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The Mysteries of Neptune in Astrology

Neptune as seen from Voyager 2 from 4.4 million miles
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The planet Neptune is associated with the Greek god Poseidon. It is also associated with the Roman God of the same name, Neptune.

Neptune is the God of the seas, earthquakes, water sources, and the ocean. The ocean was seen as sacred by various cultures such as the Ancient Romans. This is so because it nourishes and surrounds the earth. It also has an undeniable destructive power.

In its nebulous silence, the planet Neptune was discovered in 1846. In Astrology, it received the regency of the Zodiac sign Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac.

Many children of Neptune today may feel a strong attraction to the sea. They need to be in contact with water throughout their lives.

With its visionary imagery, Neptune connects us with the waters of our being. This means that it lets us access and understand the collective unconscious. It is also a gateway to our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is made up of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memory, instincts, and behavior.

Statue of Poseidon holding his trident
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Associated Mythology

The Gods Neptune and Poseidon share several myths and legends. According to the Romans, Neptune came to rule the sea after defeating the Titans.

For the Greeks, a contract made between human beings and the sea was necessary. This agreement was very important. They trusted their sea God as their protector and guide. He appears in many legends and myths. He was a very important member of the Pantheon.

A narrative by Plato portrays him as the ruler of the submerged Atlantis. This legend predates Greek civilization by several millennia.

Neptune’s home is underwater, but the temples constructed by the Greeks and Romans were erected on the surface. This was symbolic of the fact that Neptunian energy needs the earth (the tangible) to be recognized and real. Underwater, we can find the mysteries of Neptune, such as dreams and illusions. However, it is important to remember that they need an earthly base in order to materialize in a harmonious manner.

Neptune on a black background as seen from Voyager II in 1989
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Interpretation of Planetary Energy

A person heavily influenced by the energy of Neptune tends to be dreamy and sensitive. They feel drawn to art and artistic expression – music, mysticism, dance.

Not exhaustive list of aspects that denote a strong Neptune: Neptune conjunct Rising, forming a Major Aspect or sextile to two or more personal planets/Luminaries, or having a Pisces Rising.
© Virginia Castiglione & Aquamarine Content, 2022. The personal planets are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Major Aspects are listed later on in this article (see: “Planetary Aspects”)

It is also the energy of addiction and other dependencies. Alcoholism, drugs or any escape from reality are all Neptunian territory. The discovery of this planet occured at the same time as the appearance of anxiolytics, analgesics, and various other drugs that generated dependency.

Mystical states of consciousness can also be an addiction. If you have potent Neptunian energy, you may often depend on ecstatic experiences to escape from cruel reality.

Sometimes, just facing the real world in and of itself is a challenge for the Neptunian. Escape is necessary, and contact with the creative can be one of the most beautiful ways to embrace this energy.

The world may seem like a dark and ugly place to a Neptunian soul. The oneiric realm and dream world are the perfect refuge. Their artistic and romantic illusions are often an escape from an adult life full of responsibilities.

Contact with childhood and the Inner Child are a safe place.

This energy can be present in a harmonious way. This is so when a person with a strong Neptunian influence has a fluid but healthy dialogue with their Inner Child.

However, others develop Peter Pan syndrome, causing a lot of harm to themselves and others. They tend to be childlike or childish all their lives.

This escape doesn’t always take the form of addictions. Those who have a strong Neptunian energy can renounce the world. They may choose to lead a purely spiritual life in a secret community or even a cult. Neptunian escape has several edges and dark places within.

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It is typical for Neptunian people to say that reality is just another illusion and to question what’s actually real. They believe in this sort of thing themselves. They can delude themselves into believing what isn’t real.

Some people with a heavy Neptunian energy can use this for evil and become cheaters and liars. Not all, but some Neptunian people practice gaslighting and other forms of psychological abuse. This is a darker side to the planet that will be explored in detail in a future post.

The symbolism of escape and addictions seems to be one of the strongest forces associated with this planet. It can lead to gambling, workaholism, or smoking. There is a side to this planet that is reflected in fanaticism (the famous “blind faith”). This responds to the push of this planet to move away from our own limits. This can sometimes reach the point that we stop considering other points of view.

