The 9 Best Crystals to Keep by Your Bedside

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Want to have a full night’s sleep? What about prophetic dreams? There are some crystals out there that can help you. People often mention sleeping with crystals as a great way to interact with them. 

However, not all crystals are good for sleep. Some, like Selenite or different varieties of Quartz, may even exacerbate your insomnia. They can increase your anxiety and keep you up at night. Quite the opposite of what we’re going for! 

Whether your intention is rest and deep sleep or to have prophetic dreams, there is a crystal for you. Even if you need some extra protection for this very vulnerable moment, there is a stone that can help you. However, you need to choose your crystals for sleep and dreams carefully.

Here are a few suggestions on crystals for sleep. I have personally tried out all of them and have felt their effects on my own body. All of them are conducive to restful sleep. Some, like Jade and Labradorite, have extra properties such as the stimulation of prophetic dreams and protection.

DISCLAIMER: Crystals are supposed to complement, NOT replace, medical attention and mental health professionals. Please don’t stop taking any medications that have been prescribed to you because you’re using crystals instead. If you’re suffering from any symptoms, please visit the adequate professional. Western Medicine is also magic!

How Do You Use Crystals for Sleep?

You can either keep them by your bedside or put them under your bed. You may also make a sleep sachet. Grab a cotton bag and place your cleansed crystal in it. Place some relaxing herbs. Lavender, linden, and chamomile are all great choices. You may also include some rosemary for protection. 

Put some cotton for extra softness and close the bag. Put it under your pillow. You may draw a protective symbol such as the Algiz rune on the outside with green or blue ink. You may also use relaxing essential oils, like Lavender. 

Every so often, take out the crystal and dispose of the herbs and the cotton. Cleanse the crystal and the bag and charge them under the moonlight, and make the sachet again.

These are some amazing crystals for night-time:

Blue-Lace Agate. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

1. Blue-Lace Agate

This is one of the most calming, soothing stones out there. It quickly calms down the nervous system. It can be used during the day if you’re going through a stressful period in your life or if you need to calm down your nerves. 

However, it’s ideal for sleeping because it calms you down immediately. It can calm you both physically and mentally. You can also include it in your shampoo bottle if you’re a night showerer. You’ll see instant benefits. 

You may also put it in a spray bottle with water, lavender, and some apple cider vinegar to create a relaxing spray. 

Blue-Lace Agate is safe to cleanse with water from the tap. Charge using moonlight.

Lepidolite. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

2. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is the anaesthetic of the mineral world. It numbs your emotional pain so you have some time to process it in a way that isn’t that painful. It can also quickly bring some quiet to an overactive mind. 

This makes it a great choice for times of stress and heartbreak. However, never use it on its own for sleep, as it can bring about nightmares. Combine with softer stones such as Blue-Lace Agate, Pink Tourmaline, or Rose Quartz. 

Lepidolite is not safe to cleanse with water. It is very fragile and it can disintegrate if it gets wet. Expose it to the smoke of cleansing herbs or put it in a bowl full of raw rice you dispose of later. Charge by moonlight.

Pink Tourmaline. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

This soft crystal can help you connect to your intuition and your more receptive side. It helps you be more loving and caring. When used for sleep, it will gently remove any blocks that you may have in your heart space. It will remove anger and grudges while you rest. 

It can also help you in your road to forgiveness if used over a longer period of time. Pink Tourmaline can be used to soften other crystals in many different contexts. Obsidian, Moldavite, or Lepidolite can have much softer effects when used alongside it. 

It’s not safe to cleanse with water. For cleansing, place in a bowl full of raw rice that you dispose of later. Charge by moonlight. Beware of burying it, as it can disintegrate if left on the ground for too long.

Black Tourmaline. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

4. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline removes excesses. Insomnia and anxiety are excesses of thought. To use this crystal to remove this excess, place a clean piece of Black Tourmaline in between your eyebrows. Let it act for around five minutes or until it starts to bother you. Cleanse afterward. You’ll notice your mind is much calmer after you do this. 

