What Can You Expect from an Akashic Records Reading?

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Maybe you’ve never heard about the Akashic records, but you’re curious. Perhaps you’ve heard a story about someone who had them read. They most certainly asked how they died in their last lives, only to find out it’s the thing they fear most in this life. However, please note that there are questions with more potential for healing to ask during your session.

Here’s what to expect from a session of Akashic records.

What are the Akashic Records?

All your soul’s information is contained in a book called the Akasha. The Akasha contains information not only about this lifetime, but all the lifetimes you’ve had before this one. Some people have been attuned by Akashic Record Masters. They are able to open the Akasha and decode its meaning.

Of course, they don’t open this sacred book by themselves. They receive help from their spirit guides, and some ascended Masters as well. The person who reads the Akashic records doesn’t enter a trance – at least not a trance like they are depicted in movies and TV. They are channeling higher wisdom, but they are talking to you just as they would normally.

The adjective Akashic comes from Sanskrit and it makes reference to the firmament. This is so because the Akashic Records are connected to the ether. Ether is the name that is sometimes given to the mythical Fifth Element that integrates all other elements. It gives shape to the matter and everything that exists. The etheric plane is made up of knowledge and information.

This adjective was coined by Annie Besant, an English philosopher who worked in the early twentieth century. According to her, only special, gifted people could access the Akashic records. Nowadays, anyone can open their Akashic records as long as they’ve been attuned by a Master. There are personal, universal, and even galactic Akashic records. 

The Akashic records are guarded by the Kumaras. Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, and the Holy Spirit are some of the Kumaras that guard the Akashic Records. The Akashic records reader accesses the records from their Eighth Chakra or Soul Star chakra. This chakra is located about thirty centimeters above the top of your head.

Akashic Records readers must practice regular spiritual hygiene. They should only do readings when they are in good shape, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

What benefits are there in getting a Reading?

When you access your Akashic records, you can free yourself from karma. You can free yourself either by getting to know about it in the first place or by taking action after you gain the knowledge to free yourself from it. Your guides will always tell you exactly as much as you need to know in a very loving way. They never get angry, annoyed, or upset.

You can also use the wisdom you gain from opening up your akashic records to heal relationships. This is especially the case for karmic relationships. You can ask them about the emotional and spiritual origins of any illnesses you have. This is a valuable complement to whatever medical treatment you’re already doing.

When you incarnate into this life, you forget everything from your previous lives. This is so you don’t have to carry the burden of guilt or sadness for other lifetimes as well as your own.

This is something your soul does out of a survival principle, so as not to be overwhelmed by information and emotions from your previous incarnations. However, knowing what you’re prepared to know about them can be helpful to heal and put the pieces together.

What’s the experience like?

Every experience will be unique. The readings can be done at a distance, and you may get a written document, a voice recording or a video. If you prefer to, many readers will also open your Akashic records in person. You will most likely walk into a special room dedicated for this and other spiritual purposes. The energy there should feel harmonious. There will be a table and two chairs, one for you and one for the reader. 

The reader will then say a prayer you’re not allowed to record, but you’re allowed (and usually encouraged) to record the rest of the session. You will be able to have a conversation about it, in which the reader will channel wisdom from your records and tell what they can see or hear to you. Don’t feel nervous or uneasy. They are guided to tell you information in a loving way for your highest good.

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How do I choose a reader?

Above all, use your gut. You can also ask your ancestors and your spirit guides to guide you through dreams, or use a pendulum. Names, even names of businesses, carry energy. You can get to know a lot about the person or business just by their name if you’re receptive to what your intuition has to say. Make a short list of names that sound good to you and go from there.

There’s a certain process that must be followed to open your Akashic Records. They should say the prayer or make a reference to having said it right before you came in. The energy in the place where they open the records should feel harmonious.

Reading a person’s Akashic Records is not the same as being a psychic or a medium, though there can be places of overlap. The reader shouldn’t need to prove to you that they have special powers. They have been attuned to read other people’s records and that’s all they need.

What kinds of questions should I ask?

  • Avoid asking yes or no questions, as the records will most likely limit themselves to answering yes or no, and this can be very limiting.
  • Questions starting with when… are also not likely to yield the kind of results you like. In the Akasha, time is not linear as it is on Earth. The future, past, and present, are all happening simultaneously and influencing each other. This is why they won’t be able to understand your notion of time.
  • The future is a tricky thing, too. It depends on present energies, so, if you ask questions that will happen far off into the future, the answers may not be accurate.
  • Phrase questions starting with words like Why or What lessons can I gain from…
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Some questions to ask the Akasha

  • What’s my biggest wound? How does it affect me?
  • Which of my wounds should I heal the most urgently?
  • What’s a message I need to hear from my Inner Child?
  • How can I heal my relationship with my Inner Feminine?
  • What karmic relationship do I have with my mother/father and how can I heal it?
  • Do I think I deserve wealth/love? Why or why not?
  • How can I start feeling deserving of the good things that happen in my life?
  • What’s a talent I have I don’t pay enough attention to?
  • How do I sell myself short?

In short, the Akashic records are a very pure source of knowledge that you can use to heal. They will only tell you what your soul is prepared to heal in a loving, gentle way. Use your gut and your best judgment when choosing a reader and crafting the questions.

Have you ever had your Akashic records read? Are you excited to get your first reading? Tell us in the comments!

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