The greatest gift Neptunian energy has to offer is empathy. However, when a person with strong Neptunian energy is not vibrating high, everything can end up being upside down.

In Tarot, the card associated with Neptune is The Hanged Man. This Arcana tells in a single image the story of Odin. Odin hung himself for nine days to find wisdom. This wisdom had always been within himself and the collective.

Once that wisdom was reached, the next step was to share it. Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes is what Neptune does best when it comes to evolving spiritually.

Neptune can inspire every human being to work on their ability to remain outside of themselves.

A high-vibrational embodiment of this planet’s energy encourages us to enter a state of ecstasy. Through its influence on his children, the planet Neptune gave us poetry, music, dance, painting and mysticism.

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Remember Piscean energy, which is associated with this planet? Let’s think of its symbolism: two fish swimming in opposite directions. One of the fish goes to the kingdom of Heaven and the other to the material realm.

In this deceptively simple symbol, duality is very well represented. If you have strong Neptunian energy in your birth chart or if you have worked on this energy to be able to tap into it, you will have a soft and dreamy nature on the surface. However, you will also have strong impulses, passions and feelings within.

Because Neptune is a slow planet, its effects on a person’s life can last up to three years. Some of these important points include: when it forms a conjunction with your Natal Sun, Moon, and the four main angles in your birth chart (the AC, DC, MC and IC), or when it forms a major aspect to one of these.

When it comes to this planet, our mystical desire rises during the period of the transit.

Neptune invites us on a journey away from our roots and takes us to float away. The mysticism of its essence and its intrinsic fantasy often become real to a Neptunian mind. Suddenly, the person going through a Neptunian transit is Alice discovering Wonderland or Dorothy wondering how to get back home from Oz.

Once the transit of Neptune ends, the feelings that are exalted may dissipate. Everything is likely to return to normal. However, Neptune will always leave us wondering if what we are experiencing is truly reality or just a bad dream. (Like the song goes, “Is it the real life? Is it just fantasy?”)

We are called to integrate the treasures that are under the sea after its transit. It will be necessary to listen to the song of the mermaids to be transported to a place full of magic.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Planetary Aspects with Neptune

Planets sometimes form aspects with each other. This means that, due to the mathematical placement of each, they form an angle with each other. When they do, they influence each other’s energy.

They enter into a dialogue which can be tense, harmonious, or vary case by case. The aspects that are considered the most relevant in Astrology are the conjunction, opposition, trine, sextile, and square.

Neptune-Sun Aspects

The Sun represents one of the strongest factors in building our sense of personal identity. When Neptune transits close to a person’s Natal Sun, a sudden loss of personal identity can occur. Their inner impulses begin to pull them away from everyday reality. They end up wishing they were somewhere else.

They are susceptible to unusual forces that want to be in contact with them. The impulse can be as strong as ocean tides – once swept away, you can never return to shore.

On the flip side, if this is you, you have great psychic strength. Spiritual evolution will be a major theme in your life if the Sun aspects Neptune.

However, tendencies towards depression may be present if you don’t find your axis. If reality doesn’t match up to your imagination, there’s a risk here. The fear of unknown or unseen forces will need to be worked through.

Individuals with Neptune and Sun in conjunction possess great emotional power. They may be great spiritual guides. In the midst of their Neptunian nebula, however, they end up not believing that truth. They feel inferior and powerless.

On a brighter note, they have great potential to exercise leadership in spirituality. Once you face your low self-esteem, you will shine in this area of life.

Neptune-Moon Aspects

Neptune and the Moon have compatible energies. They will give great spiritual and psychic sensitivity when they are in conjunction. We can find great inspiration when Neptune is next to the Moon.

The Moon here acts as a muse. It shares a sensitive, protective, and comforting quality with Neptune. However, the Moon has a more grounded energy than the transpersonal planet. The Moon and Neptune have a mostly harmonious interaction. This is especially the case when it comes to spiritual and emotional healing.

When Neptune and the Moon are conjunct in your birth chart, you feel the ability to connect with other levels of consciousness. It is the typical birth chart placement of mediums. Neptune and the Moon lead to lucid dreaming. You may make premonitions and having accurate visions of the future.

