and will ultimately help them get the stability they wish for.

Gemini Midheaven

The strongest aspect of Gemini Midheavens is their charisma and communication skills. They can use these gifts to shine in whatever they do. They are quite persuasive. They are not afraid to use their gifts of persuasion to achieve their goals. People with a Gemini M.C. are intellectually curious and everything they do is to fulfill their innate curiosity. That is why they need and look for diversity in every aspect of their lives. They are definitely ones to quickly get bored of a job, even if they are good at it.

Cancer Midheaven

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the Luminary that rules intuition and emotions. People with their Midheaven in Cancer are very in tune when it comes to their careers. They are compassionate professionals. Intuition for them means being connected to their emotions. That is the reason why artistic fields are more in tune with them. Roles that involve looking after or nurturing others are also ones they gravitate towards. Similar to Taurus M.C., people with a Cancer M.C. look for security and stability for their family. They are providers and are willing to help others first. Remember that there are two Zodiac signs often associated with them.

We know Taurus’s reputation, but Cancer doesn’t lag behind. Cancer M.C.s like Jon Bon Jovi have been known to amass small (and big) fortunes through their careers. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer Midheavens can be wonderful leaders. Some of them are the kind of entrepreneur who looks after their employees and cater to their needs. A darker side of this M.C. is the businessperson who smothers their employees and infantilizes them.

Leo Midheaven

If the Midheaven in general talks about our public persona, someone with a Leo Midheaven will be extremely into becoming a public figure. Leo Midheavens tend to make a huge effort to have a reputation. Effort, ambition and reward is what people with this M.C. are after. They are natural leaders and being the center of attention comes naturally to them. That is why public speaking or appearances give them a sense of power, rather than discomfort. Leo Midheavens are independent and competitive. At the same time, they are self-sufficient and confident in what they have to offer.

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Virgo Midheaven

Success for Virgo Midheavens will be achieved thanks to their attention to detail. They also have an impeccable work ethic and will not rest until everything is done. In this sense, such attention to small things could drive them to obsessiveness. They will be satisfied with nothing short of perfection. However, this aspect makes other people trust Virgo Midheavens with any kind of task. Contrary to Leo Midheavens, they do not go after recognition or rewards. They can be critical (sometimes more than necessary) of themselves and others. However, this also gives them the ability to easily adapt to changing scenarios, as they know why it is necessary to switch their gears.

Libra Midheaven

Libra as a sign is represented by the scale symbol and it stands for justice. People with a Libra M.C are organized. They strive for harmony, elegance and peace. During their life, they will develop an eye for aesthetics (otherwise known as taste) and a peaceful personality. In this sense, even though they are very strategic when going public, they know how to make a splash. When they do decide to make a spectacle of themselves, they are able to keep it together and they never leave justice behind.

Organization and balance will get Libra Midheavens wherever they want to go. They also tend to love working with business associates. They are more than happy to start their own business as long as it is a shared project. As a lot of them excel in knowing what will look good to others, PR is a popular career choice among this Midheaven.

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Scorpio Midheaven

People with this M.C. are not afraid of uncovering deep, hurtful and sad things in order to discover a deeper truth. At the same time, Scorpio Midheavens are quite mysterious and enigmatic. You can see these facets of their personality both in their professional and personal lives. Their ambition knows no bounds. Therefore, they are often after power and authority. They can use their charm to manipulate others to achieve their goals if necessary. They are, above all, determined and confident in themselves. This is the case even if transgression is the only way to achieve their goals.

Sagittarius Midheaven

The strongest aspect of this Midheaven is their desire to expand their horizon. This especially the case with intellectual pursuits. They love to travel and learn new things everyday. They are innately curious about everything they see. They have the most diverse interests because, for them, the learning process is a never-ending. They are noble and fair. They often have strong beliefs. They look for a sense of purpose in whatever they decide to do to earn a living.

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Capricorn Midheaven

With their tenth house ruled by planet Saturn, people with a Capricorn Midheaven are ambitious and they go after authority roles. In terms of effort and the necessary consistency that said effort requires, they will go above and beyond. When the Midheaven is in this Earth sign, the native is one of the most reliable and stable workers out there.

They would never let success hit them by chance. They will do everything in their power to make it happen. In this sense, their career comes first – sometimes even before their personal lives or wellbeing. They have structure and perseverance in their favor.

Aquarius Midheaven

Original, out of the ordinary and free-spirited are the adjectives that better describe people with their M.C in Aquarius. They think outside the box. Structures are too ennerving for them. This can be a con if they are not able to adapt to what already exists (you have to know the rules to break them). They can eventually turn it into a pro when they take that chance to experiment in order to come up with an innovative point of view.

Pisces Midheaven

Pisces M.C. is ruled by Neptune. Because of this, they are often drawn to many of the characteristics often related to the planet – poetry, music, compassion, a deep love of humanity. But also mirages, illusion, even manipulation. They are highly creative and that is what people look for in them. They can be a source of inspiration. As they have a strong inner world and an imaginative mind, they are often perceived as aloof. There may also be a certain sense of detachment from their goals. They need to work on their drive and steady their focus to achieve their goals.

Remember that the M.C. is just one aspect of your natal chart. It should not be interpreted in isolation. It is one piece of a more complex and deeper understanding of what the ancient science that is Astrology has to tell you about your own self. If you feel identified with any aspect of your M.C., let us know in the comments!


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