You can adopt this practice for a couple of hours before bed or include Black Tourmaline on your bedside or inside your sleep sachet (or both – they’re not mutually exclusive!). If you include it in a sleep sachet, it will absorb all the negativity that has made its way to your aura during the day. 

You can also place it under your bed for it to cleanse your aura while you sleep. Black Tourmaline has great protective qualities. It will absorb any negativity directed your way. It can keep you protected while you sleep and prevent night terrors from happening.

Whether you can cleanse Black Tourmaline with water or not will depend on its quality. High-quality Black Tourmaline can be cleansed with tap water. Lower quality Black Tourmaline will disintegrate over time if it gets wet frequently.

It is safe for all pieces of Black Tourmaline to be cleansed with smoke or the raw rice method. Charge by moon or sunlight. If you decide to bury it, don’t leave it underground for too long, as it can disintegrate.

Green Jade. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

5. Jade

Jade is all about the world of dreams. The most common variety is Green Jade, which is related to the heart and your emotions. Sleeping with Green Jade can reveal ways in which you can heal from emotional wounds. It can even uncover repressed emotions and trauma in a gentle way. 

Lavender Jade can connect you to the collective unconscious. Black Jade, on the other hand, is ideal to be protected while you sleep. 

The best way to use Jade is over a long period of time. Keeping a dream journal is essential. This is so because analyzing dreams as a series is far more fruitful than analyzing a single dream. A tip for keeping your dream journal is to write the date, Moon Phase and Moon Sign the night before. Keep the journal and a pen close to your bed so you can write on it first thing in the morning. 

Jade is safe to cleanse with water. Charge by moonlight.

Smoky Quartz. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

6. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is great for absorbing any negativity that may be present in your mind, body, or auric field. It is different from other varieties of Quartz in that its energy is more subdued. 

Sleeping with a Smoky Quartz point under your bed is great if you feel like your mind is cluttered or your aura could use some purging. Leave it under your bed so the base of the point is facing you, and the point is facing outwards. You’ll wake up refreshed, with all muscles relaxed.

It’s safe to cleanse with tap water (remember to make the point face the drain). Charge by moonlight.

Labradorite. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

7. Labradorite

This is a protective crystal that can also enhance your intuition and psychic abilities over time. It may have an influence on your dreams. Once you get to know how it works, you may start to observe that your spirit guides are reaching out to you through your dreams. 

It is also great to combat parasitic entities and larvae that may be stuck in your aura. If you’re learning how to read your Akashic records, it can be useful as well. This is so because it can help you in your journey of learning how to differentiate what you think from what you’re channeling.

It’s safe to cleanse with tap water. Charge by moonlight.

Howlite. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

8. Howlite

If you tend to rationalize your emotions a lot and you even repress them, Howlite can help you work on that. It doesn’t interfere with sleep. It will invite you to look twice at your emotions before dismissing them. 

It can also help you identify how you store your emotions in your body. If you want to learn how to listen to your body and get to know its cues, Howlite is for you.

Choose a piece of Howlite that hasn’t been dyed. Dye will interfere with its qualities. Don’t cleanse with water. Use the raw rice technique or expose it to cleansing smoke. Charge by sun or moonlight.

Sodalite. Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content.

9. Sodalite

If you suffer from anxiety, OCD, or intrusive thoughts, Sodalite can be your best ally. It’s also great for overthinkers in general. It will help you untangle your thoughts and fall asleep without much tossing and turning.

Sodalite is best combined with a journal that you write in before bed. Dump all the thoughts that keep you awake in the journal while having your Sodalite piece nearby. If it’s in contact with your body, much better!

Don’t get Sodalite wet. It’s better cleansed with the raw rice method or by exposing it to cleansing smoke. Charge by moonlight. 

Did you know about the properties of any of these crystals? What crystals have you used for sleeping? How did it go? Which one are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!

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