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Lady Lilith with horns and a black dress holds a screech owl in her right hand and a snake on the left

Discover the Deity: Lady Lilith, Goddess of the Night

The truth is that Lilith’s nature is complex and dual, and she has often been misunderstood and vilified. Lady Lilith is strongly associated with power, femininity, sexuality, independence, and the Night. In fact, she is the archetype of Dark Femininity.

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6 Activities for a Blessed Lughnasadh or Lammas Day in 2022

This date is a celebration of the first fruits from the harvest. However, there was also an element of foresight, as some of these fruits were preserved for the winter. We also celebrate the self-sacrifice of the Deity Lugh to save humanity. The Sun is descending and this is noticeable. This is a time to give thanks for the first fruits of your hard labor. However, the idea of death, both literal and metaphorical, is also present. It’s deep gratitude mixed with the sense of an ending.

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Oracle card with the image of a fox and the phrase "Fox Spirit. Think on your feet."

Discover the (Nonbinary) Deity: OInari

For this occasion, I chose to do some research on a Shinto deity which has been depicted in a broad gender spectrum, which goes against our contemporary and Westernized social binary conception of gender.

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