What Your Favorite Crystal Says About You

The crystals we’re drawn to often say a lot about where we’re at in our life path. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just like them because they are pretty and shiny or because they are our favorite color. We are drawn to certain crystals because they have the energy we need in our lives. If you doubt this, look at children. When presented with a bunch of crystals, they’ll always choose the one that corresponds exactly to their situation. They will do this no matter how shiny or beautiful their chosen piece is. Can’t get enough of a crystal? This indicates that you need one of the properties that the crystal brings to the table.

A mini Amethyst druse with the decorative background of Jane Austen text
Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

1. Amethyst

A popular among beginner and experienced crystal lovers alike, this is a powerful crystal that brings powerful transformation and transmutation. It can offer protection too, although we recommend combining it with a darker crystal. Options such as Black Onyx or Black Tourmaline absorb negativity as well as transforming this negativity. If your favorite crystal is Amethyst, you’re yearning for a transformation. This could be a transformation of your outer circumstances or an inner transformation. You may also need to forgive someone and let go of what they did to you so as to take your next step in your life path. 

You feel that things around you are stagnant and need change as soon as possible. You may suffer from regular headaches or even migraines, as Amethyst is very effective to treat these symptoms. You may also be a student or a person who does a lot of mental labor. You may need something to help you power up your intellectual powers and give you mental stamina. You may be in need of some balance, as well, or be trying to break a bad habit.

A photo of a Labradorite oval cabochon with the decorative background of a Jane Austen text
Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

2. Labradorite

This is a versatile, beautiful stone that captures the hearts of many crystal lovers. If it’s your personal favorite, you’re both a hard worker and an extremely sensitive person. You overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion. You’re also very prone to notice any negativity in the environment you’re in and in your own aura or other people’s. 

Labradorite can remove any spiritual parasites and offers some powerful protection. It can also help you get a hold of your own negativity before it gets out of hand. It can remind you of your own value if you’ve forgotten about it. People with impeccable work ethics who put others first, second, and third do tend to forget.

A photo of a large piece of Rose Quartz with a decorative background of a Jane Austen text
Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

3. Rose Quartz

If Rose Quartz is your favorite, it’s no surprise. We’re not calling you basic, the energy from this crystal is just that good. You may be actively working on your self-esteem or trying to accept yourself after a huge change in your sense of self. You’re also a romantic and you may daydream of your next relationship. You may also be in a line of work where you need to keep multiple people happy or be particularly diplomatic.

You may have also suffered a loss lately or gone through a bad breakup and need to be reminded that, in the end, you still have you. It may be a bittersweet time but you’ll learn how to be on your own and appreciate your own best qualities in no time! It may also be the case that you’re your own worst enemy and your soul is imploring you to be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself. 

Photo of an Obsidian egg on top of the spine of an open Jane Austen book
Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

4. Obsidian

If your favorite crystal is Obsidian, you probably have Scorpio in your big three and/or a prominent Pluto in your birth chart. You embrace the darkest aspects of life and you’re unafraid of discussing taboo topics. You may be more prone to psychic attacks or to getting spiritual parasites stuck in your aura. Obsidian is one of the most powerful protective stones out there.

You also naturally embrace your Shadow Self and are on a quest to integrate it, even if you do this subconsciously. You may also need to become more self-aware, which regular interaction with Obsidian can bring about over time. Obsidian is also used to remember repressed trauma in order to start healing it, including ancestral trauma. So, if you’re on a journey that has to do with healing pain and trauma, it is no wonder that you’re drawn to Obsidian.

Photo of a rather large Clear Quartz lying on top of the spine of an open Jane Austen book (facing the text)
Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

5. Clear Quartz

If Clear Quartz is your favorite crystal, you like versatility. You may also be in need to have some clarity. You may be into manifestation, as Clear Quartz can be programmed with almost any intention (an exception would be rest and relaxation, as Clear Quartz is highly energizing). You may be in need of a boost of energy, especially mental energy, as Clear Quartz provides this in spades.

Photo of a Selenite wand lying on top of Jane Austen text
Photo by Virginia Castiglione

6. Selenite

If Selenite is your favorite, you may be learning how to channel messages from the Divine, whether you’re doing it consciously or not. You may also be in need of some extra energy, as Selenite provides this. This is why it’s not recommended for rest and relaxation, but rather to keep in spaces like living rooms or offices where people are supposed to be active.

Photo of a Lapis Lazuli traingular cabuchon on top of a Jane Austen text
Photo by Virginia Castiglione for Aquamarine Content

7. Lapis Lazuli

If Lapis Lazuli is your favorite crystal, you may be going through a deep period of questioning of how others perceive you and how you may be actually perceived. It’s a crystal that has been associated with royalty and the nobility for centuries, so you may have a past life in which you were an aristocrat of sorts. You feel like a lot of people wish you the worst or send negativity your way and you may feel like you need some specific protection for that. 

It is also preferred by people who rely on their logic more than on their emotions. This is so because it can be used to resolve mental blocks and increase intellectual abilities. Due to its combination of properties, it may be preferred by people who have a large following or lead very public lives. 

Did this resonate? Did we forget an important detail about one of the crystals we mentioned? Did we mention your favorite crystal or do we need to write a Part 2? Let us know in the comments!

Virginia Castiglione
Virginia Castiglione

Virginia Castiglione is the Founder and Content Marketing Lead of Aquamarine Content. She’s a certified gemologist and Reiki practitioner. She has been studying Astrology for over a decade and knows how to do stellar readings using Tarot and her own intuitive powers. She is working on her senior thesis to receive her Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature and she is a published short story writer. She is also an SEO enthusiast and she’s certified in Growth Marketing. She has been a content writer and copywriter for over six months. Her favorite crystal is Aquamarine. She is a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon and Taurus Rising.

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