This placement will place you in two worlds. You will connect with the mundane of one and the spirituality of the other. Confusion may be present if you fail to connect with one of these two worlds in the right way.

Neptune and the Moon can bring false illusions. This is especially around emotional or sensitive issues. You may have been told once or twice in your life that you build castles in the sky. Addictive tendencies will be present in the way you deal with your emotions. These will create an exaggerated codependence with a person that can be dangerous, for instance.

Neptune-Rising Aspects

The Ascendant is the point of the Eastern Horizon at the time of birth. Its energy represents the person’s entry into the world we know. The energy of absence, or feeling like there’s something missing is one you know if Neptune is conjunct your Rising. Those with Neptune on the Rising sign show an aversion to birth and life.

This energy is in the people who had an induced birth. Once you become mature, this placement gives you an innate reminder that we are part of the whole and oneness is natural. Therefore, they are open-minded when it comes to their boundaries. Some may even struggle to delineate where they themselves start or end.

Neptune and Rising in conjunction is a placement typical of counselors, therapists and healers.

Neptune offers understanding and the gift of empathy. Neptune on the Rising is a valuable and magical gift that can be used from the creative standpoint. It can also be employed to be of service to others. It’s important for the native to have clear goals. This is so because addictive tendencies and escapism will be present throughout their existence. Having clear goals can save them from caving in. You will be able to assist them in moving with peace of mind and wholeness.

Neptune-Midheaven/MC Aspects

The Midheaven will tell us the story of our overall career and our calling in life. Our success will come from connecting the spiritual and mystical with what we do for a living. This angle shows us that the road, however fulfilling, is always uphill and requires a lot of effort.

Neptune conjunct Midheaven will indicate that your career will require you to be sensitive and empathetic. Humanitarian tasks and service to one’s community will be present. Neptune’s conjunction to the Midheaven means that spirituality will take shape in your career. This may push some of you to choose a career as a therapist.

Neptune will drive you to present yourself as a leader and master of your emotions to the masses. You will accrue a reputation as a great spiritual guide. Compassionate and merciful, Neptune conjunct Midheaven has been present in the birth charts of positive figures of many spiritual and religious groups.

Neptune-Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter expands the energy of whatever planet it comes into contact with. When it is conjunct Neptune, these two planets act as one, which means the energy of Neptune is magnified – both the positive and the darker energy associated with the planet.

As Jupiter has to do with one’s ideologies, religion, and life philosophy, these ideologies or philosophies usually acquire a Neptunian tint when these two are conjunct. Therefore, the person may value self-sacrifice, becoming One with the Universe, ideologies related to compassion and saving humanity.

Neptune in the Houses

The house where Neptune is in our Natal Chart will be the area where we will connect with our spirituality and redemption. Either as redeemers or redeemed, this is where the main symbolism of Neptune appears the most. We can see ourselves in the victims or be one of them.

When connecting with Neptune, we must forget about the ego. We are invited to dive into a labyrinth of mirrors. When it comes to Neptune, there are no limits. There is always a sacrifice to be made. These are two qualities we need to understand this planet. Without these, we won’t be able to identify our own limit, the boundary that marks the distinction between us and the other. 

To understand Neptune, it is necessary for us to connect with its myth and structure as an Archetype. Neptune invites us to discover our source and origin.

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Neptune in the 1st House

If you have Neptune in the 1st house, your actions and identity cause confusion. Your identity is unstable and has erratic patterns. This position suggests you are a dreamer and a person with great imagination.

However, you may often struggle to finish what you start or leave your plans as mere plans in the first place. It can suggest you are mysterious but also flakey and wishy-washy. You may also struggle to have clear goals.

You may feel like you inhabit another reality carrying out some activity. You may also have the ability to see the subtle and imaginary worlds. It is a placement where you are in sync with other people. and understands them in a special way.

Neptune will give the native empathy and a need to be of service. It will be important to adopt some form of self-exploration to integrate your volatile energy. Integrate the Earth element in order to have a more harmonious expression of Neptune.

Neptune in the 2nd House

Neptune in the 2nd house will ask the native for definition. This placement will lead you to develop a greater sense of your personal worth and capabilities. Generally speaking, Neptune will be presenting economic difficulties in the 2nd house.

