The Secret Behind Your Moon Sign

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You’ve probably heard about your big three by now, and how the Moon is part of it. But what is a Moon sign exactly? How is it different from your Sun sign or your rising? 

The Moon is all about your emotions and your more instinctive reactions. Our inner lives are often heavily based on our early experiences. So it makes sense that our Moon sign will also give us information about the people who were most involved in raising us. 

The truth is, just knowing your Moon sign and what it means is not the full picture. Your Lunar Structure, as Eugenio Carutti calls it, is actually made up of your Moon Sign, the house the Moon is in, any aspects the Moon has with other planets, and your IC. We will be devoting other blog posts to these other components that make up the Moon Mechanism. In this blog post, you’ll find an overview of how the Zodiac Sign your Moon is in influences your personality.

Aries Moon

An Aries Moon means that you often rush to make decisions. You do this because you’re scared someone else will make the decisions for you. Your sense of identity is very important for you. You like adventure and calling the shots in various areas of your life. You also enjoy being a pioneer, as it gives you a lot of emotional fulfillment. Your temper can be explosive and you may struggle to cope with your anger. This especially applies to your younger years. You’re charismatic and your willpower is a force to be reckoned with.

Taurus Moon

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means that the Luminary is very comfortable here. Taurus Moons love stability. If their circumstances are not stable, they work hard so they become stable. They often show their love by cooking for others. They generally have a healthy relationship with their emotions. They make space for them and express them in healthy ways. Comfort and luxury give them a sense of peace, so they can become a bit materialistic. They can be pretty stubborn and struggle to let things go.

Gemini Moon

If you have a Gemini Moon, you were raised to believe intelligence and logic are among the most important things in life. As a result, you tend to rationalize your emotions, which can lead you to repress them. You were also led to believe that your caretakers were shared. You either had siblings around your age or your parents helped to look after other children. You probably resort to doing research and learning new things. These activities numb your emotions and calm yourself down. Humor can be a great way for you to cope with your emotions in a healthy way.

Cancer Moon

The Moon is in its domicile in Cancer. The person finds it comfortable to feel things. They usually cope with their feelings in a healthy way. People with Cancer Moons are intuitive, compassionate, and understanding. They can also be moody. They can be a bit closed-off to meeting people and having experiences outside what they are used to. Cancer Moons prefer to stick to what they know and what is familiar. It is hard for them to be adventurous and go out of their comfort zone. However, they are very intuitive and gentle. 

Leo Moon

Leo Moons tend to receive a lot of attention from their caregivers when they are children. They may be an only child. They may also have been born in other circumstances that make their parents pay special attention to them. Examples of this include being ill during their childhoods. They are affectionate, warm, and creative, but also explosive and egotistical. If this Moon can get over the challenge of believing that everything revolves around them, they inspire others to be their best selves. This is why some Leo Moons make great teachers and mentors.

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moons tend to neglect their emotions until they show up as physical symptoms. They only take seriously whatever the body takes seriously. This may be because their caretakers didn’t appreciate emotional outbursts. They may have only paid serious attention to them when they were sick. Over time, their body can become maladjusted and they can become sick over every minor inconvenience. They may also become very nervous around the topic of health. They may even develop hypochondriac tendencies. Their strengths lie in how much emotional fulfillment they get out of being of service to others. They are selfless and compassionate. They have been having an extensive dialogue with their own bodies over such a long period of time. This can help them become experts at listening to what their body has to say.

Libra Moon

Libra Moons were taught at an early age that appearing that they’re fine and there is no problem with other people is among the most important things in life. They were raised to believe that being well-liked may be more important than being happy. As a result, they are allergic to confrontation. They have a hard time talking about their problems. They tend to focus on other people. They also seek justice and harmony, as these give them emotional fulfillment. They tend to be skilled diplomats, and their taste is often impeccable.

Scorpio Moon

The Moon is in its Fall in Scorpio. This can be a challenging Moon Sign to have, however, it can bring about plenty of emotional maturity if dealt with correctly. Scorpio Moons were raised by a caretaker who seemed to guess what their needs and wants were before they themselves knew them. What happens if their experience was not positive? Well, then their caretakers may have been toxic and not respected their privacy. They may have felt that their caretakers could read their minds. This translates into their adult lives as only feeling loved when they feel understood and even read. They may attempt to show their affection in this way as well. They take their time to truly understand those around them. Their emotions run deep and they can be very strong and hard to deal with. Scorpio Moons may be on the jealous and possessive side. However, they are also insightful, emotionally intelligent and mature, and strategic.

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moons tend to be so optimistic that it becomes a flaw. They may be positive to the point that they start to deny that there are problems at all. This makes it hard for them to have a sober outlook on life. Their caretakers may have taught them that problems were meant to be swept under the rug, not dealt with. They have tendencies to become fanatic about a religion or a system of thought as well. Their strength has to do with their positivity. They tend to have a great sense of humor and they see the best in people. They can be great teachers and mentors.

Capricorn Moon

The Moon is in exile in Capricorn. Capricorn Moons feel like they are only valued and loved when they are working, studying, or otherwise being productive. They can be rather rigid when it comes to their emotions. It’s a challenge for them to go with the flow and accept spontaneity in their lives. Their talents include their work ethic and their responsibility. They tend to take ownership for their actions and their decisions. Having a fulfilling career is vital for the happiness and emotional well being of a Capricorn Moon. They tend to be quite proactive when it comes to their goals, but they need to learn how to enjoy themselves and rest.

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moons tend to rationalize their emotions. They perceive their caretakers as rather distant, with the Uranian quality of unpredictability. When their caretakers paid them attention, they never knew when they would suddenly become turned off. They perceived their caretakers as becoming emotionally distant from them. They prefer the world of logic over the world of emotions. This is so because they feel they have control over their thoughts. Aquarius Moons tend to talk to everyone as though they were their equal. This is so even if they may be talking to their authorities or their employees. They are never patronizing. They are more on the open-minded side and they listen to what everyone has to say. They are passionate about human rights, the environment or something else that they feel is bigger than themselves. They tend to prioritize their friends and they are reliable friends.

Pisces Moon

Pisces Moons are among the most sensitive Moon signs out there. They are natural empaths and they feel other people’s emotions as if they were their own. They tend to evade reality because they can’t deal with the cruelty of the real world. They escape to their own fantasies. They have very rich imaginations and they are artistically inclined. As a Pisces Moon, your caretakers were either everywhere or nowhere to be found. You have a natural sympathy for mothers and those who experience motherhood. You may be stuck in a victim mentality and you can’t deal with being the villain in someone else’s story. As a Pisces Moon myself, I have fallen for that trap many times, but it can be overcome. Pisces Moons are compassionate, creative, and imaginative

Was this accurate? Did you discover something new about your Moon Sign? Let us know in the comments! What do you want to see next on the blog?

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