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The Eighth Chakra and How To Unleash its Energy

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Chakras are “wheels” or centers of energy. The best known system of Chakras is the 7 Chakra system. These seven chakras are located along our spine. These energy centers are inside our bodies, and each one of them has a different purpose. The life force, or Prana, flows through each of the Chakras. Some blockages may occur, and, in this case, the person can have physical or emotional imbalances.

However, there is another system to understand the main chakras. It is broader and includes 12 Chakras. This system recognizes the existence of the 7 main Chakras and adds five additional Chakras. These are located outside of our physical bodies. The mysterious but important 8th Chakra is included in this 12-Chakra system.

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The name of the 8th Chakra is Vypanini (in Sanskrit: “Universal Heart”). It is one of the most relevant centers of energies that surround our bodies. Also known as the Soul Star Chakra, this energy wheel has an important function. It connects us to the Divine. 

What’s interesting is that, even though it’s also an energy center, it operates in a different way than its counterpart, the well-known system of 7 Chakras. In this article, we will discuss the meaning and importance of the Soul Star Chakra and how to tap into its energy.

What is the Eighth Chakra?

Vypanini, or the Soul Star Chakra, is located above our Crown Chakra, which is commonly known as the 7th Chakra. This means that the Soul Star Chakra hovers above our heads. Some sources claim that this Chakra is placed only a few inches above the Crown Chakra. Other sources consider the 8th Chakra to be a couple of feet above our 7th Chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra is often represented by a lotus flower that has a thousand petals. The color linked to Vypanini is white, although some stories reveal that this Chakra might be golden. Some experts, however, explain that the color of the 8th Chakra is beyond our realm of perception. This means that we can’t see it using our human eyes.

The Soul Star Chakra is unique because it’s the first Chakra that is not directly attached to our physical bodies or immediately above them.

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Key Differences between the 7th and 8th Chakras

There may be some confusion between the functions of the 7th and 8th chakra, so we’re here to clarify some aspects. It is true that our spiritual awareness begins in the Crown Chakra. However, the awakening that originates in this Chakra is still linked to our physical body. Tapping into the 8th Chakra, on the other hand, means connecting to other energies. These are the energies that exist outside of our bodies.

What does the Eighth Chakra do, exactly?

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The Soul Star Chakra is our connection to the Divine. In fact, this Chakra connects us with the cosmos, or all that exists. This is why the 8th Chakra is central to mediumship and spiritual healing, among other spiritual practices. 

The Communication Channel with the Higher Self

In addition, the 8th Chakra is where our subconscious mind is located. More specifically, this energy center connects us to our Higher Self. Our higher or authentic self is the part of us that is separate from our experience of being incarnated. 

Our experience of being incarnated creates a physical, behavioral, emotional, and psychological reality. It makes us feel that we are separate from the Universe, or that we are different from all that exists. However, our Higher Self is unbothered by the experience of incarnation.

This Chakra is also considered to be the Seat of the Immortal Soul. As you might know, many non-Western religions believe that our soul reincarnates many times and that we have lived many lives. 

One of the Soul Star Chakra’s main functions is granting us access to our past lives. The information about our soul’s journey is stored in the Akashic Records. The Soul Star Chakra is crucial in this aspect because it allows us to access the Akasha.

The importance of unleashing the power of the 8th Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is related to our soul’s mission in this incarnation. In that sense, it has to do with karma, which is both what our soul has done in our past lives and our fate in this incarnation. 

When our 8th Chakra is balanced, our purpose and our mission become clear. We know why we’ve incarnated in this physical plane, and what we need to learn and do here.

At the same time, the Soul Star Chakra enables us to get in touch with our Higher Self. If we tap into the energy of the 8th Chakra, we will start challenging our limiting beliefs and achieve a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

When our 8th Chakra is balanced, we gain awareness of various spiritual aspects. As a consequence, we might experience big changes in our emotions and behaviors. This can impact our personal and professional lives. These changes will be aligned with our soul’s purpose. A harmonious eighth chakra will finally allow our Higher Self to shine through and guide us on our path.