The individual will have to be in constant search of the cash to cover their material needs. This is so because the presence of Neptune here brings in inconsistent energy related to one’s personal finances. Also, there will be a lack of sense of self-worth.

Neptune and its nebula will make you feel that you are complete and part of the whole. However, there will also be a lack of clarity about where you end and another person starts.

Once the native conquers the energy of self worth, they will display generosity but with the certainty of the limit that is imposed. When they are finally abundant, Neptune gives generosity. Your abundance will mostly have to do with free time, a peaceful mind, and experiences and people rather than material objects, though.

Even if you are quite wealthy, you will stay away from spending your money on objects. Unless, of course, you absolutely need them. This is with the notable exception of art – Neptune in the 2nd House may mean the desire to have an art collection, for example.

Neptune in the 3rd House

The 3rd House makes the development of language, words and the ability to communicate rather Neptunian in nature. The third house is the house where the dialogue with our environment is important, and also the way we study.

Neptune in the 3rd house will bring you a lot of confusion when it comes to communicating in a concrete, accurate way. You will always speak from the heart but not with clear, concrete language. You may be quite the poet.

You may communicate with metaphors or proverbs, for instance. However, your communication style will rely on imagery and the abstract. You may struggle with clear and exact language. In conversation, you will find it difficult to understand who is speaking. You may also lose the thread of the conversation easily.

Your way of learning will be intuitive and spiritual rather than focused on the tangible. An individual with this placement will be misunderstood. Usually, their attention will be diffuse.

However, you also have a great antenna for absorbing what is going on around you. This is especially the case for what is not said out loud or isn’t readily seen.

Neptune in the 4th House

The 4th House invites you to long for the comfort of a home. Your escapism may also be inwards, towards your own fantasies and inner world. You may feel like your house is a safe haven from the outside world. Neptune in the 4th house means you are full of feelings. You may have to make an extra effort to maintain stability in our individuality.

Family and maternal relationships will be key for you. You will seek a spiritual home, a clan and a coven. Here, you need to feel like you “belong” to develop your full potential.

You may have had an absent mother or a family that doesn’t fully understand you on an individual level. Your place of origin may be uncertain, and you may have a hard time recollecting your childhood.

On a more positive note, you may come from a highly spiritual and magical family. The mother can help you out spiritually. She may understand your more sensitive side. The mother-child bond will be very important.

The mother can be a great spiritual guide. On the flip side, she may display darker Neptunian themes. The mother may be an addict or not really be there, despite being physically present.

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Neptune in the 5th House

Neptune in the 5th House gives you a rich and vivid imagination. You may have talent for something creative, or an extremely articulate way of expressing yourself and what you feel. You will have a strong inner child and an innocent and pure heart.

You are extremely in tune with the emotional and romantic side of life. Writing and poetry may be important to you. They may be a part of your chosen profession, or an extremely important hobby that keeps you sane. This is a great placement for actors, writers, or creative solution seekers.

You may have spiritual children, regardless of whether they are biological. The desire for having a child will move to a more diffuse level. This is so because the desire actually consists of forming a connection with the inner child.

Neptune in the 5th house may also mean you put those you fall for up on a pedestal. Romantic love for you has an important imaginative component. You may also find it confusing to connect with your emotions surrounding romance in a clear way. You may also be deceptive with the people you date casually, or experience deception yourself.

Neptune in the 6th House

Neptune in the 6th house tells about the problems we refine, perfect and purify in ourselves. An overlooked side of the sixth house is that it is a house where we become a spiritual channel. You must first be clean and orderly to become a channel.

Neptune’s duty and tasks are not only mundane, they are sacred. The sixth house is a house of rituals. This brings in order and gives you the feeling of being connected with spirits or human beings.

As a result of the influence of Neptune in this house, you may have illnesses that affect your emotions. The flip side of the coin is that your emotions may turn into illnesses. Holistic medicine could be beneficial if this is you.

Bach Flowers, acupuncture or Chinese medicine will be of frequent consultation. You may have healing abilities. You may end up having a work life centered on providing a service to your community.

A lot of people with Neptune in the 6th House end up being nurses or healers. This is so because they can exercise their innate compassion when helping others go through their day-to-day activities.

