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carnelian, aragonite and orange calcite over a marble surface.

11 Orange Crystals for Creativity, Protection, and Love

Did you know that the color of a crystal can tell you a lot about its properties? Vibrant colors energize and stimulate. Pale colors tend to be calming. Transparent crystals might be either energizing or dissipating. Dark colors transmute energy. Therefore, in crystal work or healing, it is important to choose the color of your pieces wisely.

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closeup of two hands under a pink light

Shadow Work: A Complete Guide

Over the past few years, Shadow Work has become a renowned practice. Most practitioners of witchcraft and other spiritual traditions have come across this method. Many swear by this technique, as it is very powerful and very effective.

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The Mysteries of Neptune in Astrology

With its visionary imagery, Neptune connects us with the waters of our being. This means that it lets us access and understand the collective unconscious. It is also a gateway to our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is made up of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memory, instincts, and behavior.

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Lady Lilith with horns and a black dress holds a screech owl in her right hand and a snake on the left

Discover the Deity: Lady Lilith, Goddess of the Night

The truth is that Lilith’s nature is complex and dual, and she has often been misunderstood and vilified. Lady Lilith is strongly associated with power, femininity, sexuality, independence, and the Night. In fact, she is the archetype of Dark Femininity.

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