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If you’re here, it means you have a brand that needs some quality texts for its website.

You may need a comprehensive, informational blog post that’s still easy to read. You may, on the other hand, need some persuasive copy that can be a matchmaker for a client who desperately needs your product and your brand. On top of this already tall order, you need the text to be optimized for SEO.

I am at your service. 

I am a bilingual SEO Content & Copywriter based in Argentina. I have over 2 years of experience writing copy and even more writing content

Tired of writers being a little too much into talking and too little into listening? For a text to be good, a lot of listening and research has to happen first. I get it! I have read whole books for a single blog post in the past, and I’ll do it for your brand if I have to. 

Tired of people proclaiming themselves experts on SEO when they have just watched a couple of YouTube videos about it?

Hey, I am certified, and I keep learning to hone my skills. I also have screen caps from my Google Search Console (see below) where you can clearly see the results I was able to bring in for this very website you’re seeing.

Not only do I offer On-Page SEO Optimization and keyword research, I also offer HARO Outreach so we can build some quality backlinks – and generate some positive buzz around your brand.

I am also certified in storytelling, Growth Marketing, and many other areas.

May I See Some Samples?

Of course you may. That’s why you’re here after all. 

Here is a landing page I wrote for the tech industry. Need to see copy for a smaller business? Check out this landing page I wrote for a smaller online store that sells crystals.

Here for more informational content? Check out my blog post on Brigid, a Deity from the Celtic Pantheon, and find your ideal morning routine according to astrology.

I also wrote a whole non-fiction book for a client. Yes, 40,000 original words just for that brand, and Amazon clients have nothing but nice things to say about it.

Some Feedback from My Clients

My SEO Strategies – in Action!

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