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Neptune in the 7th House

We identify this placement with people forming committed relationships with either the redeemer/savior or the martyr or victim. This placement can mean idealized relationships. You may be indecisive or otherwise have trouble taking action. Neptune will present us with unreal and confusing bonds, full of lies and deception.

Your relationships will seem to lack support. You will have to look for integrity and external security for the bond to prosper.

Neptune in the seventh house will lead you to experience magic and spirituality through others. You will be attracted to people who have a strong connection with the artistic or mystical. Once you have grown and matured, you will experience a detached, real love that does not hang on to whoever is in front of us.

Neptune in the 8th House

Neptune in the Eighth House is related to the unknown levels of our psyche. Neptune in this house will dive into the depths of your unconscious. Existing circumstances may suddenly be destroyed and cause great distress and anxiety.

You may lose your sense of boundaries and perception. You may experience deep emotions without reason as a consequence. Planets in the Eighth House ask us for self-knowledge and healing at deep levels. Neptune is no exception.

If we are aware of its own power, Neptune will be highly sensitive to the watery currents of the occult. You will experience a deepening of magic and occult knowledge. You will also gain a more comprehensive understanding of death, ego death, and the loss of the self.

Neptune in the 9th House

Neptune in the Ninth House will be connected with your belief system. Faith and spirituality will play an important role in your exploration of the world. You will want to merge with some religion, a cult, a philosophy of life, or a guru.

You may also find yourself communing with strange and esoteric groups or cults. You may sometimes feel the need to seek something out of reach to find salvation. This can end up in a loss of direction.

Spiritual journeys or pilgrimages will also be within reach. You will often feel the need to flee from your routine. You may find trips comforting, even if they are also confusing.

Once we reach a level of maturity, we will be able to relate to these cults and religions from another place.

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Neptune in the 10th House

Neptune in the tenth house can indicate uncertainties regarding the career path we follow. It can affect the moment of choosing our profession. Neptune may also bring dissatisfaction with the type of work we do daily.

In the tenth house, Neptune can be influenced by external situations and the gaze of friends, family, or society. You will have to find your own way and your own goal to achieve success. You will be able to achieve total connection with the Collective if you become involved in artistic and spiritual work.

Neptune will guide you in a positive way towards a career that pushes you to work on your sensitivity and compassion. Its interpretation will be influenced by the energy provided by the Midheaven.

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Neptune in the 11th House

The eleventh house is related to collectivity, groups, and people to whom we feel an affinity to. Neptune in the 11th house will join a large chosen family in which everyone shares aspirations, joys and ideals. These are often but not always groups of friends.

With this placement, you will want to belong in a group regardless of its origin, culture or beliefs. An innate idealist, you will often think about how to ensure the evolution of society.

This placement can bring a lot of compassion. You’ll want to be of service to groups. You will have great social awareness and openness to the needs of others.

However, it will also be necessary for you to pay close attention. This is so because you may also feel lonely, excluded, or like you are an outcast from society. You will attract false friends and people who are in it for an ulterior motive. You will also want to save your friends and develop a bit of a savior complex here.

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Neptune in the 12th House

Neptune feels at home in the energy of the 12th house. After all, this planet is the regent of Pisces. Pisces, in turn, rules over the twelfth house. You yearn for the dissolution of the self. You want to experience your identity as enmeshed with the Collective. You see yourself as part of a greater whole. You have the desire to return to your soul’s place of origin.

The 12h house is where we find our ancestors and our deepest roots. The past takes shape to remind us who we are and to bring us family secrets to light. You will have a deep connection with family history from an early age.

The native will act as a visionary. They may become an artist or some sort of healer. Be cautious of your more addictive tendencies, though. You feel no sense of boundaries between one energy and another. You are intuitive, but also very prone to be carried off by a fantasy world.

Once the native understands the energy of this placement, they will be able to comprehend that we are only in this realm to transcend. When we leave this world, we will be able to connect with the great source of life.

In short, Neptune can be a tricky planet. It can be both a source of wisdom and compassion and darker currents that have to do with confusion, lack of boundaries, and even manipulation.

In what house is Neptune in your birth chart? Tell us in the comments!

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