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Virginia Castiglione – SEO Writing Portfolio

If you’re here, it means you have a brand that needs some quality texts for its website. You may need a comprehensive, informational blog post that’s still easy to read. You may, on the other hand, need some persuasive copy that can be a matchmaker for a client who desperately needs your product and your […]

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The Eighth Chakra and How To Unleash its Energy

The Soul Star Chakra is related to our soul’s mission in this incarnation. In that sense, it has to do with karma, which is both what our soul has done in our past lives and our fate in this incarnation. When our 8th Chakra is balanced, our purpose and our mission become clear. We know why we’ve incarnated in this physical plane, and what we need to learn and do here. At the same time, the Soul Star Chakra enables us to get in touch with our Higher Self. If we tap into the energy of the 8th Chakra, we will start challenging our limiting beliefs and achieve a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

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14 Tips for the Lazy Witch

And most of us, if not all, have days in which we are just lazy. But that doesn’t mean we should not practice magic on these days. There are easy spells and rituals you can perform with little effort. There are also other low-effort ways in which you can integrate magic into your everyday life, for those of you who are pressed for time.

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Discover the Deity: Coatlicue, Ancient Aztec Goddess

With Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to delve into the history of a deity associated with maternity, fertility, and childbirth. In this article, we will describe Coatlicue, one of the main deities in the Aztec Pantheon. Her name is pronounced “koh-at-LEE-kway.” Besides being a motherly figure, she was also very fierce and is closely related to warfare and governance.

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16 Birthday Gift Ideas for Taurus (All Genders)

It’s Taurus season, which means that you’ve probably felt a change of energy in the last few days. While Aries season kept us on our toes, Taurus season is here to relieve some of that intensity. It provides us with comfort and a chance to come back to the ground. Besides, soon it will be your favorite Taurus’ birthday, so you may be thinking about what to give them. This guide is for you.


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