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The Best Morning Routine for You According to the Zodiac

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Your Rising sign was the Zodiac sign on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. It marks the beginning of your birth chart and, as such, it can also give you some valuable information as to how to better start your day. Whereas an Aries Rising may spring up from their bed and quickly start their day, a Pisces Rising will have a totally different approach. For instance, perhaps they will choose to lie in and connect with their spiritual world quietly instead. Either way, here are some recommendations for the different Rising signs to start their morning on the right foot.

Aries Rising

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Aries Risings are generally ready for action the moment they wake up. Whether they pop into their home office or go for a run to get rid of extra energy, they need their morning routine to be quick and active. Keep some vitamins and water (and any medication you may need) by your bedside so you can quickly get hydration and look after your body. If you keep both breakfast and your skincare routine quick and simple, there are more chances you will include these steps in your routine. For your skincare routine, cleansing and moisturizing are all you need. For breakfast, perhaps some overnight oats would be fine, unless you enjoy cooking before you start your day. Exercising in the mornings is a great idea for you because it gives you an escape valve for the anger issues you may experience as an Aries rising. Otherwise, all the extra energy you have that would make you restless. A good workout will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized for the rest of the day.

Taurus Rising

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Taurus Risings are the polar opposite of Aries Risings in the morning. They need all the time they can have to get ready. Nothing ruins their mood quite like having to rush through their morning routine to get to work or school on time. Set an alarm so you have plenty of time to get through the morning. Pampering yourself in the morning is also a great idea. You’re definitely one to have a skincare routine that consists of seven steps and to use high-quality products. As a Taurus Rising myself, I know that some days the only thing that gets me out of bed is breakfast. Make sure to stock up your fridge with fresh ingredients to cook yourself a stellar breakfast every morning. As a Taurus Rising, your throat may be particularly sensitive. So, it’s a good idea to include a soothing ingredient such as honey in your morning coffee or tea. Make sure you have at least twenty minutes to do something you enjoy before you get started on work or school. You can try reading for fun or making time for a hobby. This will help you get in the right mood when you finally get started with your tasks for the day.

Gemini Rising

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The key thing for you is to keep it varied. Instead of having a to-do list for your morning routine, consider having a menu instead. Meditating every morning for two weeks in a row may get boring for you. However, meditating on Mondays, journaling on Tuesdays, and going for a run on Wednesdays is definitely more appealing. Learning something new or dedicating a few minutes to focused study every morning is also a great idea for you. As a Gemini Rising, you’re the sharpest in the morning, so take advantage of all that mental energy and start the day by getting some learning done. For breakfast, keep ingredients for at least three different types of breakfast. Sticking to the same thing every day can get boring for Gemini Risings.

Cancer Rising

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While getting out of bed can be no problem to you, getting out of the house is what you struggle with the most in the morning. If you prefer to work out in the mornings, invest in some home gym equipment. Trying to go for a run or the gym first thing in the morning will feel like torture to you. Make sure you have everything you need for breakfast the night before, so you don’t have to pop into the shops the moment you get out of bed. If you have to commute or go to the office, do yourself a favor by leaving your bag and outfit prepared the night before. Cancer Risings like to be cozy in the morning, so make sure you have a fluffy robe and some comfy slippers at the ready when you get out of bed. If it’s possible, spend some quality time with your loved ones during breakfast to start the day in the best mood possible. For breakfast, choose hearty, warm meals to feel satisfied throughout the day.

Leo Rising

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The mornings are your time to shine. If you create content for your job or just for fun, fit some time for filming and taking pictures first thing in the morning. Daily affirmations can work great for you, so give those a go. Making art in general and expressing yourself in the morning is also a great idea. You really like to spend time on your appearance in the morning, too. Make sure you wake up with enough time to do your makeup and/or hair just right. Daily stretches or doing some yoga poses first thing in the morning are also a great habit to integrate. This is so because as a Leo Rising, you have a sensitive back and you may need to pay some extra attention to it. You may also wish to spend some time by the sun, if possible. You may arrange to have your breakfast in your balcony or garden, or simply sit by a window for five minutes. Remember to wear sunscreen, though!

