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Working with Sigils: Sigils for the LGBTQIA+ community 

Sigils have been used in magic for centuries. Nowadays, Chaos Magic practitioners have perfected the use of Sigils and use them frequently. However, learning to draw one might seem complicated at first. In this article, we provide an overview of what sigils are and how they are used. In particular, we will provide you with sigils we have made for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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The Importance of Learning About Herbalism: The Ancestral Knowledge We

Knowledge on medicinal plants is a cultural inheritance that our ancestors have mostly passed on from mouth to mouth throughout human history. There are records of said oral history dating back over 8000 years. And sometimes I wonder how that knowledge managed to live on for so long in each culture. I believe the answer partially lies in how significant this wisdom is in relation to our bodies. A natural resource that cares for us and vice versa.

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Shinto: The Magic of Simple Living

Shinto never attempted to answer “Why do things happen?” In fact, Shinto is about living the moment rather than digging deeper into affairs out of human control. This practice is not about trying to control energies, but how to live and deal with those that already exist around you.

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carnelian, aragonite and orange calcite over a marble surface.

11 Orange Crystals for Creativity, Protection, and Love

Did you know that the color of a crystal can tell you a lot about its properties? Vibrant colors energize and stimulate. Pale colors tend to be calming. Transparent crystals might be either energizing or dissipating. Dark colors transmute energy. Therefore, in crystal work or healing, it is important to choose the color of your pieces wisely.

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