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When we tap into the energy of our 8th Chakra, we become free of karmic residue. This residue can arise after we have repeated harmful patterns in many different incarnations. When we access the wisdom of the Soul Star Chakra, we can heal and move on from past life trauma and get rid of detrimental habits. Tapping into this energy will also help us create new habits that are more beneficial to us and others.

Finally, unleashing the energy of Vypanini will create space for more creativity. It also helps us feel connected to something bigger than us. Thus, it might be useful to keep our egos in check and develop more compassion for others. All in all, by clearing our Soul Star Chakra, we access a new sense of general well-being. 

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So, what happens if our 8th Chakra is not open? 

The existing consensus among experts is that the 8th Chakra, unlike the 7 bodily chakras, can’t be blocked. However, it might be unbalanced. Your Soul Star Chakra might be overactive or weak.

If it is overactive, you might feel that you lack purpose. You might feel that you are wandering aimlessly through the Earth. You might feel confused and disassociated from the Universe.

In terms of physical health, having an overactive 8th Chakra might result in dizziness and headaches. 

On the other hand, if the Soul Star Chakra is functioning in a weakened state, the person might feel lazy and stuck. 

When this chakra is not open, there might be a lack of faith in spirituality, and a yearning for something unknown to the person. This imbalance might manifest as depression and anxiety, among other emotional issues.

How to Tap into the Energy of the Soul Star Chakra

In order to tap into the energy of the 8th Chakra, you need to align the energy in the 7 Chakras first. We have previously suggested crystals for unblocking or strengthening each one of the Chakras.

The reason why each of the 7 Chakras needs to be dealt with before we deal with the Soul Star is that each Chakra is a continuation and expansion of the previous one. In that sense, we need to start by checking our Root Chakra –the 1st Chakra– is functioning properly and harmoniously, and then work our way upwards till we reach the 7th Chakra. The goal is to get the energy flowing freely.

Once the energy of our seven Chakras is aligned, we can start a new process of spiritual awakening that begins in the 8th Chakra. One good option to unlock your Soul Star Chakra is to resort to a healer or spiritual practitioner who is well-versed in these issues.

However, there are many other ways to tap into the 8th Chakra’s potential on your own.

First of all, it’s important to note that you should take good care of your physical body. Practice self-care and set intentions for every action that you do.

Before doing anything, ask yourself, “How will this action affect my body? Which effect will it have on my emotions?”

When it comes to securing the harmonious functioning of any chakra, appealing to all human senses is especially effective. You may listen to certain sound frequencies that can help you unleash the power of the 8th Chakra. In this way, you engage the sense of hearing. You can try listening to frequencies in 1074 Hz and registering their effect on your body and your mind.

To engage your sense scent, essential oils can also be used. The most effective one is Neroli, an oil made by distilling the flowers of the Seville orange.

Physical activity is beneficial for the Soul Star Chakra. For instance, practicing yoga is one of the best ways to tap into the potential of the 8th Chakra.

Another reliable method of unlocking the Soul Star Chakra is through meditation. Most meditations focus on breathing and visualization techniques. Here at Aquamarine Content, we have produced this step-by-step guided meditation to help you tap into the energy of the 8th Chakra. The script was channeled with the help of the Akashic records. 

Additionally, you can try Crystal Healing to clear the Soul Star Chakra. Remember to place them on top of your head. You can also create an altar with many crystals that you feel will help you on your quest for deeper self-awareness. The crystals associated with the 8th Chakra include Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Indigo Kyanite. 

In summary, the 8th Chakra, or Soul Star Chakra, is our connection to all that exists. It is also the seat of our Immortal Soul. This is why it can help us unlock our higher self and discover our life’s purpose. There are many ways in which you can tap into the power of this Chakra. Whichever method you choose, remember to always set your intentions and look for a balance.

Have you heard of the Soul Star Chakra before? Are you going to try any of these methods? Tell us in the comments! 


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