Virgo Rising

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The perfect morning routine for you is efficient and practical. You don’t skip any steps that have to do with health and well-being, but you make sure not to waste any unnecessary time. You can achieve your desired outcome by leaving everything prepared the night before. This includes your workout outfit or your overnight oats for breakfast. Because of your anxious mind, you may also benefit from making a list of everything you have to do during the day to feel slightly more in control. You should also look into doing some meditation or mindfulness exercises. You may struggle with these at first, but, over time, you will see a huge difference in your overall well-being and happiness. Cleaning the house and doing chores in the morning may also set you in the right mood, but don’t go overboard. Choose one or two chores and do just those. Another option is to tidy up and clean before you fall asleep. This is because waking up to the house being untidy may make you nervous the moment you open your eyes.

Libra Rising

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Libra Risings are all about having an aesthetic morning routine. Take time to curate the objects you use every morning, such as your coffee mug, robe, and slippers. In this way, you can have a Main Character moment the moment you wake up. Choosing an outfit may be stressful for you in the morning, so choose it the night before. People may make you feel like trying to have an aesthetic breakfast is silly and superfluous, but it can make you really happy. Go hard on the latte art and the pretty pictures of your breakfast. Try to leave as little room for indecision as possible by making all the decisions the night before. Every so often, make some time to pamper yourself in the morning. Face masks and painting your nails first thing in the day can really do wonders for your mood. Make sure to hang some artwork you truly enjoy in your room and your kitchen. Those paintings will be the first thing you see every day and you are very sensitive to the art around you.

Scorpio Rising

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Scorpio risings may have the most interesting morning routines out of everyone (but don’t tell Aquarius risings). As a Scorpio Rising, the mornings are the best time to go deep and work on your personal transformation. If you can, schedule therapy appointments early in the day. You can also listen to self-development podcasts or audiobooks while you eat breakfast or while you do your skincare routine. Another good idea is to do some shadow work or journaling. If you happen to live with your lover, the mornings are also a great time to have fun in the bedroom – though remember you can always climax by yourself. Wake up with plenty of time to process your emotions and have your fun. Swimming may be a great morning activity, as it encourages you to spend time with the Element of Water.

Sagittarius Rising

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Sagittarius Risings are happiest when they start the day with a thrill. If you work out in the mornings, going outside or doing something like rock climbing is your best bet. You tend to neglect the healthier aspects of your routine –like vitamins, skincare, or even breakfast– because you find them boring. To make sure you do them, keep them quick and simple. If you prefer not to work out in the mornings, there are other activities you can do. You can connect with adventure by spending some time learning a foreign language or reading a thrilling novel.

Capricorn Rising

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Productivity and getting straight to work are your priority in the morning. However, neglecting yourself and your health is a bad idea. Minimalism for things like your skincare and your morning meds works best. You probably know whether exercise is better suited for the mornings or nights. If you prefer to exercise in the morning, go to a gym near your home where you can do everything simply and without bothering much. You can listen to a podcast on leadership or productivity while you exercise so you don’t feel you’re wasting your valuable time. Do your very best not to check your email first thing in the morning. You may compromise by eating breakfast at your desk. You should also do your best to at least fifteen minutes of an activity that brings you joy, even if it may feel superfluous.

Aquarius Rising

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Aquarius Risings are their happiest when they are experimenting. You’re all about trying new things in the morning and having a unique routine. Trying out a new recipe for breakfast or a workout activity like Tai Chi are the kind of things that get you out of bed. Get a new routine every week and try out new habits. There’ll certainly be a few that stick. Studying or reading in the mornings can also make you really happy, so make time for that. Have flexibility for your breakfast, meds and vitamins, and skincare, as you’ll want to switch those up every so often. You’ll also want to experiment with different alarms.

Pisces Rising

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The morning routine that will make you the happiest is one that’s very spiritual. Meditate and/or pray first thing in the morning. You may even do some quick spellwork or Divination. Making time in the morning to keep up with your dream journal is essential for you, as your oneiric world is so rich it would be a pity if it went to waste. One risk in the morning for you is to completely lose touch with reality. While spiritual activities are fine, try to avoid reading for fun or watching TV early in the morning. You can always do those at night. Listening to music while you go about your routine is essential for you. Keep your routine simple and minimal so you can get as much sleep as you can, as you don’t tend to function that well if you haven’t slept well. If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, make sure your slippers and robe are comfy so you can face the day in a cozy way. By doing this, you won’t feel like waking up is a harsh and unpleasant activity.

What’s your Rising sign? What must you absolutely do in the mornings to start the day off?

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